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not mine.
posted by CUTEDXC
one day...

duncan and courtney were making out in the middle of no were and they dint care were they were the end!!!

part 2 !!
once apon a time
dxc were walking in the forest and courtney fell and duncan picked her up and started Поцелуи her >:)
the end!!

part 3!!
on time dxc kicked gwens жопа, попка the end >:)

part 4!!
dxc were playing kick ball when courtney hit the ball so hard the ball hit duncans ball >:)

part 5!!!!
dxc were watching tv and they ummm... well i guess i am out of storys

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posted by fly210
I used to be one of those girls that laphed at DXG fans. But now I see what happens if Ты do that. It hurts and it will not Показать the better side. Even though some like different sides we still all like total drama. So if Ты make fun of dxg Фаны или dxc Фаны then it's like hurting a friend. Who know your best friend may be a dxc Фан или dxg Фан and Ты don't even know it. War is a bloody thing and even though not one person is getting hurt, some are getting hurt on the inside.
We should stop all the spying and stuff and become friends.
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I made this video.