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 Doctor & Rose
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JPG The Tenth Doctor (David Tennant) & Rose Tyler (Billie Piper) screenshot
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These are rumours that have been proved wrong, are just plain rediculous или don't actually give anything away. I just thought it might be nice for people who want to find out if Matt Smith is leaving after series 6 etc etc without sifting through all the other spoilers that can, well, spoil it for you.

- The Sun published a rumour that Matt Smith would leave after the 2011 series, a rumour which was picked up by several other media sources. This has been denied by Matt Smith and Karen Gillan. Another BBC insider сказал(-а) that Smith will stay until the 50th anniversary of the show, in 2013.

- The...
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Музыка video of doctor who season 3 episode 10, blink.
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weeping Энджел
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New episodes of Doctor Who air Sunday nights on BBC.
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series 11
the new tardis
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