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Medicine Cat Ceremony

Leader: *name* do Ты promise to uphold the ways of a Medicine cat, to stand apart from the rivalry between clans, and to protect all Кошки equally even at the cost of your life?

Cat: *I do*

Leader: Then by the powers of Starclan I give Ты your true name as a medicine cat. *--paw* from this moment on Ты will be known as *name*

The Code

-You are not allowed to have kits или take a mate as it will interfere with your duties to your clan

-You must not share your dreams with starclan with any cat except the leader


Cold--Just a regular cold that is easily cured.

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posted by Ninano1998
Our camp is in a field surrounded by willows and pines, there a large stone Стена near the entrence to camp.( which is a holes through bushes) The nursery is located on the east side, under a woven nest of ferns and vines from the willows. Далее to it is the apprentice den. it is made out of old fallen trees that stay in a "V" s there is shelter and many many room. On the west side is the medicine den. it is in a large crack in the stones wall, there are holes in it as well as running water in a small pool. Далее to the medicine логово, ден is the warriors den. It is made out of a big old willow дерево that has a big gap in the middle of it. In the middle is Droppingstars den. It is a large opening in the stone wall, vines of the willows cover the entrance.
this is so cool! brambleclaw VS his stepbrother....wow.... Эй, who's your fav character?