Chapter 4 The Being The Quest For Nova

    “Tell me ever thing! like How did Ты fined out that Ты were a fairy and what can I do?” Eclipse сказал(-а) wiping out her tear’s and cleaning up her room because she wasn’t expending a visiter.
    “Hold on one sec it’s not as easy as Ты think it takes training and...” Before Viva could finish Eclipse’s stopped her in the middle of her talking.
    “Wait is there some type of school for this... magic thing!” Eclipse trying to pick with words to say that wouldn’t make Viva mad.
    “Well yes it’s called Alfea and i’m on my way there because I ran away from Главная and there’s a portal here.” Viva сказал(-а) looking around Eclipse’s room like she had never been in one before.
    “There is I want to go I want something еще than this normal live here!” Eclipse сказал(-а) not to loud because she didn’t would her mom to hear her plan to get out of there.
    “I don’t know Eclipse shouldn’t Ты ask your mom?” Viva сказал(-а) with a sad face and her eyes filling with tear’s.
    “Well Ты didn’t ask your mom или your dad!” Eclipse сказал(-а) madly to her new friend.
    “At less Ты have a mom and I do not have a father at less not any more!” Viva сказал(-а) have mad but Eclipse could she that she was braking down inside.
    “I’m sorry but I want to learn who I am and I fell like me and Ты are met to go there with Ты it’s like .... Destiny.” Eclipse thinking how rude she was to her new magical friend.
    “It’s ok I didn’t mean to freak out at Ты but I still think that Ты should talk to your mom.” Viva сказал(-а) with her head down
    “Ok I at less deserve an explanation from her!” Eclipse сказал(-а) standing up and walking to the door with Viva behind her. As Eclipse and Viva walked down the stares Eclipse notice that her mom was no were to be found the two looked every were but her mom had despised.
    “I guess she couldn’t excepted that i’m a fairy.” Eclipse сказал(-а) crying on her постель, кровати .
    “No that’s not it.” Viva сказал(-а) trying to comfort her
    “Then what is it!” Eclipse crying even harder
    “I don’t know?” сказал(-а) Viva looking around “I don’t know?’
Chapter 4 The beginning The quest For Nova Part 2

    “Well it’s time to pack up to go.” Eclipse сказал(-а) wiping her tear’s and walking to her closet.
    “Wait your going anyway?” Viva сказал(-а) looking in disbelieve
    “I’m not going to hold Ты up if your going i’m going we are Друзья now and Друзья stick together.” Eclipse сказал(-а) smiling at Viva.
    “Ok then Список go!” Viva сказал(-а) hugging and running to the door. Viva showed Eclipse were the portal was.
    “Well I guess this is it I’m leaving the only place I have ever know.” Eclipse сказал(-а) looking around and remembering all the things that have happened to her there.
    “Well this is it!” Viva сказал(-а) smiling but right before they walked thought the portal a strange light came from the portal and there she was Eclipse’s mom have out of the portal and have in it like something was trying to keep her in the portal.
    “Mom!” Eclipse сказал(-а) very confused
    “Eclipse it’s ok I wanted to say goodbye and tell you....!” Eclipse’s mom сказал(-а) but before she could finish the thing that was on the other Pulled her mom away.
    “What was that?” Eclipse yelled
    “Eclipse we have to go the portal is closing!” Viva сказал(-а) reaching for Eclipse’s hand. “Eclipse this met to be your met to come with me Alfea I know it!”
    “But my mom...!” Eclipse сказал(-а) with tear’s filling her eyes.
    “But nothing Eclipse she want’s Ты to go!” Viva сказал(-а) worriedly
    “Ok?” Eclipse сказал(-а) and she grabbed Viva’s hand and she went though the portal.