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 The teleport supporters put these in their signatures on the Форум
The teleport supporters put these in their signatures on the forum
Many Dragon Cave Фаны are very excited. Coming soon is an all-new BDA (Breed Specific Action)! This new action is called "Teleport" and would be in the "actions" page for a Magi Dragon. It would allow people to trade eggs and hatchlings easily and safely as oppose to the risky AP (Abandoned Page) trade method. This AP trade method consists of a "get" code (link) with which a person will get a dragon being abandoned by another player. The receaver refreshes his или her page with the get code. However, quick-clickers can sometimes snag a dragon in a trade before the reciever gets it. This makes...
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Source: Dragon Cave?
All Ты need to do is use fansites -- also called hatcheries, daycares, или clicksites.

A really great, easy to use one is here:

It has:
* A Daycare (with nest and nursery) for Драконы of any age.
* An Emergency Room for Драконы with 4 days (or less) remaining.
* Multiple Auto-refreshers to help save your low-time dragons, или to use for neglected dragon experiments.
* And lots of other great extras!

So, Далее time Ты need Просмотры for your dragons, go check it out! Ты will Любовь it, guaranteed!
posted by spongebobroxas
Once again, if hatchlings или egglings dont get enough Просмотры they will die. So, to help those people who dont have a lot of sites to post on, either (A) Go to my Форум topic called Visit and save dragons! или (B) Go to my Youtube account (link here:link)

and watch my video about helping the baby dragons.
Ты ARe allowed to Комментарий your eggs and hatchlings on my vid. If Ты want, Ты can message me Ссылки to your eggs или hatchlings and I will view them and put them on the Форум topic and in the desciption of my video.
And Remember:
Драконы RULE!!!!!!!!!