(Cut to dining room in Nazz's house where Lee and May Kanker, and Sarah, are cooking breakfast and Nazz is sitting at the кухня table)

Lee: Who wants to try some of my super good omelets?

May, Sarah, and Nazz: Me! Me! Me!

(Lee gives each of them a gross looking omelet)

Sarah: Eeeew!

May: Goody!

There is suddenly a knock at the door, Lee answers.

Lee: Ya called?

It is a telegram messenger.

Messenger: Telegram for Miss Nazz!

Lee takes the note, slams the door, and gives the note to Nazz.

Nazz reads the note.

Nazz: Charity ball at the персик Creek stadium, 7:00 P.M.

All: A charity ball???

May: And we have nothing fancy to wear!

Sarah: Good point May.

Lee: But, before we go shopping, we have to clean the kitchen, it looks gruesome!

Sarah: (complaining): Lets get it over with!

Lee, May, and Sarah do their equal amount of housework, but Nazz does nothing.

Lee: All right, were done, except that Nazz didn't do her little part.

Nazz: (sarcastically) I was going to do it!

Lee: Nazz, Ты mop the floor, and while we go shopping for our clothes.

They leave, and May does an inappropriate gesture, and Sarah sticks her tongue out at Nazz.

Nazz: (feeling sad): This is so cruel! I wish I could go shopping! Lee is so mean and a wicked friend!

(Nazz imagines herself as Золушка crying on a таблица because her evil stepmother is treating her like a servant)

(Cut to dream sequence where Золушка (Nazz) is crying on a table)

Золушка (Nazz): (feeling sad): What a wicked stepmother!

Stepmother (Lee): CINDERELLA! GET ME MY SHOES!!!!!

Stepsister #1 (Sarah): CINDERELLLA!!! IRON MY CLOTHES!!!!

Stepsister #2 (May): CINDERELLEA!! PAINT MY NAILS!!!

Stepsister #1 (Sarah): HURRY UP ON MY CLOTHES!!!

Stepsister #2 (May): PAINT MY NAILS или ILL.

May is suddenly interrupted by a knock on the door.

All: Ill get it!

The evil stepmother (Lee) Ответы it and it reveals a messenger (Rolf)

Messenger (Rolf): Good morning, yell to the вверх of your lungs girls! I'm here to bring an announcement from the handsome prince!

Nazz, Lee, May, and Sarah: The prince?

Messenger (Rolf): Yes, and he wants to invite Ты to his fancy-schmancy ball, and the most beautiful girl he sees will be his awful wedded wife!

The stepmother (Lee) shoves Золушка (Nazz) out of the way.

Stepmother (Lee): There's only going to be two girls going to this dance, um.. three , including me.

Messenger (Rolf): Yes, but why not the go-go one?

Stepmother (Lee): She's just nothing.

Messenger (Rolf): Good-bye!

Stepsisters (May and Sarah): Were going to the ball! Were going to the ball!

Золушка (Nazz): Can I go to the ball?

Stepmother (Lee): Of course Ты can, my little chickadee, But Ты have to finish your chores!

Золушка (Nazz): Oh great!

(cut to living room where Sarah and May are bathing in the nude in old fashioned washtubs)

Stepsister #1 (Sarah): Cinderella! Get my shampoo!

Золушка (Nazz): Im going as fast as I can!

Stepsister #2 (May): Cinderella! Get the soap!

They then put towels on and go to get their dresses on.

Stepmother (Lee): Эй, Cinderella! Paint my toenails!

(cut to dressing room where Золушка (Nazz) is adjusting Sarahs dress. Sarah then takes off the dress and throws it to Золушка (Nazz)

Stepsister #1 (Sarah): Get it right Далее time.

Later, the stepmother (Lee) and the stepsisters (May and Sarah) go out to catch a buggy to go to the ball. Золушка (Nazz) suddenly comes rushing out the door.

Золушка (Nazz): Wait! Im all done with my chores!

But Золушка was too late, her stepfamily had already left.

Золушка (Nazz): (crying): Now Ill never go to the ball! Its not fair!

Suddenly, a puff of smoke comes out of nowhere and out appears Eddy as a wizard.

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): Whats wrong kid?

Золушка (Nazz): My stepmother and stepsisters are going to the ball and they wont let me go.

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): Hmm, I see your point; I didnt get your name.

Золушка (Nazz): Cinderella, Mr.,

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): Fairy God Ed, at your service madam.

Золушка (Nazz): I thought the fairy godmother was supposed to come.

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): Shes retired, so what was your problem again?

Золушка (Nazz): I wanted to go to the Princes ball.

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): We can fix that! Oh assistant!

Another puff of smoke comes out of nowhere, revealing Ed as the Fairy God Eds assistant.

Assistant (Ed): Yo Eddy! Can I have that piece of buttered тост now?

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): NO!! This dames got a problem.

Assistant (Ed): Yum! Like арахис butter?

Fairy God Ed (Edd): Dont mind him, he's stupid. Now what shall we do first?

Золушка (Nazz): First of all, I have nothing to wear.

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): On to the dressing room!

Assistant (Ed): Sailor Moon!

(Cut to dressing room where Nazz is standing on a stool)

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): First, your dress.

(With a puff of smoke, there is a sky blue colored dress with matching glass slippers)

Золушка (Nazz): Glass high heels? This is better than I thought it would be.

They then head outside.

Золушка (Nazz): Its 10:00; the ball is over in two hours!

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): So? We've got plenty of time. Hmm, now where did we leave off, oh yes, a fancy coach. Oh, assistant

Assistant (Ed): Yes Daffy Duck?

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): Get me a pumpkin.

Assistant (Ed): I ate them all!

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): What??!?! Ты ate all the pumpkins! We were supposed to make one into a coach.

Assistant (Ed): May I call Ты Du Du?

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): Well, I think I have a replacement

(He pulls out a melon)

Золушка (Nazz): A Melon?

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): Yes. Now dont blink sweetie-cakes.

Assistant (Ed): Twinkie!

Eddy then turns the melon into a beautiful carriage.

Золушка (Nazz): Whoa, Its beautiful!

Assistant (Ed): Clang, clang, clang went the trolley!

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): Now we need some mice to turn into horses.

Золушка (Nazz): We don't have any mice in the house, but we do have a cat.

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): Perfect!

He then turns the cat into a white horse.

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): (staring at Ed) Now we need a coachmen to drive this prized carriage.

Assistant (Ed): What are Ты staring at, mutant bug?

Then, the Fairy God Ed puts his assistant (Ed) into a colorful spiral.

Assistant (Ed): AHH! I am mutating!

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): Like I сказал(-а) a couple of weeks ago, being transformed doesn't hurt.

Assistant (Ed): O.K.

The Fairy God Ed (Eddy) turns Ed into a coachman,

Assistant (Ed): A dream come true, I am gravy!

Золушка (Nazz): Hurry up! Were losing time!

Assistant (Ed): Giddy up, mutant horse!

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): Remember, be back at midnight, или the spell will be broken.

He then disappears.

(Cut to ballroom where the Prince (Edd) is dancing with an unidentified girl. The stepmother then comes up with May seized in her arm.)

Stepmother (Lee): (pushing unknown girl away) Oh princie, come and dance with my little May!

Edd, looking disgusted, dances with May and then swirls around May, she then is dancing with (confusedly) a cherub statue.

Lee then pulls May away from the statue.

Stepmother (Lee): O.K., now dance with Sarah.

Prince (Edd): Just a minute

(He then goes over to a трон in which the King (Jonny) is sitting with Plank in his arms)

King (Jonny): Have Ты found the girl Ты want to marry yet?

Prince (Edd): Dad, I still haven't found.

(Cinderella (Nazz) then comes swaggering down the stairs looking sexy)

Prince (Edd): (continuing his sentence) The girl of my dreams!

(He then starts waltzing with her)

Stepsister #1 (Sarah): Who is that girl?

Stepsister #2 (May): She looks mighty familiar.

Prince (Edd): I didnt get your name.

Золушка (Nazz): Ci- (is suddenly interrupted by the gonging clock which shows it to be 12:00.)

Золушка then runs off leaving a glass slipper on the stairs.

Prince (Edd): Who was that girl, and what was her name?

Золушка (Nazz) finally comes back to her house and the spell breaks apart, leaving Nazz in her regular raggy clothes, Ed back in his Assistant form, the coach as a melon, and the horse as a cat.

Fairy God Ed (Eddy): Looks like my work here is done. (He then disappears)

Assistant (Ed): Why a duck? (He also disappears)

(Cut to Cinderellas house where Золушка (Nazz) is making slop for her stepmother and stepsisters. Suddenly, there is another knock on the door.)

Stepmother and Stepsisters (Lee, May, and Sarah): Cinderella! Get the door!

Золушка (Nazz): O.K. Cool your jets.

Its Rolf, who has come from the palace (like earlier in the fanfic) with a message from the prince

Stepmother (Lee): What? Ты Again?

Messenger (Rolf): Hello, I have come from the palace of the handsome prince with a very special message. Whoever tries on this fancy-scmancy glass shoe, and fits inside it, will be his bride-to-be.

Stepmother (Lee): Try it on my little May first.

Messenger (Rolf): O.K. (looks at May's ugly feet) Her feet smell like the bottom of a swamp.

He then tries to put the slipper on May

Stepsister #1 (May): UHHHHHHHHHH! Its too tight.

Stepmother (Lee): Since it doesnt fit, try it on Sarah.

Again, Rolf tries to put the glass slipper on to Sarah.

Stepsister #2 (Sarah): UHHHHHH! My feet can't fit in this!

Messenger (Rolf): You're out of luck, hard to the core bossy family.

Золушка (Nazz): Can I try it on?

Messenger (Rolf): Who сказал(-а) that?

Stepmother (Lee): Oh, that's just Cinderella, she's nothing.

Messenger (Rolf): Maybe she is the lucky bride to be.

Rolf then tries to put the shoe on Золушка and it fits.

Messenger (Rolf): Ahh! A perfect fit! Ты are the lucky bride!

Stepmother and Stepsisters (Lee, May, and Sarah): WHAAAAT??????

Золушка then runs out of the door eventually ending up in the princes arms.

Prince (Edd): Will Ты marry me Cinderella?

Золушка (Nazz): Oh yes!

Then, they go off in a beautiful carriage to the princes замок to be married.

(Cut to the household, where the stepsisters are then complaining)

Stepsister #1 (May): Its not fair!

Stepsister #2 (Sarah): How come she gets to be married!

Stepmother (Lee): Maybe we were being a little too hard on her.

(The story then warbles back into the кухня where Nazz is leaning against the broom, resting. She then wakes up realizing that she did all the housework while she was daydreaming)

Lee: Were back! Looks like Ты did all of the housework.

May: There wasn't a big sale at any stores we went to at the mall.

Sarah: So we just brought Ты something!

Nazz: Let me see! (She then pulls out a sky blue, heavily sequined dress) Blue? I hate blue! I'd rather prefer pink.

----THE ED----


Nazz- Herself/Cinderella

Lee Kanker- Herself/Stepmother

Sarah- Herself/Stepsister #1

May Kanker- Herself/Stepsister #2

Edd- Prince Edward

Eddy- Fairy God Ed

Ed- Fairy God Eds Assistant

Jonny 2x4- King Jonny

Plank- Prince Plank III