Диснеевские принцессы These are the final results of the Villain countdown, which one do Ты agree with more?

Pick one:
Introduction: Maleficent's
First lines: Slave in the magic mirror come from the farthest Космос through wind-
Henchman: Iago
Object Associated with a Villain: Evil Queen's Poison яблоко
Sequel villain: Saluk
Tv villain: Mirage
Creepiest lair: Ursula's
Song: Poor Unfortunate Souls
Outfit: Maleficent's халат, одеяние
Female villain: Maleficent
Male villain: Dr. Facilier
Scariest Looking Villain: Evil Witch as Hag
Non-DP villain: Hades
 BB2010 posted Больше года
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