Диснеевские принцессы Which is the most true about you?

Pick one:
Ты are caring and motherly like Snow White.
Ты are patient and endurant like Cinderella.
Ты are complaisant and selfless like Aurora.
Ты are Храбрая сердцем and open to changes like Ariel.
Ты are gentle and forgiving like Belle.
Ты are non-materialistic and generous like Jasmine.
Ты are independent and deep thinker like Pocahontas.
Ты are humble and self-critical like Mulan.
Ты are hard-working and loyal like Tiana.
Ты are lovable and charming like Rapunzel.
Ты are remorseful and willing to change like Merida.
 AdelitaI posted Больше года
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