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 Dream High: Snake Dance
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This Dream High фото contains концерт.

The official set of the звезда academy from the drama, ‘Dream High‘, was recently revealed.

The 1100-square meter building housing the ‘Kirin Arts High School’ in Gyeonggi-do is decorated with arched doors and hallways, with lecture rooms and cafes for the students to enjoy.

Chief director Jung Ha Myung’s (Bae Yong Joon) office was designed to create a soft tone and atmosphere by adding in minor props

The enormous saxophone in the lobby was a representation of the students’ Любовь and dreams for succeeding with music.

The unique concept about the building is that everything is out in the open.

The staff room can be seen from the chief director’s room above, and students can also access the director’s room through the cafeteria.

In contrast to other existing school classrooms, the school was created to emphasize the dual growth and development of both the students and the teachers.