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Source: Ariel, Cinderella, and Belle
Slave in the magic mirror,

come from the farthest space,

...through wind and darkness

I summon thee.


Let me see thy face.

What wouldst thou know,

my Queen?

Magic mirror on the wall,

who is the fairest one of all?

Famed is thy beauty, Majesty.

But hold, a lovely maid I see.

Rags cannot hide her gentle grace.

Alas, she is еще fair than thee.

Alas for her!

Reveal her name.

Lips red as the rose.

Hair black as ebony.

Skin white as snow.

Snow White!

Take her far into the forest.

Find some secluded glade

where she can pick wildflowers.

Yes, Your Majesty.

And there,

my faithful...
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I know it's taken me a while to actually make this Статья but I've just Остаться в живых track of time. By the time I remember that I have to make it, it's too late and I'm in bed. These are the only Дисней villians I actually like, my вверх 10 are the ones I really love. In a few cases there are actually some villians that are my Избранное characters in their movie, which is odd because I usually prefer the hero или heroine in the story. Villians that aren't in this Список I don't like them at all and they're lame. Villian sidekicks aren't included in here of course. Please leave a Комментарий telling what you...
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Now this is just my point of view, but I find it a little bit ironic that one of the most realistically portrayed Дисней females comes in the shape of a pixie! When it comes to typical proportions, the average woman can еще easily identify with a winged sprite?! I mean, not everybody has a beautiful hourglass figure! Having somebody who is a little bottom-heavy is comforting.

While Tinker колокол, колокольчик, белл does have a super-skinny waist, she is the only Дисней female I have seen whose lower body is not exactly proportionate to her upper body.
When I realized this, it made me feel so much better...
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 This one was rather passionate not to mention disturbing with the Музыка
This one was rather passionate not to mention disturbing with the music
I was going to add this to the Дисней Princess spot but I decided not to because I could get into an argument with some fellow Фан pop users who mightn’t agree with this article. So enjoy and tell me what Ты think about it and rate.

#7 Pocahontas & John Smith’s kiss: The first one was so passionate and the секунда one was adorable but too short. It only lasted like 30 secs.

#6 Tiana & Naveen’s kiss: The first one was cute but the секунда one was just a quick peck on the lips and they started dancing around the roof as if they were drunk LOL. Not passionate and too short.

#5 Snow...
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Here are the hottest Дисней heroines, in my opinion.

Treasure Planet
 "I'm a hot mom."
"I'm a hot mom."

Pretty hot for an animated mom, Ты gotta admit. Her voice is kind of sexy too.

Beauty and the Beast
 "I'm a hot nerd."
"I'm a hot nerd."

Really gorgeous, looks best with hair down and soaking wet.

The Little Mermaid
 "I'm a hot mermaid."
"I'm a hot mermaid."

Hot, nice body. Only sometimes her hair is overpowering that it detracts from her в общем и целом, общая appeal.

 "I'm a hotter mom."
"I'm a hotter mom."

I've always found her to be extremely sexy. Too bad she gets ripped...
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 Ariel's Sisters: WHY AREN'T WE ON HERE, Me: Because your all SO UGLY
Ariel's Sisters: WHY AREN'T WE ON HERE, Me: Because your all SO UGLY
Okay I remake this because of a few changes and because I learned how to work the pictures. Anyway because of the 20 pictures I'm not going to talk much about numbers 30-21 and they're not going to have they're own individual pictures. This Список will have heroines, villianesses, and supporting girls.

Mysterious person: I shall tell Ты the fairest one of all

Me: Who the heck is that

30.Madame Mim only when she turns beautiful because as she сказал(-а) it's only skin deep because she's really an ugly old hag.(Villianess)

29.Tiana's friend that wanted Tiana to go danceing while she's not that special...
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The Song of Мулан is a famous ballad about a heroine of the Northern Dynasties. In this ballad, this heroine is called Mulan. But people always call her Hua Mulan. And in 1998 Hollywood made an animated cartoon Hua Mulan. But this cartoon is a light program, so it can’t Показать a real Mulan. I have seen a movie Joan of Arc which directed by Luc Besson, and this movie hurted seriously the image of a herine that I have known about Joan of Arc since my childhood. So if we want to know about historical persons, we must research true historical materials.

The first image of Мулан was a young woman...
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Source: loisetstitch.spaces.live.com
I've been planning to make this Статья for a while but I haven't had the time because of college but better late than never. In my opinion these are the most beautiful Дисней Channel girls in my honest opinion. Some might disagree but if Ты don't like it Ты can make your own Список and put it into an article. Anyway please Комментарий but be polite and respectful. Enjoy!

10.Hilary Duff
I know I'll get a lot of hate for this because from what I've gathered she's considered the most beautiful Дисней Channel star. Anyway she's absolutely stunning in my opinion. She has beautiful hair, gorgeous...
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This Список is only about Дисней villains who turned up in animated full-length feature. No Pixar, no package Фильмы and no half-animated movies. I also only included villains, who definitly are villains, not those who turned good at the end of the movie (like Amos Slate) или those which are mostly just slightly jerky characters (like the characters of Dumbo или the Siamese cats).

10. Sloth:

It should be obvious why this motivation is at the bottom on the list. Lazy villains don’t really provide much action because they are…well, too lazy to do much. So it’s no wonder that the only...
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Король Лев
The Lion King
Hi everyone, this is my секунда Статья about The Lion King. Only this time, I'm going to comparing to another non-Disney movie called The Land Before Time. Are Ты ready?

The Land Before Time

While watching this movie after so many years, there was a character name Rooter, who ironically is the narrator of the movie. Actually told Littlefoot about the great круг of Life shortly after the tragic passing of his mother, I thought for a moment that the Lion King украл, палантин this line! But I guess that I was wrong in the end.
Littlefoot's relationship with his mother and grandparents are like those of...
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