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Холодное сердце
riona fury
The general public want these heroines to become DPs and I'm here to give my opinions on each of them...

What I think of her joining the lineup?
I don't see much of a problem with her joining the lineup. People often point out she was a villain for half of the movie and Princesses need to be good role models. Yes, because Meg is such a bad role model *rolls eyes*. I think the plot in Hercules is too messy for me to enjoy but the movie was successful enough and it does have a large Фан base. She is a goddess which yes, doesn't make her a Princess. But what's important is that she is more...
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I finally decided to update that list, because it has really changed from the last time I wrote it.
But when I started Письмо it, I was so confused and couldn't rank any of the DPs, I am probably the most indecisive person in Fanpop (see what I mean when I say I can relate to Pocahontas?), so I decided to rank each DP's feauture separately (for example Belle's eyes: 10/10), because it's the only way for me to chose whose the most beautiful.
I just want Ты to know that the ranking of each DP's feature is NOT very accurate, it's just a silly way for me to finally figure out my list. The results...
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Ok so we left off on number six so we are on number five.

She has this fun side that is so enjoyable. Most of the time she seemed to be very zest.I Любовь how she's so like able and well-realized.

she's very like able in many ways. First she's very independent and relate able. Just she is much like me. That most of the reason why she's that high on the list.The other reason is that she can say no which is a lot in my book.

I don't even know how she got this high on my list. Sure i know why i like her.Just she wasn't execpted to be that high. The main reason i like...
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I think all of the Princes are decent looking even if I'm not all that attracted to most of them. I know Hans is not a Дисней Prince but I decided to include him.

12. Prince
I'm sorry Prince, I Любовь Ты but I can't get passed those red lips. He's just too feminine looking. But I must admit, he has better features than Charming.

11. Charming
I think Charming has good looks on his side. I Любовь his smile, a smile can go a long way. But he's still veryyyyyyyy generic looking. He looks like he could be Ken's twin brother.

10. John Smith
I can tell John Smith is good looking, with those...
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This is a short Статья just for fun. I've always wanted to do this when other people did it. I would have explained but I think some of the lyrics или self-explanatory already :) At times, I can imagine the Princesses Пение the songs and other times, I think the song represents the Princess.

Snow White - Put Your Hearts Up by Ariana Grande

''Wish in a well, shooting звезда in the sky
We can do anything if we try
Can't resurrect Gandhi, resurrect king
But if we put our heads together
We can do anything like
You don't have to be a billionaire
You don't have to have much to Показать how much Ты care...
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Bonjour! I'm kinda new to fanpop, and I am a massive Фан of Disney, but Чтение some of these Статьи that downgrade the amazing Дисней Princesses is just sad. Sad.
While some of the points may be correct, I think they need someone to stand up for them sometimes. And that person will be me.

Snow White -

She's the one who started it all. For those of Ты who don't know, her movie came out in 1937. So sure, it's a little outdated. But that's because it was made like seventy-seven years ago. So it's not advanced stuff. Get over it.
On Snow White herself, most people seem to complain that she's either...
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