Never had i thaught it would come to this. But it did, Never had i thought a plucky little cartoon character would be the one to save my life. I was on the verge of commiting suicide one night a couple of weeks ago, every thing was going down hill, i dont know if luck brought me to the pc или something, i had already planned every thing out, the rope from my Фан above, and had already wrote the letter. i sat in front the pc that night hiding my tears, and waiting for every one to be sound asleep, some how i managed to stumble aporn this vid on u tube, it was a Музыка video featuring dora the explora, (Reach for The Stars)
Up to this день my spirit is changed and enlightened with a positive vibe, i encourage anyone who is feeling down to look at that vid.
Thank Ты dora for saving my life and changing me,