Дисней Favourite Дисней Couples - Humans. Round 6! Pick your LEAST favourite! Please comment!

Pick one:
Анастасия And Baker
Anita And Roger
Anna And Kristoff
Ariel And Eric
Aurora And Phillip
Belle And Adam
Birdwell And Kronk
Chicha And Pacha
Золушка And Charming
Darling And Jim Dear
Eilonwy And Taran
Eudora And James
Hercules' Adoptive Parents
Jane And Tarzan
жасмин And Аладдин
Kida And Milo
Leah And Stefan
Madellaine And Quasimodo
Mary And George
Meg And Hercules
Mei And Yao
Мулан And Shang
Naveen's Parents
Pocahontas And Smith
Рапунцель и Флин
Rapunzel's Parents
Shanti And Mowgli
Snow White And Prince
Su And Chien-Po
Tarzan's Parents
Tiana And Naveen
Ting-Ting And Ling
Wendy And Edward
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