I return Главная after the long walk to Curlie's. The hand gun at my side, I creep into the house and Поиск it to make sure Dad isn't inside. Seeing that he's gone I open my closet and set the gun in the empty walk - in. I wish Anneri would come home, there is a little voice inside my head telling me that she needs to come home. It scares me beyond belief, half of me tells me to go out to the fields and find her, I wish I had listened to that voice. I wish i had listened to it even еще when I hear my mom open the door and run into me and Anneri's room. Her hair a flurry her eyes wide she looks to me "did Ты get it?" I nod her voice is pierced by fear, that just scares me even more. "Good," She hugs me once еще and I hold her tightly, somthing a bout her tells me it might be our last. Then she hears the door slam and without warning she takes my head and kisses my forehead "I Любовь Ты so much, don't let him hurt you." Then before I can reply she pushes me into the closet and locks it from the outside. I jiggle the handle roughly 'No don't do this please don't do this,' I keep thinking as I hear dad walking down the hall. I want to be out there with my mom, I want to protect her. But she won't let me, she wants to keep me safe. I pound on the door "Mom!" But there is no response. i listen to the hall, a glass shatters, somone bangs into the wall, another glass shatters. 3, then though еще banging, 4, 5, 6, god its never been еще then 5 when me and Anneri where hiding together. 7,8,9, Whats nine!?!?!? Hes never gone all the way up to 7 what happens at nine? then me сердце almost stops as i hear my bedroom door open and hit the Стена roughly. I cant stand it, i know there no chance of Mom making it out now, i slam my hands over my ears so i dont have to hear her scream. And i jump as a gunshot goes off and tears roll out of my eyes. i slam my eyes closed imagning that i was free, maybe me and Anneri, running away, freedom at our hands, our pack of Волки at our side. But everyone has to wake up from there daydreams. Expessially me when the door opens loud enough to penatrate my barrior and horror streams though me when i take my hands off my ears. and the voice of my only friend screams terrified,
"Darka!" I could reaconize that voice in my sleep, it was my, little Anneri.