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 Jessica Biel is Pocahontas
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Джессика Бил
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Sorry for getting this up so late. But good news is I got it up!

Congratulations on being the first winner of the Дисней Club's Фан of the Month! Ты may know how this works alright, I'll message Ты some Вопросы (All of them Дисней related) and Ты just give me your answer for the Статья I write about you.
>First one
How does it feel to be Фан of the Month?
I feel surprised! I don't even know that I win it. Thank Ты everyone who voted me.

Favorite Animated Movie? (No Pixar)

Well, actually my Избранное movie is Cars <333. That's why I'm LightningRed. Okay, for non-Pixar movie, my...
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Most of Ты knows I'm a big Фан of Snow White so I decided to write different lists where she's number 1, but now I'll give other characters the spotlight. It was suggested by Swanpride so thank Ты for giving me this idea though she suggested that I would write a вверх ten Список of something I had already done, but I decided to put my избранное together :)

Favorite Дисней Heroine: Maid Marian
Such an underrated, but great character. She's not supposed to be the main character in her movie so I don't mind her lack of screentime too much

Favorite Дисней Movie: Bambi
This movie has such beautiful animation...
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Ch. 18- Поиск for the Puppies

The five parents decided to Поиск near Tony’s restaurant thoroughly, looking through the corners and alleyways. After looking through every pile of dirt and every garbage can in the area, they couldn’t find any of their Щенки anywhere.
    “We have to do something else,” Lady stated firmly. “Any ideas?”
    “Well,” Pongo answered, “There’s always the Twilight Bark.”
    “What is the…” Lady asked, but Perdita intervened. “This isn’t London, Pongo… are Ты sure there is...
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It's been three days since the kids were sick. It's morning and I got up and looked through my magic book to find a way to change them back. I got up at 8:00 and I was looking at it for an час so I decided to go make breakfast. However it turns out the kids were in there the кухня and in their PJ's, but surprisingly they made breakfast.

"We made Ты breakfast" сказал(-а) Scamp with a big smile.

"When did Ты kids learn how to cook" I asked.

"We read it from this book on how to cook" сказал(-а) Patch.

"What would Ты like to drink" asked Энджел with a big smile.

Now I'm suspisious! No child does all this for...
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Дисней has been around for along time and everyone's grandparents have probaly watched it.I remeber watching when I was younger, watching all these old old shows that are never on anymore. The classical Дисней shows are the best, mickey and mini, and all the rest and everything. Дисней is a child favorite, but not only do little kids watch it, grandparents watch it, parent, older brothers или sisters, cousins, friends, teachers, everyone does.Even teenagers have watched it at 16 and under even older than 16. Дисней is a Главная favorite. No one can ever forget Mickey mouse. Walt Дисней died remebering...
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Фан video
little mermaid
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Ch. 21- I Think Ты Have… Graduated

    Though they have already been caught, the siren that started with the fence being turned off continued to ring. Cruella, from her bedroom, opened up the door slightly for Horace and Jasper. They entered, and she exclaimed to them, “It’s time for Ты to go to the post office and seize my weapon.”
“Why can’t Ты go?” Horace asked.
“Yeah, if Ты don’t like the way we do it,” Jasper added.
“I have to watch the puppies, Ты idiots!” Cruella declared. “You two mess up all the time with that task, so I have to watch...
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