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 Хэллоуин Drinking Game
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Halloween's coming up, and with it: trick-or-treaters. дана how Популярное Elsa is now, Ты might as well make a game of all the Хэллоуин costumes Ты know you'll see of her.
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Bonjour! So this is a top-twelve countdown of my favourite Дисней villains. Pretty simple, I guess. (WARNING - contains spoilers)

So shall we begin?

12. Governor Ratcliffe (Pocahontas)

 And he came so highly recommended
And he came so highly recommended

I hate this dude because he's greedy and selfish and actually kind of stupid and blind through his greed and Любовь of gold. He pretends to go on the voyage to help other people find their lives but instead utilises them for his own benefits and not theirs. When he is told that there is no Золото in Virginia, he turns blind and possessed, and will stop at nothing to make sure...
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Source: http://stevethompson-art.tumblr.com/post/84578172350/close-up-detail-steve-thompson-c-disney
 "Last place?! Oh no Ты didn't!"
"Last place?! Oh no you didn't!"
So... It's been a couple of weeks since I've written an article. All of the Дисней Princesses are beautiful, just some of them are еще so.

13. Jasmine
She's beautiful in an exotic way. I Любовь her skin color and her thick, glossy hair. However, her figure is a little too unrealistic and her eyes can look weird.

12. Ariel
She's also very pretty, but she's drawn a little too cartoony for my tastes. Her hair can look really beautiful at times, and I Любовь her eyes. Her hair can sometimes be too bright, and she's way skinny.

11. Mulan
She's beautiful, but a little plain. I like how they drew her to look...
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Холодное сердце
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