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Эй, guys! It's been a while since I have done something like this again but lately my избранное have changed.

13. Anna (Frozen)

Anna used to be much higher on my list. But lately after re-watching Холодное сердце I was honestly annoyed with her. I mean sure she couldn't go out of the замок and was bored but did she really decide to marry a guy she only just met? At least get to know him first girl!

12. Elsa (Frozen)
I don't really hate her it's just that I kinda have no interest in her anymore. She kinda bores me at times and other times she interests me.

Ariel (The Little Mermaid)
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Mulan, Pocahontas, and Merida have been best Друзья since the день they met. They loved everything about each other. Their worlds, their homelands, their cultures, their personalities, every single thing in the book. These 3 girls were crazy about each other. Whenever they didn't get together, they'd write to each other just to see how they were doing. There was only one thing wrong. Shang HATED Merida.

Merida and Мулан didn't know why he hated her. Only Shang himself knew why he hated her-it was because of her rebellious actions. He didn't let Мулан know that, though. That was the last thing...
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First, let’s look at the living environment of these girls. This will give context and incentive for their specific wants and needs.


Snow, Cindy, and Aurora grow up isolated and have no (human) friend - they only have Животные for company.

In addition to growing up isolated, both Snow and Cindy grew up orphaned young girls and directly suffer due to a jealous older woman: the Queen dresses Snow in rags and forces her to be a scullery maid; Lady Tremaine abuses, humiliates, and forces Cindy to become a servant.

Summary: wants someone to...
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Bonjour! This Список couldn't be еще simple!

(It's not what I believe so to speak, I did do some research, but if Ты believe something else and have a justification, Ты can tell me in the comments.)

Snow White - Fourteen - the youngest Дисней princess

Золушка - One of the eldest Дисней Princesses at nineteen

Aurora - Sixteen, as it says so in her movie

Ariel - Sixteen, as it says in her movie "Daddy, I'm sixteen. I'm not a child anymore."

Belle - Seventeen.

жасмин - Fifteen. There's been some Дебаты about this; but most websites believe she's fifteen

Pocahontas - Eighteen. Although...
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I haven't done an Статья on Fanpop at all yet.
Since this place is the most active, I decided to do one here first.

13.Aurora- I CANNOT stand her. She is so boring, and I don't even know if she has a personality! Maybe she is just a clone of the real Aurora. Sleeping Beauty was good though, although it would have been better if Maleficent hurt Aurora more. Hopefully the Aurora in Maleficent will be еще entertaining.

12. Snow White- I know she is getting a lot of love. I dont know why. She is so bossy and manipulative. I hate how in the movie, she bosses the dwarves around and tells them what...
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