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FUNimation has finally confirmed that their re-release of the first DragonBall movie will indeed see the light of день this December.

Curse of the Blood Rubies is due out 28 December 2010 for a cheap MSRP of $14.98. Set to be included is the original and uncut Japanese version, which is one of the only series/movies-proper items that has never been released this way in North America. There is still no clear answer as to which English dub will be included (the original edited version from 1995 with the first cast, или an updated and unedited version with a Последнее cast).


Funimation has...
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I heard that at the Beginning The Creator of DBZ was gonna make Frieza a Girl but he Changed it because he didn't want Гоку to Hit a Girl!
Well thats why "he" has a girly voice ^^ but I believe that he didnt change her gender... LOL

Now wikipedia about Frieza:

Frieza had many races under his thumb in his planetary trade, but none were as prevalent as the Saiyans. Gifted with natural fighting ability, strength and the ability to become stronger after every battle, Saiyans became powerful weapons in Frieza's subjugation of planets. However, these very abilities made them a liability to the paranoid...
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