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The infamous line that annoys a lot of Дисней fans, including myself. I felt like I should just give an FYI as to why exactly this whole "thing" in Холодное сердце bothers me, because I think some people are unclear. Plus, I felt like Письмо an article, so why not?

1. Anna's motivation is pulled out of nowhere.
In writing, there's the thing called set up and payoff. Throughout the whole first sequence of the film, which is essentially Anna's entire childhood, not one instance indicates that Anna would be a romantic. Her motivation is so specific, bizarre and contrived. I know some people are like "it...
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I shall begin this Статья unconventionally, by speaking of something personal. This год has been very rough for me in a lot of ways. The roughness has impacted every single sphere of my life, from my finances, to my job, to my Любовь life (which remains laughable), and to my very health. I have been really sick. I relate to the Аладдин of the 1992 film, even еще so now, than when I first shook his hand in 1992. I relate to being constantly dirt poor, scared out of my mind, living день to день on the edge of the precipice, and skirting by through just the slimmest of margins. Every день is starting...
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Hello everyone! I'm Veronica (a.k.a. ApplesauceDoctr :D), and hey, it's been a little while since I've written an article. It feels good to get back into the spirit of writing. :D
So, what have I today? As Ты can see, I'll be analyzing the song "Reflection" from Disney's Mulan. I made a lyric video for it about a week назад and realized just how deep the song is! However, in this analysis, I'll also be taking a look at the extended version of the song. It shows a different side of Мулан that...well, you'll see soon enough.

Alright then! Let's take a listen to Reflection!

Movie Version

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