Жемчуг дракона Z DBZ Extreme: The Saiyan Saga - The entire Saiyan Saga edited down to a feature length action epic!

Dookiedude posted on Nov 09, 2012 at 07:45PM
The complete Saiyan Saga condensed into one EXTREME action-packed presentation!

DBZ fans, rejoice! Finally, a way to get the experience of watching Dragonball Z without having to invest countless hours. DBZ Kai you say? No, not at all! We've streamlined the entire Saiyan Saga into a movie-length action epic. Gone are the pointless side-adventures, cheesy humor and extended grunts. Brought to you by Brendon Boutin & Luftar Von Rama.

Our Rules:
1) No Doubts: Bonehead questions and whiny remarks...GONE!
2) No Redundancy: Don't tell me your plan...twice.
3) No Goofiness: Yajirobe...does not exist.


For Countries that are blocked, please use this link.

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