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Donald утка heads to Hollywood Studies to get the autographs of some of his Избранное stars! Including Shirley Temple, The Marx Brothers, Clark Gable, The Ritz Brothers, Greta Garbo and more!
Дональд Дак
shirley temple
the marx brothers
by nightstar75 on YT
Король Лев
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If there's something that I Любовь about Дисней Фильмы it would be all the amazing Цитаты from them, this is not a Список because a Список would be way too hard for me to do, but I'll Список my вверх 3 избранное in the end of this article

"If Ты can't say something nice, don't say nothing at all" (said by Thumper from Bambi)

Because it's such a great message to everyone, when Ты have something bad to say try not to say it to the person that Ты wanted to say it to, instead keep quiet

"Why, it's like a dream, a wonderful dream come true" (said by Золушка from Cinderella)

Because her dream...
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