Диснеевские принцессы Dress-up Doll Contest: Which Classic Princess in Spring Fashion do Ты like the best? Votings by Комментарии

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12 fans picked:
April Showers
Springtime Ball
Garden party
It's spring, darling!
цветок Girl
The Lounge Singer
маргаритка Queen
Simply stylish
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Spring By The бухта, залив
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Picking up Цветы
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 Swanpride posted ·29 дней назад
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Swanpride said:
So, as usual, you can nominate up to three entries, the one with the most nomination wins.

Also, last chance to participate in the Classic Princess appreciation week! Head to the forum to fulfil the last task.
posted ·29 дней назад.
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PrincessAyeka12 picked It's spring, darling!:
1, It’s spring, darling!
2. Picking up flowers
3. Garden Party
posted ·29 дней назад.
last edited ·29 дней назад
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ajotma picked It's spring, darling!:
1. It's Spring, Darling!
2. Flower Girl
3. Daisy Queen
posted ·29 дней назад.
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sunnyfields picked April Showers:
1. April Showers
2. Simply Stylish
3. Flower Girl
posted ·28 дней назад.
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mhs1025 picked April Showers:
1. April Showers.
2. Garden Party.
3. Daisy Queen.
posted ·26 дней назад.