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Yes, I know, I сказал(-а) that I would stick to book-based Дисней Фильмы and the Arthur saga is technically a legend. Practically though, this movie is not based on the legend, but on a specific book based on сказал(-а) legend with the Название “The Sword in Stone”. So I guess I’ll have to take a look how the book relates to the legend, and how the movie relates to the book.

1. The Sword in the Stone

This is one of the Книги I read just for this Статья series. And I have to say, it surprised me, mostly because I read some reviews in the past which complained that the movie is nothing like the book at...
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[Chief has a busted leg and is whimpering loudly]
Amos Slade: Chief, get back in there before I break your other leg.

Widow Tweed: Amos Slade, Ты trigger-happy lunatic! Give me that gun!
[Tweed takes the gun, then shoots Amos' radiator]
Amos Slade: My radiator! Why, Ты blasted female...
Widow Tweed: [pointing the gun at Amos] Hold it, right there.
Amos Slade: Watch it, that thing's loaded.
[Tweed shoots the gun in the air]
Widow Tweed: Now it ain't loaded.

Widow Tweed: Amos Slade, that temper of yours is going to get Ты into a lot of trouble someday.
Amos Slade: [turns red in the face] Temper? Temper? Woman, Ты ain't seen my temper! If I ever catch that лиса, фокс in my property again, I'll blast him, and Далее time I won't miss!
Come on, Edgar. Last one upstairs is a nincompoop.
Could we take the elevator this time, sir?
That birdcage? Poppycock! Elevators are for old people. Whoops!
May I give Ты a hand, sir?
You wouldn't have an extra foot, would you, Edgar?
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Morning, Frou-Frou, my pretty steed.
Can Ты keep a secret?
Of course Ты can.
I've some news straight from the horse's mouth. If you'll pardon the expression, of course.
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I've been planning to do this review for a very long time and now I've finally gotten off my lazy butt and wrote it, in a matter of speaking. First of all I'm surprised Pixar hasn't been sued for false advertising. You'll see what I mean when I get to the actual review. Secondly keep in mind that this is just my opinion on the subject and please comment.

I think it's fair first of all to talk about something I won't rip to pieces so I'm going to talk about Merida first. Even though I didn't like her when I first saw the movie she's became one of my all time Избранное animated heroines. She's...
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Chapter 25—Patch’s Decision

Pongo tried to pretend to ignore the bad reception he got from the puppies, and pretended to smile. “How are Ты all doing out here?” Pongo asked brightly.
    The Щенки didn’t answer. They hurried under a диван, мягкий уголок in the middle of the yard, and buried themselves deep under it, facing away from Pongo. “We’re not leaving,” Scamp told Pongo fervently. “We’ll never leave.”
    “Dad, why are Ты even here?” Patch asked. “I’m not coming Главная with you. Maybe Ты got Lucky to come back. But at your place,...
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posted by KingSimba4Ever9
1.The Lion King. -This movie has great songs and Анимация and voice actors. But the best part of it is thebplot and story of the movie.
I've loved this movie ever scence I was 4 years old. When I was 5 I used to wake my mom up at 2:00 AM. evry morneg and asked if I could watch The Lion King and have a чай party. But my mom would have to stop the movie as soon as the stampeed started beacause I would start to cry and get realy scared.
I have also had and still have a crush on a two of the charicters. Simba<3 and Scar<3 XD I'm wierd.
There is so much еще I could say about the wonderful...
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7 AM, the usual morning lineup
Start on the chores and sweep 'til the floor's all clean
Polish and wax, do laundry, and mop and shine up
Sweep again, and by then it's like 7:15

And so I'll read a book
Or maybe two или three
I'll add a few new paintings to my gallery
I'll play гитара and knit
And cook and basically
Just wonder when will my life begin?

Then after lunch it's puzzles and darts and baking
Paper mache, a bit of ballet and chess
Pottery and ventriloquy, candle making
Then I'll stretch, maybe sketch, take a climb
Sew a dress!

And I'll reread the Книги
If I have time to spare
I'll paint...
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My Избранное Дисней Characters listed are from most Избранное to least favorite

1.Esmeralda. What i like about Esmeralda is she is pretty, a great dancer, and is a good friend to Quasimodo.

2. Wendy. I like Wendy because she loved hanging out with Peter Pan, and sung a great song towards the end of the movie.

3. Marie. She is a pretty white cat with two розовый bows 1 in her hair, and 1 on her neck. I also like her because she is my Избранное Aristocat.

4. маргаритка Duck. Pretty and Beautiful

5. Chief. What i like about Chief is, he is a cute gray dog and i Любовь dogs. Cons: he gets short tempered and mean

6. Lady. She is a cute Cocker спаниель and she reminds me of my old dog Missy is what i like about her.

7. Hannah. She is very nice and very pretty.

8. Sid. I chose Sid last because he is not nice или pleasant but still 1 one of my Избранное characters.
 Аладдин (1992)
Aladdin (1992)
Аладдин is a 1992 American animated musical family film produced by Walt Дисней Feature Анимация and released by Walt Дисней Pictures. Аладдин was the 31st animated feature in the Walt Дисней Animated Classics series, and was part of the Дисней film era known as the Дисней Renaissance. The film was directed by John Musker and Ron Clements, and is based on the Arab folktale of Аладдин and the magic lamp from One Thousand and One Nights. The voice cast features Scott Weinger, Jonathan Freeman, Robin Williams, Linda Larkin, Frank Welker, Gilbert Gottfried, and Douglas Seale.

Lyricist Howard Ashman...
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In the библиотека of the кабина Glomgold and his henchmen began to tie up the hostages. As one of them started to tie Donald, he punched the гончая, бигл Boy in nose and started to run for the door. The stunned гончая, бигл Boy stood there for a moment rubbing his sore nose, not noticing Donald running toward the door. His brother, who was tying Goofy up shouted, “Look what ya did dummy! Ya let ‘im get away!”

    “Yeah, wells he punched me!” shouted the other one. The two of them stood there arguing for a few minutes.

    Finally Glomgold interrupted the fight,...
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posted by bluethunder25
I want to take this opportunity to talk about Дисней character Meet and Greets. Now I think that guests should meet and greet and interact with the characters, but I feel that Meet and Greets in general make the characters feel they're employees. A guest сказал(-а) it best on a special on Travel Channel, "When Ты go to Дисней World, you're not going to a park, you're going to a world." With that said, the characters should feel like they're in a world, a home, but when they are in a Meet and Greet, where they basically just stand in one spot for a designated amount of time and then disappear and...
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posted by laylahook
Flora's P.O.V. 5 years later

By the time I was 8,the world was perfect. The kingdom I lived in was ruled by a beloved,caring king with an adorable 3 год old son he was raising all on his own. Also I was truly the big sister.

Maleficent had turned into a very quiet little girl. She liked nothing better than to be by herself. Ты could always find her either walking in the dark part of the forest или in her room alone. She was always at the head of her 1st grade class. She always seemed to compete with me for the better grades. No one teased her about her skin, yet at the age of 6 she hated...
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Дисней has had several eras of movies, the most current era being the revival era. The revival era started with Bolt(I think) and the most current movie is Big Hero 6. But the revival era is still going, upcoming Фильмы include, Moana and Zootopia.

I did polls, counting down Fanpop's Избранное Фильмы and Ты are about to read the results. I may do an updated version of this

7. Холодное сердце

See, a год ago, I would have died of shock, but not at this point, really. Now, Дисней Фаны have a love-hate relationship with the movie, Холодное сердце so this could've gone either way depending on if еще haters...
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posted by Pyjamarama
 Frollo, my favourite Tony сойка, джей villain
Frollo, my favourite Tony Jay villain
In 1938, Tony Jay's parents treated him to a matinee of Walt Disney's first animated feature, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, on London's West End. Like any other 5-year-old confronted by the cackling wicked witch, he had nightmares for years afterward.

Almost six decades later, the veteran English actor has recovered sufficiently to play a Дисней villain with enough suave menace to send that witch packing on her broomstick. By giving voice to Frollo, the tormented magistrate of The Hunchback of Notre Dame, сойка, джей does еще than add a portrait to the rogues' gallery that stretches from Snow White's...
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Okay, I know " The Lion King" is like the almighty oracle to stage and screen critics. But does Every Дисней stage adaptation have to be compared to its standards. Im sure Tarzan, The Little Mermaid, Mary Poppins and Beauty and the Beast are all just as good as The Lion King. In my honest opinion I think the Lion King has become overrated in the years since its movie release. Even the animated films are compared to it. Not everything needs comparison sometimes things are valuable and noteworthy on their own. The audience reviewed The Little Mermaid and 95% of them loved it. So in the end I think critics are just looking for the bad in things instead of enjoying the Показать for the masterpiece that it is. I am seeing it this fall on Tour. And I have heard it is great from fellow fanpopers. Peace and take this however Ты wish.
 Ariel giving up her signature voice to be human
Ariel giving up her signature voice to be human
posted by moulan

10 год old Walt (center right) at a gathering of Kansas City newsboys in 1912.
Walter Elias Дисней was born on December 5, 1901 to Elias Disney, of Irish-Canadian descent, and Flora Call Disney, of German-American descent, in Chicago's Hermosa community area at 2156 N. Tripp Ave.[3][4] Walt Disney's ancestors had emigrated from Gowran, County Kilkenny in Ireland. Arundel Elias Disney, great-grandfather of Walt Disney, was born in Kilkenny, Ireland in 1801 and was a descendant of Hughes and his son Robert d'Isigny, originally of France but who travelled to England with William the Conqueror...
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posted by cruella
Author's note: This is second, and I'm really excited to see what people think of it. I hoping the I get better result than I did with my first one. Anyway for those of Ты who haven't read my first one there are a few things Ты probably want to understand before Ты read this, или any of my future fanfics. 1. In my stories Minnie is portrayed as being very close Друзья with Scrooge (even closer than she is to Daisy). This is partially because they're my Избранное animated hero and heroine. But, it's also because they have on occasions been shown as close Друзья and their friendship made more...
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posted by Pyjamarama
There were Дисней Villain Oscar Trophies. In the Список of categories, there were nominations. The best oscar was for the best villainess, the best oscar was for the best animal villain, the best oscar was for the best villain henchman and the best oscar was for the best villain song. And last but not least was the winning oscar. The best winning oscar was for the two best villains of all time. The villains were Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty, 1959, Ratigan from The Great мышь Detective, 1986, Sykes from Oliver and Company, 1988, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, 1989, Gaston from Beauty and...
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This Winnie The Pooh sequel is unplanned and most disappointing. Winnie the Pooh and his Друзья hear a strange noise and find a set of large, perfectly circular footprints in the Hundred Acre Wood (and, in Tigger's case, a major earthquake in the middle of the night, causing his house to be severely damaged). They jump to the conclusion that the noise and prints are from a heffalump, and Rabbit organizes an expedition to go try to catch it; a disappointed Roo is told to stay behind, as everyone believes the expedition is too dangerous for one as young as he.

Roo slips out on his own in search...
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