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Okay it's time to..Vent...

I grab a нож and some pills to try to ease the pain, but each it feels harder and harder to keep up and stay smiling. I wrote a poem with some beauty and some vision to it bottom line it my expend your mind if Ты read it closely. To much shine can dull the soul if your feel how I feel then I'll write some more...

How can the world be so mean to me when I did nothing to be in this darkness I now call life? I get a little honest and I ask myself, if the time came would Ты save me if I asked for help? I normally send my mind out to the outer most to get away from this...
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A Speech

Some words from MikeWJ but I rewrote most of it

Why would are children of today judge a person on how they look on the outside when they don’t know whats going on in the inside and how it feels to be told something that stabs your сердце and makes Ты think if they are right?

Now if your like me your sick of this lie people have brought, but the
people who sold it to us the ones who we should blame. Blame your enemy
or blame your sister either one it's the same. Because times now are
changing are whole world seem rearranging, to fit the fragile pieces
that they say can stop me from ragging....
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posted by SongGirl50701
Suicidal Girl: " I just wanna be me and a free social teen but I'm dying from the inside. I am not going to cry any еще but get married to a suicide fight, its decided. I'm in jail for killing the voices."

This album is going to be called Dream Diary. I'll post it on Youtube soon. I'm trying to get a webcam soon.

Today, I truely feel like me.

bullied continuesly, and wishing I was someone else.

ill post the first song soon.

Songs of you,




and everyone.

If Ты want, i'll make a song about you.
posted by RoleplayCraz98
Still I Rise

Ты may write me down in history
With your bitter, twisted lies,
You may trod me in the very dirt
But still, like dust, I'll rise.

Does my sassiness upset you?
Why are Ты beset with gloom?
'Cause I walk like I've got oil wells
Pumping in my living room.

Just like moons and like suns,
With the certainty of tides,
Just like hopes springing high,
Still I'll rise.

Did Ты want to see me broken?
Bowed head and lowered eyes?
Shoulders falling down like teardrops.
Weakened by my soulful cries.

Does my haughtiness offend you?
Don't Ты take it awful hard
'Cause I laugh like I've got Золото mines
Diggin' in...
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Hearing Damage.

Hearing Damage
CHAPTER 2– The Orphanage.

This is the день two men in black Форс-мажоры knocked on the front door.
“Hello,” one of them nodded at me. He slipped off his black lenses. “Are Ты the daughter of Lisa Moore?”
I nodded. “Y-yes…”
“We’re from FBI and we’re here to take Ты somewhere.”
“What?” I was confused.
“You will understand when we take Ты there. Grab the things Ты need from this house and we’ll be off to go.” The other man told me, almost too hastily.
I was about to turn and go inside when one еще thing popped in my mind and I turned my...
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posted by malmcd
Have Ты ever thought about how real video games are? Have Ты ever thought или wondered if they were real? Well think again..

Nina Wells life seemed normal. She had a normal family and parents and brothers, with a normal house on a normal улица, уличный and had normal friends. Until one день when something tragic happened to her younger brother Alex. While playing a new video game called Black Quest her brother fell into a coma. Nina believes that the video game had something to do with her brothers coma and she herself ends up playing the game trying to find answers.


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posted by malmcd
This for anyone out there who knows what pain truly feels like...This is for you..


Here's my story and feelings...

Each день I always put on a smile
No matter what
I always smile

And the reason why I always smile is because when I was little my mom always used to say to me, to be strong and Показать your not in pain and suck it up.

Each день I always hold everything in
But when I get home
And I'm all alone
I burst into tears

Each день I feel so alone
I feel as if I'm losing my Друзья
Which I am

I've cut
I've swallowed the pills
I've drinked
I've force myself not to eat

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posted by SongGirl50701
To all who feel like they'll curl up and die from pain. The pain only a few teens, comments, and/or the voices that even I hear.

My Friend, was told on to the consualer about his suicide. I watched him cry, and I listened to him. I agree with him. I have very little faith in God because I'm afraid god doesn't Любовь me from my mistakes. Just like him. He's like my young brother. He's the guy at the lunch таблица laughing. Trying to make Ты smile. He seemed like he do no wrong?

My friend, thinks she knows me. She's like a bully to me now. Using one of our friend's for a hide Главная from cheerleading....
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posted by BooBooBear981

Black сердце Black Soul

Filthy like Coal

Dark сердце Dark Soul

Not even a Role

Gloomy сердце Gloomy Soul

Left there Broken

On an Abandoned Knoll

Cold сердце Cold Soul

Never a Whole

Bloody, Hurt, Plenty of Wounds

Nobody Heard that Piercing Cry

Leaving Scars

I might as well Die

With my Black сердце and Black Soul

Maybe Ты will come by

And Watch me Weep

As I zoom in to a forever Sleep

~~~ Anonymous

"A Note from the Author"

Every 4o секунды a person dies from suicde. Decreasing the population. Bloody brutal deaths или easy painless ones. But People will never know how much it hurts. The Depression, Bullying, anything that Brings Ты down really does hurt. Most of the time Ты don't even know what the person is doing, and how much pain they are in. I wrote this for everyone in as much pain as i am или even more. May someone wipe away their tears,
 "I wonder if they'd miss me..."
"I wonder if they'd miss me..."
Hearing Damage
CHAPTER 1–Damee’s Past.

December 24th, 2004

I smiled as I saw two faces in the mirror. One of them was mine and the other was of a woman who looked to be in her late twenties with dark brown hair and dark cerulean eyes. She was wearing a dark blue dress with diamond earrings and her face full of light make-up. In the mirror, I thought of her as a princess like in those fairytale stories.
The woman was my mom.
My mom breathed, squeezing my shoulders gently. "You look beautiful sweetie," she said.
"Thanks mom." I smiled a small smile, looking over at her. I was scared of my reflection,...
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posted by malmcd
I'm sick of these thoughts these people are ponding in my head,
I'm sick of this lie that people call life,
And I'm sick of the tears and hiding them away,
Trying to Показать my parents I'm strong and okay.
But if your like me..
And your sick of the lies and this life Ты live Ты do the same as me..
Put a smile on your lips..

I'm the girl who's always smiling
And always looks so damn happy
But in reality its not even a real smile
It's еще like a plastered on mask
And my real smile has been gone now for quit some time
But no one can see that because they really don't care
They never ask if I'm okay they all...
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Hearing Damage.

When you’re born into this world, it’s the best thing that your parents have ever thought right? Suddenly you’re the one having the attention with your family trying their best to take care of Ты when your mother isn’t around.
But then...what if when you’re four years old your parents find out that your hearing is damaged and Ты can’t hear? How would Ты feel in the later years of your life?
Well that’s what’s happening to me this very moment.
My name is Damee Love. I was born in Florida March 14th, 1998 and I’m turning thirteen this year. I have a hearing...
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posted by anniewannie

Scars– A story about what scars truly mean to me.

When I fall into deep sleep
My сердце is at peace
For a while, I guess
Sometimes… it’s hard to say what I need to say
Because with all this pain locked inside me
Scars are printed on my heart
One by one, they appear
Some say that scars heal and wounds do not
With me, they don’t disappear nor do they heal
They simply grow
Pain is something I’ve been trapped in since I was small
It’s like death because pain is a feeling that makes me suffer
I can handle it perfectly, never Показ any signs of it
But I don’t think I can handle one from another...
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posted by anniewannie
No one like me…

Can Ты see that girl over there?
The one who has deep-set brown eyes and raven black hair?
You can see that in her eyes, she has a story
I don’t know about you, but she’s always the one who stood out the most

Perpetually alone, somehow out of sight, out of mind ... and Остаться в живых in her thoughts
She goes by the rules at her school, obeying what anyone who asks her to do this, или do that
Really, she will do it
Just ask her and then snap she’ll do it, just like that

There are times when she can be regarded as the merriest person in the class
A love-sick one too and a person who has her...
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posted by malmcd
    They сказал(-а) no one would read my story that I wrote that day, but someone did, and now I’m here. In this room with a stranger..They sent me away here to get better? Yeah right..I thought I was weird these girls are different..



    My parents heard about my sadness from that paper at school...The one where no one was meant to read and сказал(-а) they wouldn’t.They weren’t even trying to be supportive of me and help me, they called me a waste of Космос and someone would look to be in my shoes instead of on the улица, уличный and alive. I couldn’t...
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posted by BooBooBear981
"Write an Статья about your life, your thoughts, anything on your mind! Get it off Ты shoulders! Express anything"

I stared blankly at the paper. “What was I going to write?” My mind was blank. My stomach was in a tight knot. I held my fist tightly closed to my chest. I felt like crying. Those dark memories came back.

I raised my hand. She called on me. 'Miss Ivory! Yes!"

I hold back my tears but manage to mumble. All eyes were on my know. I shivered.

"Can Ты write about anything on your mind? And Ты won't tell anyone?"

She thought a little bit before answering with a smile. "Why, I don't...
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