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posted by AislingYJ
Okay so those of Ты from the YJ OC's club...I'm turning Aisling into a wolf!! Sorta. Well if Ты don't know her already that's fine. I'm using the same account though, so......

Name: Ash
Age: pup/adolescent
Gender: female
Appearance: dark brown мех blotched with gray, bright blue-green eyes, cream underbelly, a little bit of cream on the tip of her tail
Personality: quiet, can be sarcastic или sassy, wants to be accepted by the older Волки even though she isn't sure she's good enough, sometimes self-doubting, doesn't like to Показать weakness, can get hyper или silly
Bio: Ash was the only surviving pup of a волк from an enemy pack, but she was abandoned. The Eclipse Pack found her and her dead littermates, and took her in, having no idea where she came from. When she grew older, she was curious as to her past, as when they found her she was too young to remember where she came from.