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Now, just by Чтение the title, you're probably thinking "great, another Elsa hate article", but trust me it's nothing like that.

I thought Elsa was a great deuteragonist, despite how much her Фаны ruin her for me, but I think it would still be amazing if Дисней had kept their original idea and made her a villain. She just has so much potential! She has good motives, she could send a good message about redemption and I think she would be one of the most developed and unique villain Дисней could ever make.

I think Anna and Elsa's relationship would be much еще realistic if Elsa had been...
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posted by mountaindewman
So, as Ты know. There is a fine line between the good and bad of Дисней Channel . And at the end this месяц a spin off of Jessie and A Дисней original movie are what i have to review ....... yippie. So where does a extremely Последнее Показать of Дисней Channel fit in the border? I don't like it. ........... at all. Actaully, i hate it .

First of all , What the fuck is up with the motherfucking camera ? Is it high?!!? What kind of бык shit reason is the for Ты to constantly shake the fucking camera?! This is one of the worst cliches there are!

Second of all, Damn, the characters are bland as hell!...
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posted by Pyjamarama
Mickey: Ok. Everybody, now it's time for a change of pace.
Cruella De Vil: Lights out.
Jafar: Take a hike, chickies.
Cruella De Vil: Oh, Хэллоуин at the House of Mouse, all treats and no tricks.
Cruella De Vil: If this were my house, I'd run things differently
Ursula: Add a splash of evil?
Captain Hook: Pillage and Plunger?
Sykes: Make this house lots of money?
Frollo: Arrest the criminals?
Iago: Blah, blah, blah. Every год it's the same thing...
Iago: ...all talk and no play, what a bunch of dull villains.
Jafar: Well, this год will be different,
[Jafar holds a small hourglass]
Jafar: I've got a trick...
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I would have loved to do a Список of my Избранное Дисней Movies, but it would be too hard to do so I decided to only make a Список of my Избранное Дисней Classics, hope you'll enjoy it

20. Lilo & Stitch

I'm not a big Фан of science fiction movies, but this is probably the best one, it has great characters, great story and great songs and I Любовь how there are both original songs like Hawian Roller Coaster Ride, but also classic songs like Burning Любовь and some of those classic songs are sung by Elvis Presly.

19. The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

For coming from the Renaissance era this movie...
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[after falling into the alligator pit]
Yzma: Why do we even *have* that lever?

Yzma: Are Ты talking to that squirrel?
Kronk: I was a junior chipmunk, uh, and I had to be versed in all the woodland creatures.
[to squirrel]
Kronk: Please continue.
[squirrel talks to Kronk]
Yzma: [walking away] Why me? Why me? Why me? Why...?
Kronk: Hey, it doesn't always have to be about you. This poor little guy's had it rough. Seems a talking гуанако, лама, ламы gave him a hard time the other day.
[Yzma rushes over to them]
Yzma: Oh, a talking llama? Do tell.
[squirrel whispers to Kronk]
Kronk: Uh, he doesn't really wanna...
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posted by Pyjamarama
 Best Voiceover Ever!
Best Voiceover Ever!
As Ты know, John Sachs is my favourite classic voiceover and he narrated all the Walt Дисней Главная Video previews. John Sachs (born 1957) is a British Телевидение presenter, voiceover and commentator known for his narration on the original series of Gladiators and as a long time DJ on London's 95.8 CapitalFM.

Sachs has been involved in the entertainment industry for the past 25 years. He has been a radio and Телевидение broadcaster for 17 years with 12 of those years spent on Capital FM, where he won numerous awards, namely Variety Club ILR Presenter of the years and Silver at the World Radio...
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 Jeremy Irons as Scar
Jeremy Irons as Scar
Jeremy John Irons (born 19 September 1948) is an English actor. After receiving classical training at the Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, Irons began his Актёрское искусство career on stage in 1969, and has since appeared in many Лондон theatre productions including The Winter's Tale, Macbeth, Much Ado About Nothing, The Taming of the Shrew, Godspell and Richard II. In 1984, he made his Broadway debut in Tom Stoppard's The Real Thing and received a Tony Award for Best Actor.

Irons's first major film role came in the 1981 romantic drama The French Lieutenant's Woman, for which he received a BAFTA nomination...
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 Jafar (1992-1994)
Jafar (1992-1994)
In Aladdin, Jafar is introduced as the sinister Grand Vizier to Agrabah's Sultan who desires power over Agrabah and lusts over the Sultan's beautiful daughter, Princess Jasmine. He is the секунда most powerful authority in Agrabah, answering only to the Sultan. He is always accompanied by his sarcastic, devious pet parrot, Iago.
Whilst presenting a charming and respectable exterior to the Sultan and the people of Agrabah, he secretly holds everyone around him in contempt and manipulates the Sultan by means of hypnotizing him with a magical snake-headed staff, which he always carries on his person....
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#1Nala♥-Love her green/blue eyes,her figure and her voice in "Can Ты feel the Любовь tonight ?".

#2Vixei♥-Live her look !!!She looks very sexy.She has very cute eyes.

#3Lady♥-She is very cute and inteligent.Love her walk and smile.

#4Faline♥-She is so sweet!Love the way she kissed Bambi it was very cute.

#5Dixie♥-I don`t care she was bitchy,she is very beautiful.I like her hairstyle.

#6Duchess♥-She have eyes like perls and i Любовь the color of her fur.

#7Angel♥-One of the cuttest Собаки ever!She is lovely there is no way to not Любовь her smile.

#8Perdita♥-She is not one of my Избранное characters,but i have to admit it she is very beautiful.She was very skinny,but i like her body.

Agree with my opinion?
Chapter 3—Hotel Disaster

    In a fairly nearby hotel, there was another family that was also having problems. The famed Dalmatian Plantation owners in Britain, Roger and Anita Radcliffe, were also planning on sending some of their many Щенки to the dog Показать in New England. Crossing the Atlantic, Roger and Anita brought along their adults Pongo and Perdita, and five of their puppies, now in their adolescence aboard the ship for a week. Their cook, Nanny, stayed at Главная to take care of their others.
    When the five of them got to America, Roger and...
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Recently I've been making character countdown Опросы dedicated to each Дисней movie, this is the countdown info for "The лиса, фокс and the Hound" (the first movie only).


11. барсук

10. Amos Slade

9. Chief

8. Porcupine

7. Dinky

6. Boomer

5. Vixey

4. Big Mama

3. Willow Tweed

2. Tod

1. Copper

posted by Mrbiskit
Note: Alice in Wonderland is not created and owned by me. This is a story for this website and Fanfiction.net.

Alice saw Tarrant dressed as a lifeguard and сказал(-а) "Hi Tarrant. What's going on?"

Tarrant сказал(-а) "I'm working on a experiment involving hats."

Alice сказал(-а) "I don't understand what you're talking about."

Tarrant сказал(-а) "I'm used to hearing that. I'm trying to make hats that can float in water which is why I'm going to be a lifeguard today."

Alice сказал(-а) "I didn't know that there was a pool nearby."

Tarrant сказал(-а) "It's been around since 1865. I have an idea."

Alice сказал(-а) "What?"

Tarrant сказал(-а) "You should...
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posted by BuddyBoy600alt
 Marsupilami Название
Marsupilami Title
Marsupilami is an 90's Дисней cartoon character. He was introduced on Disney's Raw Toonage back in 1992. Marsupilami is yellow, spotted. long-tail marsupial who lives in the jungle with his gorilla friend, Maurice. Maurice is a silent purple gorilla in a розовый рубашка who always grunts and burps. Even though Maurice does not speak, His visual effects are by Jim Cummings. Their main villain is Norman. Also, Marsupilami does speak (and does not only say "HOUBA!") The thing is I think Marsupilami is еще fun than "Wander Over Yonder", или Timon and Pumbaa. BTW, Marsupilami will always be my 90's Дисней Icon. Because he is so awesome, Especially his tail. I Любовь how he can do anything with his tail.
 Thank You, Steve Mackall for giving us the voice of Marsupilami.
Thank You, Steve Mackall for giving us the voice of Marsupilami.
posted by disneyworld007
*All Credit to Melinz on Sporcle. Link- link

Snow White; It's okay to shack up with 7 men in a secluded forrest while your boyfriend is out trying to find you
Cinderella; Just let your evil stepsisters and stepmother order Ты around. You'll end up happy.
Wendy;Taking 'pixie dust' from a boy in green tights in order to fly is always a good idea.
Aurora;Find your true Любовь by falling asleep and waiting for him to find and Kiss you.
Ariel;Modifying your body and moving away from your family to marry a sailor at age 16 is completely acceptable.
Belle; Don't just use your household appliances, talk to...
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 The Дисней songs we all know and love.
The Disney songs we all know and love.
My вверх 50 Дисней Songs

This is the секунда part to my вверх 100 Дисней songs, but instead of calling it part 2 I thought I'd give it a different name altogether. I hope Ты like my Список and I hope many of Ты will agree with the songs I've chose. I have changed the songs around about 662 times, so some of the Список may change. So here it is, my вверх 50 Дисней songs. Sorry if Ты don't agree and enjoy!

Cinderella - Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo
'Put 'em together and what have Ты got..' - A fun magical song that always has me Пение and dancing along. It always gets me in a good mood whenever I hear it....
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posted by puppygirl12114
As we all know, the Дисней version of the Little Mermaid is described as amazing and has a happy ending, but there is an extremely dark side to this story. So dark that Дисней had to change a lot of details in the original story. Of course, if they showed what exactly happened in that book, I think they would be getting a lot of angry parent phone calls about how they scarred their child for life and they're going to sue them and all that stuff. Well, since a lot of people have not read the original book, I am going to share the story with Ты today. Maybe you'll want to find the book and...
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posted by Diazdiaz95
Ты know how high school yearbooks have senior superlatives, well I'm putting a Дисней twist on it. Комментарий on what Ты think.

Nicest Couple: Anna and Kristoff
I mean just look at them. Aren't they such a nice couple. They match each other well but aren't the typical Дисней couple. I also happen to like both of them a lot. Honorable Mention: Rapunzel and Flynn, Bernard and Bianca, The Potatoheads, Eve and Wall-e, Carl and Ellie, The couple from Paper Man, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, etc.

Most Artistic: Rapunzel
Could anyone beat her. She paints, plays guitar, sews dresses, does ballet, makes...
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Майли Сайрус
Miley Cyrus
Does your dad ever embarrass Ты on the set?

MC: Oh, yeah! When we're doing фото shoots или something he'll just yell out things I wouldn't want anyone to know. Just Болталка stuff. "Remember that time when Ты were a kid?" That kind of stuff. But it's funny. It breaks the ice. It makes everyone smile. If it takes embarrassing me to make everyone happy I'll take it.

MM: Do Ты do your own Пение on the show?

MC: I do. All the songs that are in the show, even the theme song, will all be me singing. I recorded eight или nine songs already. Nine episodes, nine songs.

MM: Will Ты do a soundtrack...
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This is my opinion on the best Дисней couples. I didn't include CGI couples if I did Динь-Динь and Terence would be here. I think some of these couples are underrated and don't get much attention because some of the other couples. I'm thinking about doing my 5 least Избранное Дисней couples, so if Ты think I should please tell me. Please leave a Комментарий saying what Ты think, enjoy.

10.Taran and Eilonwy
 The Black Cauldon
The Black Cauldon

What can I say? I'm basically obsessed with The Black Cauldron that it's in almost all of my articles. Anyway this is a Любовь that they didn't even expect. They thought...
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The Lion King - $783,841,776
Tangled - $576,341,791
Aladdin - $504,050,219
Tarzan - $448,191,819
Beauty And The Beast - $377,350,553
Dinosaur - $349,822,765
Pocahontas - $346,079,773
The Hunchback of Notre Dame - $325,338,851
Chicken Little - $314,432,837
Bolt - $309,979,994
Mulan - $304,320,254
Lilo & Stitch - $273,144,151
Bambi - $267,447,150
The Princess and the Frog - $267,045,765
Hercules - $252,712,101
Brother медведь - $250,397,798
One Hundred And One Dalmatians - $215,880,014
The Little Mermaid - $211,343,479
The Jungle Book - $205,843,612
Atlantis: The Остаться в живых Empire - $186,053,725
Snow White And The Seven...
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