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When everyone had returned from viewing the security camera footage, маргаритка was eager to tell Scrooge what she had figured out. “Uncle Scrooge!” she called as she ran over to him. “You’re not going to believe what I found out, when we were at the mall!”

Scrooge groaned glanced over at her and replied less then enthusiastically, “Let me guess Ты found out there’s a sale going on at Ты Избранное store, and Ты need me to loan Ты some money. Right?”

Daisy angered shouted, “What?! That’s not what I’m talking about!” Then she calmed down and said, “I found out something...
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The following день was the big day, the день of the Lil’ Miss Duckburg pageant. Webby woke up bright and early that morning; feeling very excited and a little nervous. “Uncle Scrooge! Uncle Scrooge! It’s pageant day!” She called burst open the door of his bedroom, where he slept.

The sound of the door slamming against the wall, along hundreds of Золото coins being knocked off the стол письменный, стол on to floor, startled him awake. “What?! What is it, darling?!” He shouted as he sat straight up.

“Only pageant day!” Webby exclaimed.

“Oh…um… so it.” Scrooge сказал(-а) trying smile, then he yawned,...
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While they were in the hotel room preparing for the talent portion, Scrooge got a call from Donald. “Uncle Scrooge, I just spotted Laura Актёрское искусство real chummy with the judges. It looks likes she might be trying to bride them.”

“Well, do ye have any evidence that she’s bribing them? Scrooge asked.

“Mickey and Goofy have gone over for a closer look and they’re gonna get some photos.” Donald answered.

“Good work lad. Now one of Ты should go check the cameras so that we will have that footage also. Now I’ve got to go and help маргаритка and Minnie finish getting Webbigail ready.”...
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The Далее morning Minnie was sitting at her table, drinking cup of coffee when the doorbell rang. When she answered it, маргаритка was standing in the doorway holding a newspaper pointing to the headline, “Oh my gosh Minnie! You’ve gotta read this morning’s paper! We made the front page!”

“Oh my goodness! Really?!” Minnie exclaimed, “Come on in, and have some coffee with me and we can read it together.”

“Oh and by the way, congrats on getting to be the new pageant director.” маргаритка сказал(-а) after they were seated. “I am so jealous.”

Meanwhile across town Scrooge was enjoying a...
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I already made My вверх 10 Избранное Дисней Фильмы but now, I'm making a вверх 5 because there's exactly 5 Дисней Фильмы I honestly Любовь with all my heart, haha. And the Список has changed a little bit.

5. The Little Mermaid
It's such a fun and entertaining movie. The soundtrack is amazing and the characters are interesting. I find Ariel's Любовь for beautiful things incredibly endearing and I Любовь the idea of exploring an entirely different 'culture'. There's just something special about The Little Mermaid, like how the happy ending makes me tear up. I find everything about it so magical.

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Yeah, Ты might have guessed this one, not just because it is the logical Далее step after reviewing The Wind in the Willow but also because it's Halloween. I admit, I deliberately put this movie off for so long in order to be able to post my thoughts about his segment this one around the proper date.

1. The Setting

One of the things which always puzzled me about the short was that especially Katrina’s clothing reminded me of tradition Dutch attire. Чтение the story it makes much еще sense, since it is explicitly set in a Dutch Valley near New York. This knowledge made me see the dynamic...
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posted by BlondLionEzel
#3 - Anna (Frozen)

Anna kind of reminds me of an adventurous side of me, willing to risk it all for the ones I love. She is very pretty, her hair is very pretty. Now what I don't understand is why people say that Anna and Rapunzel look the same. They look nothing alike!

#2 - Isabella Garcia Shapiro (Phineas and Ferb)

Isabella is one of my избранное from Disney. She has always seemed like a perfect match for Phineas. She has a personality that I really like, kind and intelligent. I think it's too bad that Phineas kind of ignores her.

#1 - Gadget Hackwrench (Chip and Dale: Rescue Rangers)

You were...
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To say it upfront: It is my opinion that the package Фильмы Дисней did during the war time are barely Фильмы at all. But a lot of the segments are, if Ты have a look at them isolated, well worth a watch. And Дисней knew that too. When I was a child I never saw the “Wind in the Willows” segment as part of the “The Adventures of Ichabod and Mr. Toad” movie. Instead I saw it separated with a nice introduction by Walt Дисней himself (the downside of this version was that some scenes were cut from it). It wasn’t until way later that I learned how this segment came to be. It also was my...
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posted by Jayden-G
As Ты can see by my Профиль picture, Ты already know that I am a Фан of her. There are a lot of people that are indifferent towards her for many reasons, and I feel that I have the right to defend the reasons, as MANY have done relentless, continuous defense rants on Ariel, Belle, Merida, Rapunzel, etc.

Like I have said, there are many reasons why people dislike her and think she is so much worse than the other heroines, and the 3 biggest reasons why this is, is because:
1. She is a damsel who does not do anything and is selfish
2. She is a slut
3. She chose Phoebus over Quasimodo
, and...
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I've been planning to make this Статья for a while but I haven't had the time because of college but better late than never. In my opinion these are the most beautiful Дисней Channel girls in my honest opinion. Some might disagree but if Ты don't like it Ты can make your own Список and put it into an article. Anyway please Комментарий but be polite and respectful. Enjoy!

10.Hilary Duff
I know I'll get a lot of hate for this because from what I've gathered she's considered the most beautiful Дисней Channel star. Anyway she's absolutely stunning in my opinion. She has beautiful hair, gorgeous...
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For the past 2 weeks или so, I've been doing this countdown. I hope Ты all enjoyed participating. (; But anyways here are the results!

8. Periwinkle
Personally, I Любовь the way Periwinkle looks. I think she has a quirky charm about her that some like Tink, Fawn, and Rosetta don't have. Ты guys disagreed though.

"She has a chubby face, small nose, and her eyes are kind of far apart. She's cute, but looks like an elf." -MalloMar

"She's pretty but others are beautiful" -KataraLover

 "I'm ^cool^ with that." xDD
"I'm ^cool^ with that." xDD

7. Fawn
I agree with this one. I find желтовато-коричневый, палевый pretty, but the others are beautiful,...
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posted by Swanpride
So far, I only reviewed Фильмы which I either liked, или had at least some good aspects to point out and worked as adaptations. But there is no way I can start this one pretending not to know what the outcome will be: Oliver and Company is a really, really bad adaptation and a terrible movie. And this will be easier if I go into this trying to explain why I consider it as bad, so even if Ты are a fan, please медведь with me. I don’t try to bash the movie, I just want to explain why it doesn’t work for me.

1. The world of Oliver and Company

To make one point clear from the start: My issue with...
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First of all, this is not my Избранное villains list. I just got bored and decided to make one. Now, here is my honorable mentions!

Honorable Mention: Yzma, The Emperor's New Groove.
She's a villain, but the only thing super evil is making fun and using Kronk. I mean yeah, she tried to murder Kuzco, but he kinda deserved it in the beginning of the movie. o-o

Honorable Mention: Shan Yu, Mulan
I almost put him on this list. Then, I realized, he is not EVIL. He's creepy as crap, but not evil. He just wanted to rule China, and imo,that isn't evil. Ruling China would be a plus. xD

Honorable Mention: The...
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Since Холодное сердце is coming out in November (3 days after my birthday, I might add), I thought it would be nice to give my opinion on what Дисней should do next.

4. "The лиса, фокс Girl"

This is one has been floating around my head for a while. It's about a Kitsune girl named Hikari (Kitsunes are лиса, фокс girls) who falls in Любовь with a prince named Yamato, while she lives in the forest. There would be two villains, a лиса, фокс hunter named Benkei, and an evil princess named Yuki. Дисней should really do something about Japanese culture.

3. "Blade Rebirth"

Disney should do at least one "Tokusatsu" movie, so this is my...
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posted by BuddyBoy600alt
 Marsupilami Название
Marsupilami Title
Marsupilami is an 90's Дисней cartoon character. He was introduced on Disney's Raw Toonage back in 1992. Marsupilami is yellow, spotted. long-tail marsupial who lives in the jungle with his gorilla friend, Maurice. Maurice is a silent purple gorilla in a розовый рубашка who always grunts and burps. Even though Maurice does not speak, His visual effects are by Jim Cummings. Their main villain is Norman. Also, Marsupilami does speak (and does not only say "HOUBA!") The thing is I think Marsupilami is еще fun than "Wander Over Yonder", или Timon and Pumbaa. BTW, Marsupilami will always be my 90's Дисней Icon. Because he is so awesome, Especially his tail. I Любовь how he can do anything with his tail.
 Thank You, Steve Mackall for giving us the voice of Marsupilami.
Thank You, Steve Mackall for giving us the voice of Marsupilami.
Эй, everyone !! today i wanted to share my вверх ten Дисней classic songs i hope Ты like it and please respect my opinion

10- the круг of life { the lion king }

9- Цвета of the wind { pocahontas}

8-heigh ho { snow white and the seven dwarfs}

7-a spoon full of sugar {marry poppins}

6-golden after noon {alice in wonderland }

5-feed the birds {marry poppins}

4-so this is Любовь { Золушка }

3-a world of my own {alice in wonderland}

2-a dream is a wish you're сердце make & a whole new world { Золушка & alladin}

1- the секунда звезда to the right & when Ты wish upon a звезда { peter pan & pinachio}

and thnx for Чтение :)
This is a Список of my favourite Дисней Heroines from each Дисней Era and including Pixar as well. Since I like a lot of them, I am going to add 2 Heroines from each section.

Golden Era (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-Bambi) [b]

[b]1. Snow White

I am sure the choices for this era is no suprise since there is no one else, but I really like Snow White. She is cheerful, believes in the best, but is also has a еще sarcastic, teasing humor and is bossy. I think there is еще to her than there is Золушка and Aurora. She prayed about Grumpy liking her Показ that this is an insecurity of her...
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This is a hard one to tackle. It is so hard that I was tempted to skip it, but then, this is one of Disney’s truly successful non-animated movies, and it is based on what used to be a very well-known book. I write “used to be” because I honestly doubt that many people have read it nowadays, and when asked about the content, they would most like revert to one of the many adaptations.

The thing is, even before the first Фильмы about this were made, the original text has a somewhat unique history, since it was never intended for publication. The Swiss Pastor Johann David Wyss wrote the stories...
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Some are Non/Disney. Just warning Ты :P

14. марина (Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas)
I Любовь Marina, and I Любовь her attitude, although sometimes it's a little much. I like how she went to keep an eye on Sinbad for Proteus, but seriously?! She went on this mission FOR Proteus, to save his freaking life, then she hooks up with Sinbad. I realize that every egotistic (minus Hiccup and a few others) Dreamworks main male character need a Любовь interest, but it still irks me.

13. Ting-Ting (Mulan II)
Ting-Ting and I could be besties (: I like how she knows she must stick to her duty and knows not to start...
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This is a Список of my favourite Дисней Герои from each Дисней Era and including Pixar as well. Since I like a lot of them, I am going to add 2 Герои from each section.

Golden Era (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-Bambi)

1. Pinocchio

What I like about Pinocchio is that he is curious, and enjoys being bad at times, but does not blame others for what he does. Though he does lie, he never outright blames someone else. He learns what it takes to be a real boy with a real mind and conscious. He is willing to experience almost anything, and his experiences made him responsible. It is hard with...
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