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ok so this has been bothering me for a few weeks. SPENCE mad at JJ and bringing up that horrible drug after so many years. i don't know what to think of it. now normaly i'm able to make sense of what SPENCE says and does right away but this time i can't and that has me worried even еще then i am now. HELP ME UNDERSTAND THIS PLEASE
 hottiecoolcat posted Больше года
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PipeCleaner187 said:
In the ten weeks following Emily's "death", Spencer went to see JJ because he missed Emily so badly, and he just needed a shoulder to cry on. Of course, because he was spending so much time with her, JJ could see how upset he was over losing Emily, but she still didn't tell him that Emily was alive, because that would be making a breach in security. But what she didn't know was that Spencer was so upset that he had ALMOST had a dilaudid relapse. He managed to stay in control of himself and stay sober, but the cravings were still there. And, once he learned the truth about Emily, he was mad at JJ because, not only had Emily's death hurt him emotionally, but it had come dangerously close to hurting him physically. What was really bothering Spencer was the thought that JJ could be there for him through his grief and see what a toll it was taking on him, but still care so much for following orders that she didn't tell him the truth. And if she was so loyal to protocol that she would do that to him, then there was nothing to stop Spencer from thinking that, if he HAD started taking dilaudid again, JJ would have just let him fall back into his addiction, rather than breaking procedure and telling him the truth in order to save him.
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posted Больше года 
hottiecoolcat posted Больше года
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