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10. Tiana
Out of all the Princesses, she definately bugs me the most. She is boring, crabby, is no fun, and has no personality. I doubt she even knows what laughter is. But I will say that she is very pretty and has an amazing Пение voice.

9. Snow White
I know a lot of people don't like her, but I don't mind her at all. Her voice does get annoying sometimes, but I think she's cute! But she's at 9th place because she dosn't do anything really productive, and she was dumb enough to take Еда from a stranger.

8. Aurora
I personally think that Aurora is one of the most beautiful princesses. I like...
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posted by fhghu
Please, no mean comments. This is just MY opinion. Anyways, I'm going to include sequels as well, because I like her in one of the sequels, and I'd like to explain why. In The Little Mermaid, I think she has a fun personality, but that's the only thing I like about her in the first film. She knew Ursula was evil, and she went to her anyway and was told she had THREE days to win her prince over. I thought that was incredibly risky, even though we all knew she'd win him over. It's Disney. I also thought it was selfish to leave her family behind like that, and at the age of 16. I just think she's...
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posted by Pyjamarama
Kaa: [after being hit by Bagheera] Ooh, my s-s-sinus. Ты have just made a s-s-s-serious mistake, my friend. A very s-s-s-stupid...
Bagheera: N-n-now, Kaa, I was...
Kaa: ...mis-s-stake. Look me in the eye when I'm speaking to you.
Bagheera: [has one eye closed to avoid being hypnotized] No, please, Kaa...
Kaa: Both eyes, if Ты please.
[Bagheera is fully hypnotized]
Kaa: Ты have just s-s-sealed your doom.
[just as Kaa is about to eat Bagheera, Mowgli pushes Kaa's body off the tree; he falls in a pile on the ground]

[Kaa has hypnotized Mowgli into a deep sleep]
Kaa: You're s-s-snoring.
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 Ursula (1989)
Ursula (1989)
When Ursula first appears in the film, she states through monologue that she once lived in the royal palace of King Triton, the king of the underwater city of Atlantica. She was banished from Atlantica and made her Главная in the remains of a leviathan where she waits the chance to get her revenge on Triton and become Queen of Atlantica.

The entrance to Ursula's leviathan Главная is lined with a garden of writhing polyps which were merfolk who had been previously gone to Ursula for help, but found themselves unable to fulfill their side of the bargain, leading Ursula to claim them as her own and...
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I Любовь our Дисней heroines, so I thought it might be fun to write an Статья celebrating my favorites! Дисней has дана us some great females, and these are some of my favorites.

Favorite Animal Heroine: Perdita
I Любовь Perdita! She’s such a good mother to her puppies. I Любовь all the effort she puts into finding her puppies. She’s even willing to go to Cruella De Vil’s house in order to find them all. She will go to any lengths to protect them. And I Любовь how she takes in all of the Щенки in the end! She is such a kind and giving dog and I just Любовь her- and this is coming from a cat person!...
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posted by chericherry
 chericherry productions
chericherry productions
This is a poem, that does rhyme and doesn't rhyme, I wrote for my Facebook Профиль to describe the weather (the first 3 paragraphs). I thought it would go although with some of the Дисней movies. Hope Ты enjoy.

 101 Dalmatians
101 Dalmatians

no place to go
no where to hide
other than the inside
outside it is cold
...outside is never sold
because anyone can go


let it snow
let go of warm weather
feeling that had warmth
now it is all gone

Красавица и Чудовище
Beauty and the Beast

a peek of sunshine
makes it even еще cold,
i was told.


only when I make my move
the snow will melt
melt to the point
when no snow is found

 The Hunchback of Notre Dame
The Hunchback of Notre Dame

where to go?
I don't know
May someone bring warmth
to warm me up


I'll make my move,
save the day,
if I don't
the snow will never go
 Heaven's Light!
Heaven's Light!
Hi guys, I had seen the film and the German musical on Youtube. I was very fortunate to have the Original 1996 Animated Feature soundtrack and here is my comparison on both film and the stage version!

The Animated Feature Version

Okay, considering that the film was tone down for Family Friendly because it's Disney. Several things like Claude Frollo was changed into a judge rather than a priest, he was misguided prompting him to go mad!
Pheobus wouldn't have kill Esmeralda and he's not engage to another girl name Fleur-De-Lys, I really like his character a lot!
Finally, the Музыка was enchanting,...
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posted by breebree446
What is your Избранное Дисней movie?
What is your least favorite?
Who is your Избранное Дисней Princess?
Who is your Избранное Дисней Prince?
What is your Избранное Дисней animal sidekick?
Who is your Избранное Дисней animal?
What is your Избранное Дисней couple?
What is your Избранное made up Дисней pairing? Ex; Jim from Treasure Planet and Ariel)
Who is/are your Избранное Дисней parent(s)?
What Дисней character would totally be your best friend?
What Дисней character would be your worst enemy?
What Дисней Creature would Ты want as a pet?
It's been a long time since I Опубликовано something here, hasn't it? Honestly, I had just about forgotten I had an account here, but luckily, I did write something Disney-related not too long ago, so I'll post it here as well:

Recently, I discovered a semi-sequel to Pinocchio that takes place a год later titled Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night. All I saw was this really unsettling clip and I had to find it, and through what I can only assume is pure luck, I found a way to watch this film in its entirety despite it having never gotten a DVD release here. I have to say, this was an interesting...
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posted by KataraLover
Эй, yal! What's up? This is the part of the story that I come in. I had just woke up and I walked downstairs to get some breakfast. As I walked by the downstairs hallway I saw three little kids asleep. The kids looked like they were twelve years old and for some reason they were naked. One was a rough yet handsome little boy wearing a greenish blue collar; with light brown hair, and fair white skin. The секунда child is a beautiful little girl wearing a розовый collar; with gorgeous blonde hair that seemed at if it glew(That covered most of her naked body), blossem розовый lips, pale skin, and a lovely...
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posted by KataraLover
This is the story of me as a wizard with magical powers. I'm also the narrator of the story. But ironic it's not even my story. This is the story of my three Избранное Дисней Собаки Scamp, Angel, and Patch. They're on their greatest adventure ever, they're doing something no dog has ever happen to a dog before. I think I could probably get to the story so Ты can see what I mean.

Our story begins with Jim Dear, Darling, Junior, and their seven dogs; going to visit Darling's little sister Anita for the summer. Lady and Tramp know about Anita and her husbands 101 dalmatians, because they heard all...
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 Our Избранное man to ever live
Our favorite man to ever live
Okay, before I start, I want to make something really clear. I’m being unbiased the best I can so if Ты disagree with a placement just Комментарий to me nicely that Ты disagree so Ты don’t have to go on in life without me knowing that Ты disagreed. Also I want to make something else clear; Walt would Любовь all the films, so if I wasn’t making a ranking/ranking it would be only a вверх ten with a lot of films tied.
I do not know Walt Дисней on a personally level. So all of this is mainly guesses because no one is perfect.
I'm ranking all the films from The Jungle Book (He died before the final...
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This is a Список of my favourite Дисней Heroines from each Дисней Era and including Pixar as well. Since I like a lot of them, I am going to add 2 Heroines from each section.

Golden Era (Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs-Bambi) [b]

[b]1. Snow White

I am sure the choices for this era is no suprise since there is no one else, but I really like Snow White. She is cheerful, believes in the best, but is also has a еще sarcastic, teasing humor and is bossy. I think there is еще to her than there is Золушка and Aurora. She prayed about Grumpy liking her Показ that this is an insecurity of her...
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Chapter 29—Angel's Deceit

The Щенки and parents gasped. Buster revealed himself from behind the trees, smiling devilishly at the puppies.
“Buster,” Tramp told him, growling. “Get away from us.”
    Buster smirked. “You don’t scare me… Ты Остаться в живых your touch when Ты turned your back on everything and settled down with Miss Powderpuff.”
    “Why are Ты here?” Lady asked worriedly. “Can’t Ты just leave us alone?”
    “Oh no, Miss Powderpuff,” Buster explained with a smirk. “I need revenge. I don’t like...
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Gaston: How can Ты read this? There's no pictures!
Belle: Well, some people use their imagination.

Gaston: This is the день your dreams come true.
Belle: What do Ты know about my dreams, Gaston?
Gaston: Plenty! Here, picture this: A rustic hunting lodge, my latest kill roasting on the fire, and my little wife massaging my feet, while the little ones play on the floor with the dogs. We'll have six или seven.
Belle: Dogs?
Gaston: No, Belle! Strapping boys, like me!
Belle: Imagine that.
Gaston: And do Ты know who that little wife will be?
Belle: Let me think...
Gaston: You, Belle!
Belle: Gaston,...
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 Some Дисней Leading Ladies
Some Disney Leading Ladies
First things first, I am a female, and am straight.

I've read SOOOO many Статьи about this, that I decided that I should write my own. Now before I get started, let's get something straight. This was very hard for me to put in order, and right now, after stressing over it for what seems like forever, I'm not even sure if this is the order I want them in! Well anyways, Enjoy!

10. Megara или Meg -- Hercules
This sassy leading lady is a Настоящая кровь beauty. She sure won Hercules сердце over at first sight. She has lush, beautiful, brown hair, that has lots of volume to it. I couldn't pass up putting...
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Chapter 6—The Rescue Begins

    Lady and Tramp bustled past their street, following the rails, and gradually, the tranquil atmosphere of their Главная suddenly vanished, as the streets became rugged and the fancy houses and neatly kept houses became less and less prim and proper. Lady was worried and a bit uncomfortable with the uncertain atmosphere. “Tramp, we’re not going… well, we’re безопасно, сейф from the dogcatcher, aren’t we?”
    “Oh, of course!” Tramp confidently told Lady, with a lot of energy radiating from his voice. “We have collars,...
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posted by Pyjamarama
In Aladdin, Jafar is introduced as the sinister Grand Vizier to Agrabah's Sultan who desires power over Agrabah and lusts over the Sultan's beautiful daughter, Princess Jasmine. He is the секунда most powerful authority in Agrabah, answering only to the Sultan. He is always accompanied by his sarcastic, devious pet parrot, Iago.

Whilst presenting a charming and respectable exterior to the Sultan and the people of Agrabah, he secretly holds everyone around him in contempt and manipulates the Sultan by means of hypnotizing him with a magical snake-headed staff, which he always carries on his person....
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posted by axlluver43
 Walt Disney's most Популярное character, Mickey мышь
Walt Disney's most popular character, Mickey Mouse
The Walt Дисней Company started in 1923 in the rear of a small office occupied by Holly-Vermont Realty in Los Angeles. It was there that Walt Disney, and his brother Roy, produced a series of short live-action/animated films collectively called the ALICE COMEDIES. The rent was a mere $10 a month. Within four months, the ever-growing staff moved Далее door to larger facilities, where the sign on the window read "Disney Bros. Studio." A год later, in 1925, the Disneys made a deposit on a Hyperion Avenue lot in the Silver Lake district of Los Angeles. Construction began on the new studio shortly...
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Recently I've been making character countdown Опросы dedicated to each Дисней movie, this is the countdown info for "The Princess and the Frog"

12. Gilbert

11. Rick

10. Buddy/Syndrome

9. Kari

8. Mirage

7. Dash Parr

6. Frozone/Lucius

5. Jack-Jack Parr

4. фиолетовый Parr

3. Elastigirl/Helen Parr

2. Edna Mode

1. Mr. Incredible/Bob Parr

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