The Дисней songs we all know and love.
My вверх 100 Дисней Songs Part 1

Here are my вверх 100 Дисней songs! It's going to be in 2 parts and I know some of Ты won't agree with my choices или their listing, but please try and make it constructive. Afterall, my opinion is my opinion so please respect it. I'm not a huge Фан of High School Musical (especially the first 2, the third one is okay) but Ты may see a few of their songs in the countdown - not too many, but some. I also added a few sequel songs here and there. I hope Ты enjoy my list, it took me a while to put together and I tried to make it as diverse as possible. I also added descriptions so Ты know why I like that song. Some of the songs are also a bit Болталка LOL :) Дисней songs make Ты laugh, frown, cry, smile.. или maybe a mixture of all? I had a little help from my sister aswell, it wasnt just me :)

The Список #100-#51

Cars - Our Town
'Main улица, уличный isn't Main улица, уличный anymore..' - A sad song reminiscing about how much their small town has changed over the years. It's a vital point of the movie as it describes how their town has become so neglected and derelict. However, Lightning Mcqueen changes this of course.

Bedknobs and Broomsticks - Beautiful, Briny Sea
'Bobbing along on the bottom of the beautiful, briny sea..' - A fun, simple song about 'bobbing along' at the bottom of the sea. Though it may not be the best Дисней song ever, at least it gets Ты in a happy mood. It makes Ты want to be down there in the animated sea!

The лиса, фокс and the Hound - Goodbye May Seem Forever
'Farewell is like the end..' - A tear-jerking song about saying goodbye. It may seem forever, but it's not for in our hearts there you'll be.

Bolt - Barking At The Moon
'I may not have nine lives, this one feels brand new..' - A lovely song about how Bolt's point of view about life has changed thanks to the friendship he found in Mittens and Rhino. I don't usually like country music, but this song is an exception.

Enchanted - Happy Working Song
'Cleaning crud up in the kitchen..' - A simple, albeit funny song about cleaning up the house. It's a reference to other Дисней films such as Snow White and Cinderella. It's not the best Дисней song ever but it's very nostalgic as it reminds me of my childhood films. It's also funny trying to sing along and keep up with Amy Adam's lovely voice.

The Aristocats - Everybody Wants To Be A Cat
'Because a cat's the only cat who knows where it's at..' A simple but fun song about how life is so much better as a cat. The song is so true for me, because I'd personally Любовь to be a cat and be able to lounge around the house all день and being lazy.

That Darn Cat - That Darn Cat!
'He owns the town..' - This is not a very well known song, nor a very known movie. It's from the opening of the 1965 version of the Дисней live action movie 'That Darn Cat' .. the song is very nostalgic and always makes me anticipated to see the rest of the film.

A Goofy Movie - After Today
'I wish today was the день after today..' - A fun song that always makes me sing along! It's almost like a High School Musical song but obviously much different.

Hocus Pocus - I Put A Spell On You
'I put a spell on you, and now you're mine..' - A creepy but fun song where everyone thinks the 3 women are dressed up for Halloween, when they are infact real witches. They sing this to entertain the crowd and it definately entertains me too!

The Little Mermaid - Poor Unfortunate Souls
'It's a talent that I always have possessed..' - Another creepy song where the seawitch Ursula is trying to trick Ariel into accepting her agreement. Those 'poor unfortunate souls' that come to her for help but most fail...

High School Musical 3 - Can I Have This Dance?
'It's like catching lightning, the chances of finding someone like you..' - It's a little bit cheesy but it's a beautiful song that explains how their relationship keeps on getting better and better.

Cinderella - So This Is Love
'The key to all heaven is mine..' - A very beautiful song about the fact that Cinderella's dreams have finally come true. She's finally learned what Любовь is and she's finally had someone Любовь her. It's a lovely point of the movie.

Aladdin - One Jump Ahead
'Let's not be too hasty..' - A fast paced song basically summarizing what Aladdin's life is actually like. It always gets me in a good mood because of how fun it is.

High School Musical 3 - Scream
'I can't choose, so confused! What's it all mean.. - A gripping song about how Troy doesn't know where to go или who to turn to. It's a very tense song and is different from most High School Musical songs. It left me on the edge of my seat, eagerly anticipating what he was going to do.

Brother Bear - Welcome (Family)
'The most peaceful place I've ever been to..' - A fun song about the bears welcoming Kenai to their home. It always makes me sing along and get in the mood for dancing :D It's also sort of the end of the journey for Kenai where his outlook on life has completely changed.

Lady and the Tramp II - World Without Fences
'On my own, completely free.. - A fast song about how Scamp wants to be free to make his own decisions and not have others decide for him. It's a very relatable song for me as I want to do whatever I want. (I'm such a rebel, Ты see ;))

Enchanted - So Close
'So far we are so close.. - A very touching and romantic song about how Giselle has admitted her feelings for Robert; has finally found her true love. It almost makes me cry.

High School Musical 3 - Now или Never
'You can do it, just know that I believe..' - A song about Troy thinking he can't win. However, he finds motivation through Gabriella and eventually 'gets his head in the game' - it's a very fast paced song that gets me in the mood to watch the rest of the movie.

Pinocchio - Hi Diddle Dee Dee
'An actor's life for me..' - A song that always made me sing along as a child (and still gets me Пение along to this day!) It's a very nostalgic song and that's one of the main reasons that it's on my list.

101 Dalmatians - Cruella De Vil
'If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will..' - A very iconic song that mostly everyone knows. It sums up the character perfectly and immediately makes the audience aware of what a horrible character Cruella actually is.

Finding Nemo - Somewhere Beyond The Sea
'Somewhere waiting for me..' - A fun song that doesn't really need explanation. It's just a song that sums up what the movie is about and gets Ты Пение along.

High School Musical 2 - Gotta Go My Own Way
'I've got to Переместить on and be who I am..' - A sad song about how Gabriella feels that other arrangements are getting in the way of their relationship, so she feels she needs a break to get her head straight. Even though I'm not a Фан of the секунда movie, I absolutely Любовь this song.

Enchanted - True Love's Kiss
'I've been dreaming of a true love's kiss.. - A sweet, simple song which is a great start to the movie. It makes me smile everytime I hear it.

Pinocchio - Give A Little Whistle
And always let your conscience be your guide.. - Another simple song song where Jiminy Cricket is trying to teach the newly born (in a way) Pinocchio how to whistle if he is ever in need of help. I don't know about anyone else, but this song always gives me a strong urge to whistle.

Brother Bear - Great Spirits
'Show us that in your eyes, we are all the same.. - This song is a great start to the movie! It immediately tells us that everyone is the same, regardless of what they may appear to be at first glance. It gets Ты anticipated to see the rest of the movie.

Aladdin: The Return Of Jafar - Forget About Love
'Forget about the way Ты fell into his eyes.. - I haven't even seen this movie, but I absolutely Любовь this song because it used to be on one of my Дисней Singalong Songs Видео when I was younger. I heard it a couple of months назад for the first time in years and now I Любовь it again. It's a bit weird as it's Iago and жасмин Пение together.. but nevertheless, it's a great song.

Mary Poppins - Step In Time
'Kick your knees up, step in time.. - A funny, fast paced song that always gets me in the mood for Пение and dancing! It's also very nostalgic.

The Lion King - Hakuna Matata
'It's our problem free, philosophy..' - A fun song that just about everybody knows! It has such a true meaning to it, that Ты shouldn't take life too seriously. It always causes me to sing along.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh - The Wonderful Thing About Tiggers
'They're bouncy, trouncy, flouncy, pouncy.. - A fun, fun paced song that always makes me in a happy mood. Tigger is also one of my favourite characters from Winnie the Pooh.

Mary Poppins - The Perfect Nanny
'Many thanks, sincerely, Jane and Michael Banks..' - Wanted. A nanny for two adorable children. Adorable? Well that's debateable I must say! This song is so sweet and funny - it always makes me sing или hum along (as I'm not a very good singer!) The girl is a good singer for her age and it's just a nice, sweet, simple song.

The Lion King II - Love Will Find A Way
'Now that I've found you..' - This bittersweet, romantic Любовь song makes me almost cry. It's such a beautiful song and is my favourite song from this sequel to The Lion King. It doesn't surpass most of the songs in the original, but it's still an amazing song with alot of meaning in it.

Aladdin - Friend Like Me
You ain't never had a friend like me.. - This song is very true, as I don't think anyone's ever had a friend quite like the Genie. This song is the introduction to who the Genie is and immediately makes us like the comical character.

Pocahontas - Savages
'I wonder if they even bleed..' - An extremely dramatic song which doesn't stray from how poignant the movie is. It uses lots of harsh terms which many children would not understand and is darker than most other Дисней songs. It is the hatred of different races coming together.

101 Dalmatians - Dalmatian Plantation
'We'll have a dalmatian plantation..' - The perfect end to a perfect movie! It always gets me Пение along. The Собаки enjoyed this song and so did I.

Beauty and the Beast - The Mob Song
'Kill the beast..' - Another dramatic song where Gaston is trying to get the townspeople to believe that the Beast is ferocious. He wants the beast dead so he can have Belle to himself. It's also somewhat sad as the beast could die for all we know.

Pocahontas - Mine, Mine, Mine
'Dig and dig and dig and diggety..' - A fun song that always makes me sing along. Even though it's not really a happy song (in terms of who is singing) it always gets me into a good mood because of the beat. It's very nostalgic aswell.

Enchanted - Ever, Ever After
'Forever could even start today..' - A lovely climax to a beautiful movie. This song reinforces the fact that Robert and Giselle will live together forever and always. Like the perfect fairytale.

High School Musical 3 - Right Here, Right Now
'I'm looking at Ты and my сердце loves the view.. - A beautiful, romantic song about Troy and Gabriella's Любовь for each other. The future doesn't matter, only the present does. For in the present they have each other and that's all that matters. A little cheesy, but an amazing song nevertheless.

Snow White - Heigh Ho
'It's off from work we go..' - A fun song that first introduces us to the seven Dwarfs. It immediately gets us in the mood to want to know еще about these odd little men. It's a well known song that always gets me in a good mood.

Oliver and Company - Why Should I Worry?
'But I got улица, уличный savoire faire..' - A fast paced song performed by Billy Joel. It is an overlooked song in my opinion and gets me in the right mood for the movie. The character who sings it, Dodger, is very likeable which makes me like the song even more.

The Little Mermaid 3 - I Remember
'I remember sitting in the moonlight..' - A sad, yet fun song about Ariel reminiscing about being able to finally remember her mother and the joys of music. A great song for a sequel.

Peter Pan - The секунда звезда To The Right
'The dreams Ты plan really can come true..' - A lovely song at the opening of the movie whcih immediately gets us set for what the rest of the movie has in store for us. It's a slow song which makes it kind of sad and the lyrics are really inspirational about following your dreams.

A Goofy Movie - On The Open Road
'Our trusty map will guide us straight and true..' - A fun song that gets Ты in a happy mood. It may be simple but that doesn't stop the fact that it has Ты Пение along and smiling throughout. The fact that Goofy is enjoying himself so much, yet Max wants to be anywhere but there.

Pinocchio - I've Got No Strings
'To make me fret или make me frown.. - This song is about Pinocchio feeling special that he has no strings, yet all the other puppets do. It's a fast-paced song that always makes me happy.

Mary Poppins - The Life I Lead
'At 6:01, I march through my door..' - An overlooked song from a well-known classic. I have always loved this song since I was little and it brings back memories of when I had a carefree life with nothing to worry about (except what colour crayon to use for my drawing of a bear) It's also quite a funny song, if Ты listen to the words. Mr Banks only thinks of himself, never of others.

Lady and the Tramp - The Siamese Cat Song
'Where we finding baby, there are молоко nearby.. - This song is absolutely hilarious. Me and my cousin always sing along to it and whenever we watch the movie together, we always have to go back and listen to this song about 762 times. The beat is hilarious and so is the song! We are siamese if Ты please, серовато-коричневый, dun, дун DODODO DUN!

Snow White - I'm Wishing
'Make a wish into the well, that's all Ты have to do..' - This song is about Snow White Пение about the importance of wishing into wells to make our dreams come true. It's also quite funny at times, especially when Ты hear her echo and when the birds fly away at the sound of it. A very iconic and nostalgic song.

Beauty and the Beast - Gaston
'As a specimen, yes, I'm intimidating.. - An egotistical song about a stuck up pig. That's basically what it is. But it's so fun and reinforces how much Gaston really does Любовь himself. It's definately not the best song in the movie, but it's still good.

Mary Poppins - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
'Even though the sound of it is something quite atrocious..' - The song that practically everyone knows! (Unless Ты live under a rock, no offence) - I don't know about you, but this song always gets me in the mood for dancing. It's so fun and fast-paced. I never used to be able to say the word when I was younger though. :P

The Hunchback of Notre Dame - Out There
'Gazing at the people down below me..' - A very inspirational song about how Quasimodo wants to fit in with everyone else, instead of being constantly secluded from everyone else. He has been up there for so long that he has even memorized their faces. Many people would be able to relate to this song about fitting in.


I hope Ты enjoyed my part 1. I Любовь all of these songs. I will post Part 2 up when I get the chance so Ты will be able to see my вверх 50 songs!