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 Mickey мышь Обои
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Mickey мышь wallpaper.
Микки Маус
Chapter 3—Hotel Disaster

    In a fairly nearby hotel, there was another family that was also having problems. The famed Dalmatian Plantation owners in Britain, Roger and Anita Radcliffe, were also planning on sending some of their many Щенки to the dog Показать in New England. Crossing the Atlantic, Roger and Anita brought along their adults Pongo and Perdita, and five of their puppies, now in their adolescence aboard the ship for a week. Their cook, Nanny, stayed at Главная to take care of their others.
    When the five of them got to America, Roger and...
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Recently I've been making character countdown Опросы dedicated to each Дисней movie, this is the countdown info for "The лиса, фокс and the Hound" (the first movie only).


11. барсук

10. Amos Slade

9. Chief

8. Porcupine

7. Dinky

6. Boomer

5. Vixey

4. Big Mama

3. Willow Tweed

2. Tod

1. Copper

Sultan: Prince Ali Ababwa! Of course! I'm delighted to meet you.
[he shakes Aladdin's hand]
Sultan: This is my royal vizier, Jafar. He's delighted, too.
Jafar: [*very* dryly] Ecstatic.

[Iago is powering a mystic device by foot power]
Iago: With all due respect, Your Rottenness, couldn't we just wait for a *real* storm?
Jafar: Save your breath, Iago. Faster!
[he inserts the Sultan's ring into the вверх of the hourglass]
Iago: Yes, O Mighty Evil One!
[he pedals the device faster]

Jafar: How many times do I have to kill you, boy?

Genie: [turns into a cheerleader] Rick 'em, rack 'em, rock 'em, rake!...
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 Here's some Disneyness. Yes, that's a word.
Here's some Disneyness. Yes, that's a word.
I, for one, absolutely adore Disney. My favourite film is a Дисней film. My favourite character is a Дисней character. My fanart is always Дисней fanart. There is not a part of my house that is free from obsession. So I decided to sit down, think it out and finally stress over putting them all in an order - my вверх 10 favourite Дисней movies. This is going to take some definite kicking and screaming, but whatever.
Yes, I swear. Deal with it, because I'm not going to stop doing it. I don't care if Ты think it's "wrong" and "limits vocabulary" because that's the biggest piece of fucking bullshit...
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Диснеевские принцессы
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scamp's adventure
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