Tiana and Naveen but there is just no chemistry between the two compare to Tangled.

Since today is Valentines Day(yeah I hate this day) I decided to write an Статья on my favourite Дисней couples and also I will explain why I like them what scene I like and what quote do I Любовь also. Please enjoy and rate.

Least favourites 10-5
#10 Tiana & Naveen:PATF In at no #10 is this couple. Tiana is a hardworking waitress dreaming of opening up her own restaurant and the prince is a womanizer named Naveen who gets transformed into a frog. The reason why I have these in at no #10 is because there is something missing in this film I don’t know is it the Музыка или what it was but still I do like this film its just that its not as addictive as other Дисней movies(I tell Ты later in the Статья what they are).

Favourite scene: I like the part where they are dancing and Naveen looks into Tiana’s eyes and he was going to Kiss her but didn’t.

Quote: Tiana: I Любовь Ты Naveen
Naveen: Warts and all

#9 Snow White & her Prince: Ok one thing always sticks into my mind when I watch this movie why hasn’t the prince got a name. I would have called him Henry или Rupert(something posh) and there was NO screen time AT ALL between the two (yeah get a guy to Kiss a woman he barely even knows OMG).

Favourite scene: Well like I сказал(-а) nothing except the ending.

#8 Pocahontas & John Smith: In at no #8 is the captain John Smith and the native princess Pocahontas. Now this is what I call a real Любовь story. I Любовь the chemistry between these two as its heartwarming,very serious and I like how Pocahontas stops her father from killing him(more like beheading him from the looks of the ending).

Favourite scene: In the DVD version(special edition) I Любовь the If I Never Knew Ты Scene I had no idea Mel Gibson was a great singer . I Любовь how Ты see flashbacks of their days together and how powerful the song was(Alan Menken is awesome).

Quote: No matter what happens I’ll always be with Ты forever.

#7 Tarzan & Jane: In at no #7 is this couple. I like this couple because they are from different backgrounds and I like the chemistry which is rather cute.

Favourite scene: The part where Tarzan and Jane are swinging from the trees and he sweeps Jane’s hair away from her face and looks at her while she’s all nervous.

Fav quote: Tarzan: That Jane stays with Tarzan
            Jane: Stay but Tarzan I ……I

#6 Золушка & Prince Charming: Ok I admit it I never grew up watching this movie but luckily I saw it on YouTube and let me tell yeah this Любовь is so magical its like Ты wish that Ты could jump into the scene where she is dancing with the prince and Ты can feel the love.

Favourite Quote: ‘Im on a glow hm hm hm hm and I can fly?
Favourite scene: The So this is Любовь scene.

All time favourite couples 5-1

#5 Аладдин & Jasmine: In at no#5 is Аладдин & жасмин I adore these two because the chemistry is so magical and really romantic. I Любовь how Аладдин is a commoner and жасмин is a princess who wants to marry from her heart.

Favourite scene: I Любовь that magic carpet scene omg I was Зачарованная by that scene.

Favourite quote: жасмин ‘I am not a prize to be won

#4 Ariel & Eric: I absolutely Любовь this film ever since I was a child. Who wouldn’t like a Любовь story about someone who sacrifices her life to be with the man she loves(happened in Зачарованная if Ты remember that film) .Ariel is a lovesick mermaid who falls in Любовь with a handsome sea captain who is also a prince who was celebrating his 18th birthday. I Любовь the chemistry between these two as its so cute and сердце warming Ты feel Бабочки in your stomach.

Favourite scene: So many but im going with the лодка scene (Kiss the Girl) I loved it.

Favourite quote: Ariel: ‘I Любовь Ты daddy’

#3 Robert & Giselle(Enchanted); Yes what a shocker this is but I absolutely adore these two. There funny,cute not to mention romantic and quite frankly I Любовь this film. I Любовь how Giselle(who is like Ariel giving up her cartoon world to be with the man she loves Robert) while Robert is the kind of guy who isn’t into romance as he got his сердце broken before(from his ex wife I have No idea who she is as he doesn’t mention much about her in the film) and the way Giselle changes him as a person is really good. Amy Adams I must say was outstanding in this film I feel so sorry for this girl as she got snubbed 3 effin times at the Golden Globes and the Academy Awards(poor her) while Patrick Dempsey(who I am not a Фан of but loved him in this)was really good in this film who knew this guy could sing LOL.

Favourite scene: Definetly the ballroom scene I was mesmerized by that scene.

Favourite Quote: Giselle: ’ Is this a habit of yours by falling off of stuff?’

Robert: Only when your around to catch me

T:T Любовь that quote.

#2 Belle & the Beast: I absolutely Любовь these two. As what the tagline states it is the most beautiful Любовь stories of all time. I Любовь the chemistry and the Любовь that is there between Belle and the Beast. I like how they are both different yet they are both stubborn. I Любовь everything about this couple.

Favourite scene: Definitely the ball scene its so cute and magical.

Favourite quote: Belle: Please don’t leave me I Любовь you
#1 Rapunzel & Eugene Fitzherbert(also known as Flynn Rider)

Yes folks in at no #1 is my new favourite princess movie Рапунцель - Запутанная история and my favourite animated couple Rapunzel and Eugene. At first I was a bit worried about this film as it was suppose to be aimed for boys as well as for girls so when I saw this in the cinemas a few weeks назад in 3D I was blown away I even got the Куклы of Flynn Rider and Rapunzel as well as the poster just to prove that I was in Любовь with this film. Of course for those of Ты who have seen this film Ты probably know the story. Остаться в живых princess is kept in a high tower,dreams of seeing the lanterns, falls for a bad boy who украл, палантин the crown at the palace. What I really Любовь about this couple is the romance that blossoms between the two where they are on the лодка and the way Eugene looked at her was so cute. I Любовь Rapunzel’s hair as its so long (but there is a twist to her hair if Ты saw this film Ты know what it is) and Flynn Rider is so dreamy and cute. Mandy Moore & Zac Levi did a brilliant job as the voice actors for these characters.

P.s to those who saw it wasn’t the ending really sad and heart-warming I was crying my eyes out.

Favourite scene: I can’t choose they are so many but my вверх 2 favourites are the лодка scene so mesmerizing and the part where she hits him over the head with a frying pan.

Favourite quote: ‘You were my new dream
                & Ты were mine’

Now that I see Ты
Did I ever tell Ты I’ve got a thing for brunettes yeah Eugene im a brunette to does that include me LOL.
Rapunzel with Flynn aka Eugene(with brown hair).‘Yes we are ‘