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A whouffle one shot

It was dark. Why was it dark? Were her eyes closed? Was she sleeping или was she awake? She didn’t know. It was all dark and cold. She was scared. There were noises and strange voices. She could hear and feel but not see anything. She wanted to scream but she couldn’t.
“Help me!” she croaked.
“Please, come and get me!”
Then she cried out and her eyes flew open.
Clara sat straight in her bed, breathing heavily; sweat was running down her face. She took a deep breath. “It was just a dream”, She сказал(-а) to herself. She couldn’t even properly remember what it was...
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Doomsday - Commentated by David Tennant & Billie Piper
season 2
Доктор Кто
Билли Пайпер
Дэвид Теннант
in vision commentary
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