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 2018 Дисней Princess group
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2018 group of Дисней Princess
Диснеевские принцессы
princess ariel
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In lieu of my 3 год anniversary on this site (which actually took place sometime in February), I decided that I would write an Статья looking back on what this site has дана to me and how grateful I am to have come across it. While I haven't frequented this site in months, it still holds a dear place in my heart, as well as those who I have met through this site. Well, here I go. For those of Ты who don't know me, this will probably be a pretty mundane article, so I wouldn't be offended it Ты stop Чтение now. If anything, this Статья is really for me to get out my pent up Любовь for this...
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 Look down there! It's a song analysis!
Look down there! It's a song analysis!
Greetings! I'm ApplesauceDoctr, and today I present my fourth song analysis. This time though (somewhat similar to my "Reflection" analysis), I'll be comparing two songs -- "So This is Love" and "Dancing on a Cloud," both of which come from Disney's Cinderella. "Dancing on a Cloud," the deleted song, was written with the intent of doing what "So This is Love" later did -- to Показать how Золушка and the prince fell in Любовь with each other at the ball. While the two seem similar at first, further examination shows that the two are a bit different, and it gives a better understanding of why "Dancing...
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The Опросы are finished and the results are in! Who is the most frightening villain of them all? Here are the rankings of the main villains from each Дисней Princess film, according to the Дисней Princess Fanpop Club! Thank Ты to everyone who voted as well as everyone who left comments! Some of your Комментарии are shown еще than once, if they applied to еще than one villain. I hope Ты guys enjoy this and can't wait to hear what Ты guys think overall! :D (P.S. This is the club's rankings. For those of Ты who are interested in link)

12. Hans: Although the majority of Фаны voting did not think...
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 The good ol' baddies
The good ol' baddies
Well, it's time for another Статья here in Scarletland! I admit, I had this need for wanting to make another Статья again, but I didn't know of what subject to make of. Then browsing around the Internet, the inspiration struck me: I could write about Дисней villains! Genius! Because that subject isn't trite and overdone at all! (/sarcasm)

Jokes aside, I've been these last days thinking and analyzing the Дисней villains еще than usual (that is; I almost never think about them, so this was really unusual for me). Villains are essential for many of these movies, because if it weren't for them...
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So I really, really, really Любовь the Дисней Princess dance sequences, particularly with the waltz, as I find it to be so sweepingly romantic! The Анимация of the dance, the way the dress twirls with the women, the romantic and powerful score in the background, the gorgeous scenery in the background and the usually gorgeous dress worn by the princess... I Любовь everything about these sequences! That's not to mention the Показать of romantic Любовь developing. I am very much an old soul so I really Любовь the process of "courting" which often included the man taking the woman out to dance или dancing...
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 source: Pete Ware
source: Pete Ware
Okay, so I have come across a lot of criticism against Merida that she is childish, rude, reckless, selfish and what not. But since she's my 2nd Избранное princess, i'd like to put up a case in her favor for people to consider and see her in better light. I have tried to dissect the movie scenes, probed into possible perspective on various minor details that may have been overlooked.

Why she isn't sophisticated as others:
She no doubt loves both her mother and father, but Merida takes off a part of feisty, loud and unapologetically honest side from her father. She loves to fight with him, laughing...
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I got inspired by anukriti2409's Статья so I decided to write my own list, it was hard to do, but I narrowed it down to these 10 things, hope you'll enjoy this article

10. The Lantern Scene

This scene is imo the most beautiful 3d animated scene, especially the part where the King and Queen releases their lantern and then the rest of the kingdom follows, that part gives me Мурашки everytime. It also inspired me to release a lantern on New Year's Eve 2013

9. The Bayou Wedding Scene

This scene is the most beautiful thing from a DP Movie released after 2000, what especially makes this...
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 Positive Messages
Positive Messages
As some of Ты might be able to tell, I have been in a very musical mood lately. Along those themes, I wanted to make 2 Музыка countdowns: 1 for Songs and 1 for Scores. I Любовь Disney's music, especially from the team of Alan Menken & Howard Ashman. I almost never like covers of DP songs by Дисней Pop stars so unless otherwise mentioned, all versions here are the original ones from the film. Here are my rankings for Избранное songs:

Honorary Mentions:
With A Smile & A Song - Snow White & The 7 Dwarfs (So positive and uplifting plus an excellent message.) "There's no use in grumbling...
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