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posted by snootygirl50701
 Spell Rose Ink
Spell Rose Ink
Heaven's Message -proluage
The sky was blue like the water. Only,it was not crystal clear. Infact,it wasn't even blue. It was red. Red as the beautiful color of blood. If only the story could go on...but what if it can? Ты must be confused of what I'm saying,right?
It all started in the 1400's,the rulers wanted еще treasures and belongings but the villagers disagreed. The student witches faught each other for their families. The died in pride или murdered in tears.
Only now,Queen звезда Rose Rox,has...
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posted by BeautifulBlaze
My Фэнтези is where nobody gets hurt. Where everybody can live in harmony wthout any worries.I dream of a peaceful valley, vast and wide, full of beauty, and life. Mountains that reach the heavens and we all lay on the трава that is as soft as the hand of god, under the sky so blue. As the wind blows though the valley, It relaxes our mind by sing a lulabye, takeing away any and all bd thoughts, taking all of us into a deep slumber, only to awake in a world where it is always daytime.

Ты are under the night sky... a sky that contains so many stars to the point where it almost seems like darkness...
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posted by BeautifulBlaze
There is nothing to left to do.
I have no purpose.
Everybody left me for dead.
Everybody steps all over me.
They think I'am trash.
They laugh at me.
They create lies about me.
They tell me lies.
They call me names.
They want to kill me.
They hunt me down.
They hurt me.
They hurt my friends.
They hurt my family.
They take me as a slave.
They think of me as a roach.
My parents hate me.
They beat me to no end.
They destroy themselves.
My family see's me as god's first mistake.
One of my family memebers wanted to kill me.
They think I'am pure evil.
They find me as a disgrace.
School teachers don't even bother with me....
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posted by BeautifulBlaze
1.I'am not as peaceful as I may seem...
2.I'am known for horrible reasons...
3.I hate myself for the things I've done to myself, such as break my own arm...on pupose.
4.I lie....
5.As much as I tal about peace, I always prevent it..
5.My brothers take me for ganted...
6.I have taken a life once..
7.I'am just another bad Источник of destruction sometimes..
8.I get really defensive when ever they talk about my parents..
9.I have scars from the beatings I took...
10.I'am quite a pervert, not to my Друзья though..
This isn't even half of the bad things about me. If Ты knew all the pain I've gon through, It would make Ты go insane. I have suffered too much from pain. It makes my head ache if I ever think of my pain.... It makes me cry until it hurts whenever I remeber me hurting myself. I hope this dosen't make Ты hate me even more...
posted by malmcd
Tell them my story long after I'm gone.
Tell them my dream's and wishes and hopes.
Tell them how I tried to help the world.
Tell them how I gave up.
Tell them Ты help me through.
Who brought me down and chewed me up.
Tell them about every scar I have.
I like the one on my wrist that's from my cat.
To the one my arm because I became sad.
Tell them about how I was talked about.
And stabbed in the back.
Tell them my crushes and Друзья I hope I get back.
Tell them how I help Ты through,
The fights,
The burns,
The scars,
The bully's,
And yourself.
Tell them how I was there for you.
And how I'll be there for them....
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posted by snootygirl50701
~I'm Bleeding~
This is a song I was making and its for a special friend who is having trouble with her life. I'm here everyday for her,year to months to weeks to days to минуты and even seconds.....
_________________________________song for the broken____________
We all go threw it..
We all go under water....head first...
The breathing gets harder....
Fill the eyes peel at you,huh?
A song for the broken is on his way...

I don't want to break Ты heart....
I'm just going to give it a break...
Convent this as a Любовь song....
I cant write Ты one anyways....

All the searching......
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posted by malmcd
    My feet keep on going but my сердце tells me to stop. All I want to do is run. Run away from this mess I got my self into. It all happened so fast the anger the tears the blood. Then all I heard was the bullet fly through the air and hit skin then Переместить slowly into the flesh and then the final bang it hit the heart. The one thing that keeps Ты alive. All never forget his face when I killed him. All I saw was shock and fear and one big Вопрос hanged over his head. Why?
    I just wanted to keep running afraid I could hurt еще people in this mess....
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posted by snootygirl50701
Today at performance for Easter:
I was in the girls locker room at high school and my friend,Alicia was with me. We were getting ready in our cute Easter maid out fits and Ферги came along....
Fergie: hey,you want ti dust of Alicia's юбка Maria?
Me: Ты want to have Will shove his #$%&%# up your ass?!
Alicia: wow! Calm down!
Fergie: how do Ты know Will?!
Me: *pulls out her phone* I know people bitch! Your cheating on Drake!
Fergie: *angry and grabs her phone* Ты will not tell him!
Me: I don't have to! *Fergie looks at her phone*
Fergie: Ты text him about it!
Alicia: no,you did! *high fives me...
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posted by allicyn123
Izzy hopedd, no prayed for a dead sleep, dreamless, but that's not what she got. Instead, she got stuck in a forest darker then any dark, and she ran, an unknown terror seeped through her as she ran for what she fear was her life. suddenly there is no ground, and she isn't running, she is falling, down down down... Screaming, whyy? Izzy couldn't tell. She thrashed for her life, her nails scrapping rock hard walls and suddenly the fall stops, and water surrounds her,she surfaces salt pours over her, burning her lungs, her eyes. She swims for what feels like days, thrashing screaming, fighting...
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