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I like this first Аладдин film, but Why doesn't Jafar know that Аладдин is in desguise? Jafar is just angry with Aladdin. I hate this scene. But i do like all the rest of the Аладдин scenes. Jafar is such a pain in this scene. Why doesn't he like Aladdin? He says Аладдин is no difference than the others. What's wrong with Jafar? Аладдин is only desguising as a prince, but Jafar doesn't understand and care that Аладдин is desguising as a prince. Stop being mean to Aladdin, Jafar! This is one of the worst scenes ever.
Captain Hook-In the original film, Hook plays the main antagonist and is first seen trying to find the hiding spot of Peter Pan. Hook suddenly gets the idea to kidnap Princess Tiger Lily and have her admit the location или she will be killed by Hook himself. Captain Hook and his faithful sidekick, Mr. Smee, successfully capture Tiger Lily and take her to Skull Rock. Unfortunately for Hook, Peter Pan spots them and follow them to the cave. Peter plans to rescue her and battles Hook. Captain Hook is then chased away by Tick-Tock the Crocodile.

Back at Hook's pirate ship, Hook sits in his room,...
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As I dived into the pool at the sound of a whistle, a rush of cold water came over me, cooling me down. Mrs. Godenburg, или “Hera” as she liked us to call her, was barking at me from the pools edge.
“Ariel, Ты got to go faster! Try to take your breathes a little quicker! Faster, honey, Faster!” I rolled my eyes in my goggles. I was the fastest swimmer at The Дисней Academy, and held almost every record. I carried my team to states and had won the gold-medal in Freestyle. I didn’t understand why Hera always pushed me to go harder. I already tried to my fullest and had succeeded. What...
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posted by fansPunzie-22
5.Mother Knows Best (Reprise)
Because it's too creepy O_O

4.Bobidi Babidi Boo
Because it's jut fun :)

3.A Girl Worth Fighting For
Because it's too funny (the video) xD

Because of my favourite singer,Avril Lavigne and the lyrics :)

1.I See The Light
Because it's so romantic! <3_<3

Well,I just sincerly Любовь this songs....

I'll write еще as possible :)

And just to hear the best songs here are some links!:

1.Alice: link

2.I See The Light: link

3.Mother Knows Best (Reprise):
In New York, there was the man called Prince Pyjamarama Scrooge and he used to have a business partner called Jafar, but he died for seven years. It was Рождество eve, but Pyjamarama или Scrooge Ты might call him, hated Christmas. “Bah Humbug!” Snarld Pyjamarama. In Texas Pete’s hideout, there was the greatest superhero of all time, Superbulk with his best friend, Skeleton. Now that Texas Pete was in jail, Bulk and Skeleton could do anything they wanted. They could watch tv, read books, go to the restaurants, watch dvds, go on the internet, save people from dangers and everything. “What...
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Chapter 27- Tramp’s Troubled Past

    Tramp looked down at the dirt. He smiled nervously at Lady, who gave him an insistent look. Pongo and Perdita stood there, waiting for him to speak. The Щенки meanwhile, crouched under the couch, and gave him suspicious looks.
    “Okay, okay,” Tramp conceded at last. “I’ll talk. Look, I…I’m sorry I lied to you!”
    “No you’re not!” Scamp shouted. “You’d stop if Ты were.”
    “Hey, just listen to me,” Tramp told Scamp. He then looked sadly at...
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posted by deedragongirl
 This is my favourite poster.
This is my favourite poster.
Hi guys, I just watched Coco and the film left me breathless. So, here is my review on this wonderful Pixar film.

The Story

The story is about being motivated, it reminds me of the Sound of Music. In which I will write down later, it was very interesting to see the ending where Ernesto gets killed by the same fate during his last earthly moments! I really like how his Фаны saw his true colours and booed him during his grand concert.
Another great moment was the film introduces Mexican cultures and colours, another topic that I will write about later.

The Characters

Miguel is actually my favourite...
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 Lily James!
Lily James!
If Дисней were to make a live action film featuring a brand new heroine. Here are my dream casts and why!

1) The Heroine (Lily James)

I would Любовь to see her act in another Дисней film, considering that she played Золушка in 2015. She should play a good heroine in this!

2) The Mother (Paige O' Hara)

The voice of Belle, I noticed that she looks like an elderly version of Lily James at some point, if the movie is out, I can tell that she and Lily James could have a strong chemistry together as mother and daughter.

3) The Father (Hugh Bonneville)

He is the perfect choice for Lily James's character's...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Note: Холодное сердце is not owned and created by me.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were planning on going to the пляж, пляжный tomorrow. Elsa was helping her helpers clean the kingdom while Anna got swimsuits. Anna called Elsa.

Anna сказал(-а) "Hi Elsa. I'm at the new clothes store."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Hi Anna. Have Ты found any good swim Форс-мажоры yet?"

Anna looked around and сказал(-а) "I think so. Swimsuits sure are immodest." Anna grabbed 2 outfits and сказал(-а) "Don't worry. I found 2 great swimsuits."

Elsa сказал(-а) "Do Ты think that the swimsuits are great или are they a great price?"

Anna сказал(-а) "They are 60% off. Don't worry. They are cute...
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posted by sparklefanboy
Notes: This is a re-write of a Холодное сердце Fanfiction I wrote on a Назад Fanpop account, Windrises.

Princess Anna and Queen Elsa were at their kingdom. Anna сказал(-а) "Tonight me and Kristoff are going to go to the city's new restaurant."

Elsa сказал(-а) "You better behave еще mature than usual." Anna asked why. Elsa сказал(-а) "The new restaurant is really fancy. It has a the "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy."

Anna сказал(-а) "Do they really care that much about shoes?"

Elsa сказал(-а) "I heard a guy wearing flip flops got rejected."

Anna сказал(-а) "That's kind of harsh."

Elsa сказал(-а) "I actually kind of respect their fanciness."...
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Notes: Холодное сердце and DC are not owned and created by me. This story is for both Fanfiction.net and Fanpop. This story is dedicated to Adam West (my Избранное Бэтмен and my Избранное mayor).

Princess Anna came into the living room with excitement. Anna screamed "Elsa! Elsa!"
Queen Elsa сказал(-а) "What's up Anna?"
Anna happily сказал(-а) "I have big news. Gotham City's 2 most dangerous villains have come to our city."
Elsa сказал(-а) "You seem oddly excited about that."
Anna сказал(-а) "Oh I sure am. Since Gotham's villains are here that means that Gotham's hero is also coming."
Elsa сказал(-а) "Do Ты mean Batman?"
Anna jokingly said...
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posted by deedragongirl
 Makes my Day!
Makes my Day!
Hi guys, I had FINALLY seen this film after I heard the news that all of the Дисней Princesses will be making a cameo in the sequel. So, here is my review the film!

The Story-Line

I am actually a Фан of video games from young in the likes of Super Mario Brothers, Sonic the Hedgehog and Angry Birds. Only Sonic and улица, уличный Fighters made a cameo appearance in this film.
So, this film came out just 1 год before Холодное сердце and I thought it was like foreshadow to the fame film, because the Название character was being misunderstood as a bad guy like Elsa was being misunderstood as a monster by the Duke...
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posted by Alanaprincess
the city of san francokyo was different and the reason it was...was because of a team....big hero 6

hiro and the gang just got out of a mundane день at nerd school to hear about chaos

happening right Далее to their location

"yeah....finally something that's not homework"fred shouted

"guys go"said Gogo

the team and hiro gave a signal to baymax to take them to the super villan's location

as the team arived the location and saw a a high луч, рэй of огонь in the sky and it seemed to be from a building so honey started detecting "baymax can Ты scan if there us some one inside"said hiro

"yes hiro...there is one...
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 The Автор
The Author
Hi guys, I have been listening to Oliver Twist audio-book a couple of nights ago. An idea has strike me once again with some suggestions!

1. Oliver Twist

I know that Дисней had make Oliver & Company back in 1988, but if they base it on the Популярное musical 'Oliver!'. It would a great idea, don't Ты agree?

2. Great Expectations

Another wonderful suggestion that represents redemption, it was like Les Miserables. It ends with a Happy Ending as well!

3. David Copperfield

The story is quite similar to Great Expectations, the story is about young David who also learns to be gentlemen and overcome many obstacles along the way. He finds true happiness in the end!

4. A Tale of Two Cities

So the story is 90% similar to Les Miserables, as the story is sets during the French Revolution. It deals with sacrificial Любовь and overcome with obstacles!

Great Idea?

So, do Ты agree with these 4 choices? If Ты have more, go ahead and suggest!!!
 Work in Progress.
Work in Progress.
posted by deedragongirl
 Lovely artwork!!
Lovely artwork!!
Hi guys, I remember growing up watching this film and it has always been part of my childhood. What Ты are going to read is my review and personal opinions about the film, enjoy!

The Story

From what I had read, Lewis Carroll based this story on Alice Liddell, who is the namesake protagonist of the film. I managed to read the book a few years назад and the story was very whimsical and it eerily reminds me of the Harry Potter Series!

The Acting

Now, don't get me wrong, I was really amazed by Kathryn Beaumont's Актёрское искусство as this was her major film as I know for a fact that she acted in minor roles previously....
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posted by deedragongirl
 Quasimodo, where are you?
Quasimodo, where are you?
Hi guys, since I had not touch this film and I would Любовь to write a movie review on the 1996 animated feature.

The Story

As mentioned in an earlier Статья here that I wrote, the original story was dark and to make it family-friendly. Дисней decided to tone down the story, especially about both Frollo's and Quasimodo's origins.
Laverne, Victor and Hugo provide comic relief throughout the movie and their names are a tribute (or shall I say, pun?) to the original author, Victor Hugo.

The Songs & Musical Scores

Alan Menken once сказал(-а) this musical score is best, and I have to agree with him....
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Notes: Холодное сердце is not created and owned by me. This is a remake of a Фан fiction that I made months ago. This is a story for both Fanpop and Fanfiction.net.

The kingdom floor was messy. Anna had left lots of stuff on the floor. Elsa almost tripped. Elsa walked to Anna, looking mad. Elsa was wearing a light blue рубашка and purple pants.

Anna was wearing a purple рубашка and розовый pants. Anna сказал(-а) "Hi Elsa. What's up?"

Elsa сказал(-а) "Anna I have told Ты tons of time not to leave your stuff all over the floor."

Anna сказал(-а) "It's not all over the floor. I'm sure there are a few spots that don't have stuff on...
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 Ты guys rock!
You guys rock!
Hi guys, I thought that I would like to write some suggestions of Дисней is going to make a film that a movie featuring all of Elsa's international Пение voices.

1) Care Bear-Like Film

I watched the Care медведь movie many years ago, and I think that the film should take inspiration from this film! The story will be about a young protagonists who is trying to find his или her happiness with the help of the Актрисы themselves.

2) Detective Film

It would be interesting to feature all of them to help the main protagonists to solve the biggest mystery in the film's event, I'm a Фан of Agatha Christie's Poirot and Miss Marple, so the film will definitely work out!

3) A Famous Musical

They could base the story on a famous musical with a little twist, it would be interesting and something different for Disney.

Which Will It Be?

So, do Ты agree with these choices? Anymore suggestions?
This is my submission for the Фан made Дисней films contest. This film is a sequel to the 1951 Alice in Wonderland film. This film takes place years after the 1951 film. In this film Alice is 18.


Alice is 18 so she's a adult, but she still feels like a kid at heart. Since this film takes place years after the 1951 film she's taller and wears a розовый dress. Her older sister is impatient for Alice to act like a grown up. Alice gets stressed out so she runs and accidentally knocks into her bedroom door.

Alice wakes up in Wonderland, but it looks different. The place doesn't look as magical....
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posted by deedragongirl
 The moment!
The moment!
Hi everyone, I will write down a few ballet suggestions on whether или not Дисней could adapt them или not. It would also be great to make the Музыка to incorporate with the film like Sleeping Beauty.

1. The Nutcracker

This story should be good for a Рождество release, I absolutely Любовь the Музыка by Tchaikovsky. In fact, some of Музыка from this ballet are feature in 1940's Fantasia. So it would be great for Дисней to make their own version of the ballet!

2. Giselle

I had seen this ballet last месяц with a local Ipoh Ballet School did this show, the story is very sad but I Любовь Дисней will take the...
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