Диснеевские принцессы Does it bother Ты that some people label Merida, Elsa and Мулан as lesbians/bis?

Pick one:
Yes, so apparently Ты have to be a girly girl to be considered straight.
Yes, remaining single doesn't make a DP gay.
No, it's obvious why they are targeted, I too think they are еще likely to be.
No, girls are never as harshly labelled as guys in that department anyway.
It doesn&# 39; t bother me that much but the reasoning...
It doesn't bother me that much but the reasoning is shallow
They Aren&# 39; t Lesbians!!- !!!!!!!!!
They Aren't Lesbians!!!!!!!!!!!
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There's nothing wrong with labeling them gay/bi since gay people need representat
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 dimitri_ posted Больше года
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