Диснеевские принцессы Countdown: Round 3. Best landscape in DP movies. Pick your LEAST favorite.

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 anukriti2409 posted Больше года
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anukriti2409 picked Русалочка:
4. Beauty and The Beast
5. Mulan
6. The Sleeping Beauty
7. Brave
8. Tangled
9. Cinderella
10. Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs
11. Princess and The Frog

While it has beautiful vistas of ocean and lakes and underwater world, the other two are simply mesmerizing with their colors and setting.
posted Больше года.
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MaidofOrleans picked Аладдин:
It's mostly sand. I prefer the beautiful watery vistas of the other two.
posted Больше года.
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quishy11 picked Аладдин:
It's a more cartoony looking and I'm fine with it but I like it less.
posted Больше года.
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Sparklefairy375 picked Русалочка:
Same reason as long before. Most of landscapes are generic, plain, dark, and dull. I can't believe that TLM is in top 3 this far.
posted Больше года.
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PrincessAyeka12 picked Русалочка:
I agree with Anukriti.
posted Больше года.
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wavesurf picked Аладдин:
I don't like the vista, here. At least, with TLM, the sand is interrupted by ocean. And I definitely prefer Eric's castle, the beach with the surf coming in, the lagoon, and the charming little town in TLM over the dirty, crowded marketplace, the single oasis, and the few garden pools we manage to glimpse out of the corner of our eyes in Aladdin. We don't see much of the inside of the palace in Agrabah. We do see quite a lot of the insides of Eric's residence in TLM, and I have to say...an empty throne room and a bunch of pillows and curtains in Jasmine's room does not equal...atmosphere. Also, in Aladdin, it's just sand, sand, some sky scenes, and the rooftop of a Chinese palace during "A Whole New World." (The camera doesn't even let us take in/see much of the Chinese parade below...It's all still focused on that boring rooftop.) After the end of "A Whole New World," the audience is treated to yet more pictures of the dirty town outside the palace, a snowy hilltop, and sand, sand, sand. Yeez. Pocahontas and The Little Mermaid have more differences in scenery overall. There is more graceful or quaint beauty shown in each frame, and there is so much more variety in the landscape itself in both Pocahontas and TLM.
posted Больше года.
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EmaSomolanyiova picked Русалочка:
Same as before. Also, Poca's should win IMO.
posted Больше года.
last edited Больше года
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tiffany88 picked Русалочка:
Same reason. Gorgeous castle, nothing more.
posted Больше года.