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Jim Hawkins: I'm sorry your present didn't work out.
Long John Silver: Aww, Jim. Smollet sails by rules and laws. That's what being a captain is all about. Me, I sails by the stars.
Jim Hawkins: Stars?
Long John Silver: North, Jim. Find me north out there among them stars.
Jim Hawkins: [pulls out compass] Well, that's easy...
Long John Silver: [takes compass from Jim and holds it overboard] Ah yeah, but what if Ты don't have a compass?
Jim Hawkins: Long John, please don't drop it! It was my father's. It's all I have of his. Please... please...
Long John Silver: [hands it back] I'm sorry, lad. I were only fooling. How old were Ты when he died, then?
Jim Hawkins: Seven.
Long John Silver: I were eight when my father died at sea. First mate, he was.
Jim Hawkins: My father was a first mate, too!
Long John Silver: Was he now? By the powers, what a coincidence!
[points to the night sky]
Long John Silver: Now, Jim, that be Polaris, the North Star. Even in the China Sea, that's north.
Jim Hawkins: [points to the star] North. Polaris. So, we must be heading southwest.
Long John Silver: Smart as paint Ты are, lad! Smart as paint! Now, that gets ol' Long John to wondering: why would we be sailing southwest? The scuttlebutt among the crew is that, um, we're sailing for buried treasure... and, uh, someone on board has a map. 'Course, none of my concern, Jim. I'm just a ship's cook. Such matters are best suited to Captain Smollet. He runs this ship, not I.
Jim Hawkins: Come on, Long John. Ты could captain this ship.
Long John Silver: That I could, lad. Maybe someday I will.

Gonzo: I thought pirates had talking parrots as pets.
Long John Silver: Talking... parrots?
Polly Lobster: What an imagination. First pirates, now talking parrots, what's Далее - a singing, dancing мышь with his own amusement park?

Long John Silver: Aw, hell, Jim. I could never harm you. You're honest and Храбрая сердцем and true. Ты didn't learn that from me.
Jim Hawkins: I learned it from my friends, Mr. Silver. Now, take your oars and row away. I never want to see Ты again. Ever.

Jim Hawkins: Kill Captain Smollett, and you'll have to kill me.
Gonzo: Kill Jim, and you'll have to kill me.
Squire Trelawney: Kill Gonzo, and you'll have to kill me.
Rizzo: Kill Squire Trelawney and Mr. Bimbo, and you'll have to... negotiate strenuously.
[Silver turns to try to escape only to run into Benjamina and a gang of pigs]
Benjamina Gunn: Going somewhere, John-John?
Long John Silver: Well, Master Hawkins, it seems your little family has come together against me.

Long John Silver: Upstage, lads. This is my only number.

Long John Silver: Touching reunion, Benjamina. This seems to be your день for renewing old... acquaintances.
Benjamina Gunn: Oh! Well... hello, Looooong John.
Captain Abraham Smollett: Oh, no! Him too?
Benjamina Gunn: Well, if you'd married me...!
Captain Abraham Smollett: Well, what does that have to do with it?
Benjamina Gunn: I'm a pig! I need commitment!
Captain Abraham Smollett: Commitment?
[They begin to bicker madly]

Polly Lobster: What if Clueless is right? What if it is curse-did.
Long John Silver: I'll Показать Ты what I think of your curse, Ты mewling little lily-livered, toffee-hearted little wuss of a crustacean!

Long John Silver: Flint hung 'em up there after he'd gullied them to mark the trail to the treasure.

Jim Hawkins: Here Ты go, your хлеб and water for the day.
Mad Monty: But I ordered креветка, креветки scampi!
Long John Silver: It's еще than y'deserve y'villainous dolts!

Polly Lobster: [as they are in a rowboat bound for the island where the treasure is] This is a lucky break, captain letting us go ashore. Us with the map and all; it's like giving the treasure to us on a silver platter.
Long John Silver: Aye, that it is, Polly. Never trust a silver platter.

Clueless Morgan: It's a sign! This a curséd place!
Long John Silver: Now there's an informed opinion.
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