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Hello everyone,
this is my new article.

120 competitors fighting over who is the Избранное of the год 2010.

on this occasion I put my 120 Дисней figures, there were some characters that were repeated because it was two figures in a different presentation.

On this occasion, they also invited other Дисней characters as they so chose.

know the results.

1. Mulan
2. Ariel
3. Jasmine
4. Jane 1
5. Aurora

6. Anastasia
7. Jane 2
8. Belle 2
9. Minnie Mouse
10. Megara
11. Tiana 1

12. Esmeralda
13. Giselle
14. Cinderella
15. Maleficent
16. Snow white
17. Boo
18. Pocahontas 2
19 Pocahontas 1
20 Charlotte

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First of all, this is not my Избранное villains list. I just got bored and decided to make one. Now, here is my honorable mentions!

Honorable Mention: Yzma, The Emperor's New Groove.
She's a villain, but the only thing super evil is making fun and using Kronk. I mean yeah, she tried to murder Kuzco, but he kinda deserved it in the beginning of the movie. o-o

Honorable Mention: Shan Yu, Mulan
I almost put him on this list. Then, I realized, he is not EVIL. He's creepy as crap, but not evil. He just wanted to rule China, and imo,that isn't evil. Ruling China would be a plus. xD

Honorable Mention: The...
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My first Статья here and I decided to start off by listing my вверх 10 Избранное Дисней Intros from animated movies, hope you'll like this Статья :)

10. The Jungle Book

I'm not a big Фан of the movie, but the intro is amazing, it doesn't feel boring to listen to and I Любовь how we get to see so many places that we get to see later on and the Музыка is nice to listen to. I also Любовь how it begins with the book opening instead of the intro credits:


9. Dumbo

I couldn't find a video with the Музыка from the intro (the closest was the scene afterwards), but if Ты ever find that scene or...
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And, by royal command, every eligible maiden is to attend!
Why, that's us!
And I'm so eligible!
Why, that means I can go too!
Hah! Her, dancing with the Prince. [laughing]
[mocking Cinderella] I'd be honored, Your Highness. [holds out her flute] Would Ты mind holding my broom? [both waltz in place, laughing derisively]
enhance! (0) LOL (0) win (0) :-( (0) wtf (0) cute 0 LADY TREMAINE
Drizella? Drizella.
Mmm? What?
Get up. Quick, this instant. We haven't a moment to lose. [goes into Anastasia's room]...
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I should have expected that this one would be one of the first requests. To say it upfront: Between Victor Hugo’s two “big” novels, I tend to gravitate еще towards Les Misérables, mainly because Notre Dame de Paris is so downright depressive. Oh, both Книги delve deep into the social injustices of their time and the darkness of the human soul. But I think that Les Misérables is the еще sophisticated take of those two, much clearer in the message it is trying to tell with much еще relatable characters in it.
Notre Dame de Paris is from a literature historic angle the еще important...
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Chapter 2—Tramp’s Truth Revealed

    Scamp jumped up in surprise. “Angel, Ты mean… Ты had a mother?”
    “Yes,” Энджел told Scamp with a slightly upset tone in her voice. “She’s my mother, Peg. I haven’t seen her in months. She raised me until I found my first family, but then we got Остаться в живых when I got dumped.”
    “Oh,” Scamp stated, comprehending what was going on.
    “Sorry I didn’t see Ты after, sweetie. It ain’t easy bein’ a улица, уличный dog, Ты must’ve learned that by now,” Peg...
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The villain does his best to give his worst, and Walt Дисней Анимация Studios are no exception. Good cannot triumph without evil. In 51 Дисней classics, they have brought to life some rogues who will go down in history. On the following pages, we pay tribute to some famous characters who did not win, however hard they tried.

1. Witch-Walt Disney's most famous and terrifying witch made her debut in "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs" in 1937, the academy award winning story about the Queen who turns into a witch and offers her stepdaughter a poisoned яблоко because she is jealous of her youth...
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This is actually a sequel that's better than the original. It has a better plot and еще character development. The songs in the original are bland and very forgettable; in fact, the only one that anyone really remembers is Bella Notte. Scamp's Adventure has many upbeat, epic, and memorable songs. Plus, the Анимация is much better than the original, obviously due to the improvement of Анимация over time.

Scamp is a better character than Tramp. Despite their similarities, Scamp has qualities which make him better. He's much еще relatable. He experiences teenage angst with his want for independence....
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Here's another вверх 10 Список of mine, this time it's about my Избранное Дисней Animated Couples. Hope you'll Любовь this Статья :)

10. Duchess and Tomas O Malley

I Любовь their first meeting, it's an unexpected meeting, but not in a bad way. I also Любовь that even though they Любовь each other they aren't very romantic with each other, but they're еще than best friends. I also Любовь that Tomas O Malley says twice in the movie how pretty Duchess's eyes are, he also mentions both of the times that they look like safires.

9. Rapunzel and Flynn

This is the only computer animated couple to be on...
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35 Фильмы = 35Teams.

The result of each movie depend of their characters.

1.Beauty and the Beast 61pts

2.Aladdin 60pts
3.Princess and the frog 57pts
4.The Lion King 51pts
5.Hercules 50 pts
6.The Sleepy Beauty 48pts
7.The little Mermaid 47pts
8.Mulan 46pts
9.Monster Inc. 45pts
10.Toy Story 45pts
11.Anastasia 45pts
12.Cinderella 44pts
13.Tarzan 44pts
14.Mickey мышь 43pts
15.Lady and the tramp 43pts
16.Nemo 41pts
17. 101 Dalmatians 39pts
18.Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs 38pts
19.Winnie the Pooh 37pts
20.Peter Pan 35pts
21.The Emperor's New Groove 35pts
22.Alice in Wonderland.34pts
23.Pocahontas 34pts
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posted by Persephone713
 newest couple -gets вверх spot
newest couple -gets top spot
some are shipped some are canon to the Фильмы :)

1.Lady and Tramp

2.Perdita and Pongo

3.Raja and Shere Khan

4.Duchess and Thomas O'Malley

5.Juju and Kaa

6.Pom Pom and Lucifer

7.Faline and Bambi

8.Si & Am and Flotsam & Jetsam

9. Энджел and Scamp

10. Nala and Simba


1. Gaston and Vanessa ( Vain and Good looking)

2. Jafar and Maleficent( a staff and a bird)

3. Horned King and Evil Queen

4. Stromboli and Ursula( need a diet)

5. Judge Claude Frollo and Mother Gothel( keep their " children" locked up)

6. Edgar and Wicked Stepmother( both want royalties/privileges they cant have)

7. Dr.Facilier...
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 Captain Hook, Peter Pan
Captain Hook, Peter Pan
It's The Villains' Gallery. You'll find someone who is your favourite. They're waiting for you. They're evil indeed. If Ты look, There's Captain Hook, Hades, The Evil Queen, Ursula and Maleficent Dragon. I thought Ты might like this Gallery because Дисней Villains your favourites. Enjoy looking at the pictures. Captain Hook from Peter Pan had Остаться в живых his left hand and The крокодил bit off his. Now Hook wants revenge. He orders TigerLilly to tell him where the hiding place of Peter Pan is. Then he kidnaps the kids. He has a first mate, Smee. Hades from Hercules is the evil lord of the underworld. He plans to kill Hercules. The Evil Queen from Snow White is Snow White's evil stepmother. She plans to kill Snow White. She turns into the wicked witch. Then she gives Snow White a poisioned apple. Ursula from The Little Mermaid is the sea witch. She steals Ariel's voice. Maleficent Dragon from Sleeping Beauty battles against Prince Philip.
 Hades, Hercules
Hades, Hercules
 The Evil Queen, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
The Evil Queen, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
 Ursula, The Little Mermaid
Ursula, The Little Mermaid
 Maleficent Dragon, Sleeping Beauty
Maleficent Dragon, Sleeping Beauty
10. Anna

I think she's really pretty! I really like that her hair is so shiny and she has such pretty hairstyles! I also Любовь her face shape because it's round, but not too round.Plus her glittering blue eyes are priceless and so are her long eyelashes. I think her rosy cheeks, freckles, and tiny nose are just adorable! I just wish her clothes complimented her nice body more, but that's the only complaint I have.

9. Alice

Wow she is REALLY pretty. I Любовь her thick, fluffy bright blonde hair and adorable but realistic facial structure. Her eyes are a strong blue color that really stand...
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posted by KataraLover
Эй, guys this it where I come back into the story and tell Ты what I'm going to do. This is a very long chapter so I might have to skip some parts but still tell Ты basically what happened. That's the fun part of being the nararator Ты get to fast foward through the garbage Ты don't wanna see. Anyway to the point lets see the first sad part in this chapter, the mothers unset over their missing children. Lady and Perdita are moping in the house worrying about the kids. Tramp and Pongo hate to see them like this and try to talk to them.

"Girls! Come on don't be sad, we hate Ты being so sad"...
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Taking advantage of my free vacation time and that I'm desperate to have something to do, I decided to make this Статья at last(:
Totally inspired by KataraLover. I was planning to do this with my 20 Избранное heroes, but although I like every heroe, they are just 16 that I REALLY love. Also I don’t hate anyone, really I’m so boring, I like everyone!
Warning: if you're a guy или something I recommend Ты to be extremely careful... read this Статья under your own risk 'cause you'll see Дисней Герои through the eyes of a female fan. Sorry I can't help it is in my nature *-*
Special thanks to...
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 I suppose Ты want a kiss,kissing would be nice yes
I suppose you want a kiss,kissing would be nice yes
Ok this is an update of another Статья similar to this.

#10 Tarzan

A young orphan is adopted by gorillas who raised him up as the king of the jungle.

Sorry that this is in my bottom Список but that doesn’t mean that I hate it или anything. Tarzan which is a 1999 movie from Walt Дисней tells the story about a young boy who is raised by gorilla’s who Остаться в живых their baby who died from a leopard who also killed the young boy’s parents who dies the same день as the gorilla‘s baby. With great Анимация and Музыка from Phil Collins Tarzan is definetly the best movie to end the Дисней renaissance.

#9 Snow...
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Looking at just my Facebook page, I see people putting pictures of Snowmen they made themselves called Olaf and еще than a few people have their Профиль picture или their background picture be some artwork of Elsa. On Tumblr, a drinking game of taking a shot every time someone bashes Hans, или does artwork of the two princesses will result in death from Alcohol poisoning. During the Polar Vortex, Elsa jokes began to be cracked all over the country. Covers of "Let it Go" are flooding the internet. It had the third most successful box office opening weekend, sold еще albums than Бейонсе on Itunes,...
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 Animated Cruella De Vil (1961)
Animated Cruella De Vil (1961)
A while after Roger and Anita have married and settled down together, Perdita, Anita's dalmatian, hears the screech of Cruella's car outside, and runs to the кухня to hide from 'that devil woman'. Looking out of the window, Roger sees that Cruella, whom he refers to as Anita's old schoolmate, is coming towards the house. As she approaches the front door, Roger sings less-than-flattering song about Cruella; Anita attempts to stop Roger for fear that Cruella might hear. Roger goes upstairs and uses various musical instruments to play the tune to the song when Cruella bursts in, demanding to...
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10. Tiana
Out of all the Princesses, she definately bugs me the most. She is boring, crabby, is no fun, and has no personality. I doubt she even knows what laughter is. But I will say that she is very pretty and has an amazing Пение voice.

9. Snow White
I know a lot of people don't like her, but I don't mind her at all. Her voice does get annoying sometimes, but I think she's cute! But she's at 9th place because she dosn't do anything really productive, and she was dumb enough to take Еда from a stranger.

8. Aurora
I personally think that Aurora is one of the most beautiful princesses. I like...
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posted by fhghu
Please, no mean comments. This is just MY opinion. Anyways, I'm going to include sequels as well, because I like her in one of the sequels, and I'd like to explain why. In The Little Mermaid, I think she has a fun personality, but that's the only thing I like about her in the first film. She knew Ursula was evil, and she went to her anyway and was told she had THREE days to win her prince over. I thought that was incredibly risky, even though we all knew she'd win him over. It's Disney. I also thought it was selfish to leave her family behind like that, and at the age of 16. I just think she's...
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