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posted by Swanpride
No, this is not cheating. I know that I сказал(-а) that I wouldn’t review Lion King based on the fact that if it’s based on anything at all, it’s based on a play and not a book. And I also know that Peter Pan started out as a play. But: This play was so successful that Barrie also published a novel based on it. Plus, while the play made the figure Peter Pan well known, he actually turned up first in the novel The Little White Bird. See? Not cheating at all.
But it would be naturally strange to ignore the play – I’m a little bit at disadvantage here, though, because I’ve never seen it,...
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posted by LisaForde
Please Rate & Comment. Enjoy

As Ты all know Дисней has captured the hearts of millions of Фаны from around the world including us in this spot ,but let me tell Ты all a thing about Дисней Then and Дисней Now. First the first feature length that started it all was Snow White & the Seven Dwarves which was also the first Дисней princess may I add. The movie was released in 1937. I wasn’t around of course that time as I was born in 1991. Yes the год that the most beautiful Любовь story that was every told was released(im talking about Beauty & the Beast in case your wondering).From...
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This is a continuation of my prior article. These are my вверх ten Дисней films, and while some of these are Популярное choices, I know I selected a few unusual choices. I'm not trying to impose my views, I just want to continue to talk about my Избранное classics. Well, here's my list.

#10- Bambi

Sob...that's all I could say of this beautiful movie. This movie in many ways is like an older version of The Lion King, and shares its sadness and its beautiful epic tale. The way this movie is animated is the thing that stands out to me about this movie, and the beauty in this movie makes Bambi among...
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I wiped the sweat off my face after one of my daily workouts. I notice three girls -- The Bimbettes as they’re called -- checking me out. I wink at them. They all gasp and look at each other, not believing it could be true. I decide to play a little with them.
“Hey Ladies.” I say smoothly, and give them a charming smile, striding up towards them. With my рубашка off and right after a workout I was pretty much irresistible.
“H-H-Hi Herc..” They all sighed and started blushing. Oh yeah I thought, but right before I was going to печать up a дата -- with all three -- Tarzan pulled me away...
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    Lady sat by the Рождество tree, watching the огонь in the living room burn merrily, then she turned to look outside to see the snow falling. Рождество was coming, and Tramp sat proudly by her side. He seemed to be in much better spirits, as now he escaped quite a few times during the night. But Lady didn’t mind, for she knew that Tramp would always come back to her no matter what.
     She then turned to see the Щенки posing for photos. The five of them, growing up, also were joined by a sixth puppy, Collette’s new boyfriend Fluffy. While...
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Chapter 27—Arrival At Home
    The group walked over to a crossing, and Roger told Anita, “I think we can get to the hotel on foot,” he stated.
“Oh yeah,” Энджел whispered. “This is where Cruella picked us up.”
“Oh, you’re right,” Anita stated. However, Anita looked at the puppies, and stated, “I suppose we should let them say goodbye first.”
Meanwhile, Pongo stated, “I guess we better get going.”
    “Oh, right,” Perdita stated sadly. “Thank Ты for helping so much,”
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Chapter 26—Nightmare Ride

    Cruella honked her horn and screamed, “Jasper, Horace! I found them!”
    Jasper and Horace’s truck followed Cruella, and Cruella got out her gun and aimed it at the хобот, ствол just as Энджел and Peg settled themselves inside in the back of the trunk. She barely missed, hitting underneath the car instead.
    “Get in quickly,” Pongo told them. “We have to shut the trunk.”
    “There’s a button here,” Lady exclaimed with surprise, indicating to a button Далее to her.
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Chapter 24—Runaway Home

    “So,” Pongo asked the group, complete with the five runaway puppies. “Are we all ready to leave?”
    “I hope Cruella is still going to be distracted,” Perdita stated.
    “Still though, I think she’d notice if we just left through the front door,” Scamp added.
    “You’re right,” Tramp told him. “Come on… let’s try this.”
    Tramp jumped onto the front стол письменный, стол and pressed at the window, which was replaced with a new one. The window was...
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This Список is very unusual, and Ты may often hear word underrated. I think you'll be surprised, but that's my opinion, remember that.
 Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities. Forget about your worries and your strife
Look for the bare necessities, the simple bare necessities. Forget about your worries and your strife

30.The bare necessities
Really catchy and funny song during which Baloo and Mowgli are getting to know each other and start their friendship. Although some people think it has message which is promoting laziness или selfishness, I think it's saying to not stress for the things which aren't really important

 Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil, If she doesn't scare you, no evil thing will.
Cruella De Vil, Cruella De Vil, If she doesn't...
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We started with 60 Дисней ladies and some Guests.
We had 11 round and now here the results.

In the first round we had 12 teams and 12 eliminated.




With 0% was eliminated.


She was the first to abandon competition with 0% in her team.


With 0% she was eliminated in her team.


She was the секунда mermaid to abandon.


with 4% was eliminated.


She was eliminated in the first round, the people told the reason she wasn't voted was because she's not disney.


the same case, she received 5%.

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On the first день of Christmas,
my true Любовь sent to me
Sykes: A куропатка, партридж in a груша tree.

On the секунда день of Christmas,
my true Любовь sent to me
Shan-Yu: Two черепаха doves,
Sykes: And a куропатка, партридж in a груша tree.

On the third день of Christmas,
my true Любовь sent to me
Jafar: Three French hens,
Shan-Yu: Two черепаха doves,
Sykes: And a куропатка, партридж in a груша tree.

On the fourth день of Christmas,
my true Любовь sent to me
Maleficent: Four calling birds,
Jafar: Three French hens,
Shan-Yu: Two черепаха doves,
Sykes: And a куропатка, партридж in a груша tree.

On the fifth день of Christmas,...
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Jim Hawkins: I'm sorry your present didn't work out.
Long John Silver: Aww, Jim. Smollet sails by rules and laws. That's what being a captain is all about. Me, I sails by the stars.
Jim Hawkins: Stars?
Long John Silver: North, Jim. Find me north out there among them stars.
Jim Hawkins: [pulls out compass] Well, that's easy...
Long John Silver: [takes compass from Jim and holds it overboard] Ah yeah, but what if Ты don't have a compass?
Jim Hawkins: Long John, please don't drop it! It was my father's. It's all I have of his. Please... please...
Long John Silver: [hands it back] I'm sorry, lad. I were...
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 McLeach (1990)
McLeach (1990)
He is first seen on a wanted poster (suggesting that he had committed enough poaching crimes for him to be on the run from the law). His first on-screen appearance is him approaching one of the traps he has set, only to be surprised by having caught Cody. At first, he tries to persuade him that he's not a poacher, and seems prepared to let him go, but when he realizes he knows the location of the great Golden Eagle Marahute, he admits that he is a poacher, and has already caught the father. He tosses his backpack to the crocodiles to trick the authorities into thinking Cody was eaten and kidnaps...
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Hi! This is an updated Статья about my Избранное Дисней Movies. I made an original Список before on here a few months back, but it is now quite a bit outdated!!! So now, I have come to make a new article. This time, it will only be my ten Избранное Дисней Movies, with five honorable mentions at the end.

So now, onto my вверх ten Избранное Дисней Movies!

10. The Aristocats

While often labeled as one of the lesser Дисней Classics, I heartily disagree with this assessment. It is an enjoyable, comedic flick that is lighthearted and fun. I like to think of it as a пересекать, крест of Lady and the Tramp and 101...
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The group made its to the mall Мороженое parlor. All the while Mickey was trying to be as romantic as possible, by holding hands with Minnie, who was having to lug the large rabbit through the mall.

When they reached the Мороженое parlor Mickey, Donald, and Goofy went in to place the orders while the others sat down at a large таблица outside. The three of them soon came back out, carrying several Холодное сердце treats. Mickey immediately noticed that both seats Далее to Minnie taken by Scrooge and Webby. Donald and Goofy saw the angry look in his eyes. Goofy whispered, “Don’t be mad Mickey. Look...
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posted by BuddyBoy600alt
 Marsupilami Название
Marsupilami Title
Marsupilami is an 90's Дисней cartoon character. He was introduced on Disney's Raw Toonage back in 1992. Marsupilami is yellow, spotted. long-tail marsupial who lives in the jungle with his gorilla friend, Maurice. Maurice is a silent purple gorilla in a розовый рубашка who always grunts and burps. Even though Maurice does not speak, His visual effects are by Jim Cummings. Their main villain is Norman. Also, Marsupilami does speak (and does not only say "HOUBA!") The thing is I think Marsupilami is еще fun than "Wander Over Yonder", или Timon and Pumbaa. BTW, Marsupilami will always be my 90's Дисней Icon. Because he is so awesome, Especially his tail. I Любовь how he can do anything with his tail.
 Thank You, Steve Mackall for giving us the voice of Marsupilami.
Thank You, Steve Mackall for giving us the voice of Marsupilami.
Hopper: It's a bug-eat-bug world out there, princess. One of those круг of Life kind of things. Now let me tell Ты how things are supposed to work: The sun grows the food, the ants pick the food, the grasshoppers eat the food...
Molt: And the birds eat the grasshoppers. Hey, like the one that nearly ate you, Ты remember? Ты remem- Oh, Ты shoulda seen it, okay?
Hopper: Molt!
Molt: This blue сойка, джей has him half way down his throat, okay? And Hopper - Hopper's kicking and screaming, okay? And I'm scared, okay, I'm not going anywhere near, okay- Aw, come on! It's a great story.
[Hopper grabs...
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Chapter 24—An Unexpected Reunion

    Scamp and Энджел froze up on the side of the barrel with soot. Then, abruptly, a loud, whooping holler emerged from the entrance. Scamp and Энджел figured out that the voice belonged to a tomboy. “Woohoo! This стейк was the best!!!”
    “They serve it every день like this,” added a boy’s voice. “It’s really good stuff. It probably almost tastes like house food. I just wish they’d give us baths too.”
    The tomboy resumed talking, even louder than before. “Nah… I’ve heard of...
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Okay to start off, I don't have any pictures, I'm Письмо this on my IPad and frankly, I'm too lazy to find possible methods to post pictures on this device—if possible. Anyways, keeping the intro short, this is based on my opinion, I've seen other вверх tens and they all seemed еще biased than anything, so here they are:

10) Megara

I've seen her fall last in some of the articles, and I can only agree on the way they describe her. She has an odd kind of beauty, I personally find her pretty cute, and in some scenes-hot. But she wears make up (not that it makes a huge difference). Take a close...
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Hi guys. Lisa here and I have decided to do a Список of princesses that I like and why I like them. Here it goes.

#1 Ariel: First up is Ariel because I adored her since I was 7 years old. I like how she sacrifices her life to be with the man she loves.

#2 Belle: In at the number #2 spot and its Belle. I like how she is the odd one out and how she treats the Beast like a real person and she doesn’t care what other people think. I Любовь her style and she is a great role model.

#3 Giselle: Ok in at no #3 and its Giselle because I like her innocence and her childish ways. I absolutely adored the actress...
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