One day, they heard a knock at their door. It was a замок Carrier with an invitation from the castle. Edderella took the invitation, and quickly closed the door. Just as he was about to open the envelope, Stepbrother Eddy snatched it from his hand. He starts to read the invitation.

It said:

"You are cordially invited to attend the summer ball at the castle, to beld on August the 8th. Beginning 8:00 RSUP required.


The King and Queen"

STEPBROTHER EDDY AND ED: (chanted happily) Yay! We are going to the ball! We are going to the ball!

After all the excitement subsided, Edderella took a bucket of water that he had used to scrub the floor with, to the kitchen.

He placed the bucket by a stool. Looking himself in the mirror and he started to sing.

EDDERELLA: (singing)

I'm a poor Edderella
No one loves me at all

Taking a old ragged cloak, he put it around his shoulders and stair at himself in the mirror again.

EDDERELLA: (still singing)

And like a poor Edderella
I find my romance at the ball

Taking the метла gently, he pretend it was a beautiful princess.

EDDERELLA: (still singing) For that's where I will meet my fair princess

He bowed to the метла and the метла cursyed. Swiftly, he danced around the кухня with the метла in his arms.

EDDERELLA: (still singing)

And we'll dance the night away
I'm a poor Edderella

He took the shade from the lamp and pretended it was a crown. Firmly he placed it on his head.

EDDERELLA: (still singing) But I'll find my princess someday

Suddenly, Edderella drop the метла when he heard Stepbrother Eddy's screams.


Edderella dropped the clock on the floor. Reluptantly, he removes the lampshade off of his head and went to see what Stepbrother Eddy wanted.


EDDERELLA: Yes, brother Eddy, I am here.

STEPBROTHER EDDY: Ты most get us ready for the ball. Ты will be very busy taking care of us. Besides doing all your chores.

STEPBROTHER ED: Yeah. And don’t forget to prepare our bath.

Quickly, Edderella started preparing the bath, hoping inside he could go too. He wash and dried the clothes, polished their shoes and finally ironing their clothes as he watched the evening meal.

Finally it was 8:00 p.m. and everything was done. Edderella gave his stepbrothers their hats and cloaks. Stepbrother Eddy and Ed walked out to the door.

EDDERELLA: (sweetly) I hope Ты both enjoy the ball.

Turning sharply, the stepbrothers gave Edderella an ugly look and one of them slammed the door on his face and scaring Edderella away. Edderella walked slowly to the chair and sadly sat down. Looking at his ragged appearance; he shock his head.

EDDERELLA: (sigh) I wish I could go to the ball also.

Suddenly, there was a big brilliant light in the living room, it practicly blinded Edderella. As the brilliant light subsided and the smoke dear Edderella was dump found to see a magical bring waiving his hand and coughing.

MAGICAL BEING: (coughing) I just knew I shouldn’t have made such a big entry, perhaps Далее time; I’ll use the door.

EDDERELLA: W-Who are you?

MAGICAL BEING: Goodness gracious, I guess we startle each other. Don’t tell me, let guess Ты want to know who I am. (with broad smile) Well Edderella, I’m your Fairy Godfather, and I come to grant Ты wish.

EDDERELLA: (rubbing his eyes with his hand) Are Ты positively real или I’m dreaming that Ты are here?

FAIRY GODFATHER (JIMMY): that a big yes! I am here. Is one of your acquaintances a Butcher?

EDDERELLA: Yes, I know a local Butcher. But why do Ты ask me such a thing?

FAIRY GODFATHER (JIMMY): I want Ты to bring him at once, and don’t forget to bring a piece of ham. It’s better than pumpkin, mice или lizards.

Quickly, Edderella dash out the front door to fetch the Butcher and the ham.

FAIRY GODFATHER (JIMMY): Oh my, I guess I’ll have to wait.

He leans by the door and looked at his watch. About an час later, Edderella and the Butcher made their presence known.

THE BUTCHER (ROLF): (holding a piece of ham) Ok Edderella, why did Ты bring me here?

FAIRY GODFATHER (JIMMY): Allow me to explain, my good man. Just stand there and place your ham on the floor Далее to you.

Puzzle, the Butcher looked up at the Fairy.

THE BUTCHER (ROLF): Are Ты a real fairy, like Edderella-Boy said?

FAIRY GODFATHER (JIMMY): Just stand still and Ты will find out.

He raised his wand and tapped the Butcher and the ham. With a blue puff of smoke the Butcher was turned into a uniformed Driver and the ham into blue limousine.

FAIRY GODFATHER (JIMMY): We are almost done. (turned to Edderella) Are Ты ready?

EDDERELLA: (strucked by what he just witnessed) Y- y- yes, I guess.

Swiftly, the Fairy Godfather tapped Edderella three times. And with a puff and blue smoke he was turned into a handsome charming prince.

FAIRY GODFATHER (JIMMY): (pointing a finger at Edderella) One thing alone Edderella, and this is a big warning. Ты must get back by the stroke of midnight или else Ты and everything else will be turned back to normal.

Edderella slowly walked to the limousine and as he open the door look straight at the Fairy.

EDDERELLA: I will be back by midnight, I promise.

Edderella go in the limousine and the Driver quickly took off. And as for the Fairy Godfather, he disappeared as he wave goodbye.

Meanwhile at the ball, Stepbrother Eddy was clumsily dancing with Princess Sabrina and stepping on her feet.

PRINCESS SABRINA: Really, I most stop with Ты (painfully grabbed one of her injured feet) and give some else a chance.

STEPBROTHER ED: Yeah, she wants to dance with me. (bending over and knocked his brother with his large butt.) Переместить over shortly.

KING (KEVIN): (sitting on the трон with his Queen) Well darling, so far this ball is full of losers and this was your brilliant idea?

Queen (NAZZ): And what do Ты want our princess to do, to stay alone as a longsome barcherlolett? After all, the party just started; maybe someone interesting will Показать up.

KING (KEVIN): (angry expression) Like whom, a dork?

Suddenly, they all heard the trumpets play. And turned ground to see Edderella standing by the door. No one couldn’t recognize him. He looked like a charming prince.

PRINCESS SABRINA: Oh me. (rushing to meet him)

At first for a moment, Edderella was stund at the princess beauty, but quickly reached out for her dainty hand and gently placed tender lass.

PRINCESS SABRINA: Would Ты honor me, with a dance your highness? (big smile as she curtsy before him.)

EDDERELLA: (held her hand and together and they walked to the dance floor) I’ll be honor your highness.

The DJ plays a funny fast tango. Edderella and the Princess started dancing a storm. He dipped the Princess several times and continues dancing the night away. Edderella watched at his brother while he danced, they were man.

STEPBROTHER EDDY: Well, Ты look at that geek?

STEPBROTHER ED: Yeah, but his better looking than you. Beside it seems like the Princess likes him better than you.


Stepbrother Eddy punched him on the face almost knocking his brother to the floor.

STEPBROTHER EDDY: (grabbing his brother’s arm to guide him to the dinning table.) Come brother, I have a plan.

KING (KEVIN): (with a surprise expression to the Queen. Seening the Princess and Edderella were happily dancing.) It looks like our daughter has caught a Prince.

Queen (NAZZ): (great satisfaction) There Ты go, and Ты thought my idea was ridiculous. Now who is right husband?

STEPBROTHER EDDY: Check this out brother.

Stepbrother Eddy picked the перфоратор, удар, пунш bowl and gave it to his brother.

STEPBROTHER EDDY: (mischievously stared at Edderella and the Princess) Ты know what to do how.

STEPBROTHER ED: Yeah, I get what Ты mean.

Stepbrother Ed aimed and threw the перфоратор, удар, пунш bowl and slipped. The перфоратор, удар, пунш bowl missed Edderella and the Princess and hit a Maiden who was talking with a duke.

THE MAIDEN (SARAH): (removing the bowl from her head) Ты IDIOTS!

The Maiden stared chasing after them.

STEPBROTHER EDDY: Uh oh brother!


The Stepbrothers ran for their life, out the door. The crowd started to laugh as they spotted the brothers running like the wind.

THE CROWD: Ha ha ha ha!

KING (KEVIN): Ha ha ha ha!

Queen (NAZZ): Ha ha ha ha!

THE DJ (JONNY): Ha ha ha ha!

DJ 2 (PLANK): …………………………..

PRINCESS SABRINA: (cover her laugher with her hand) That is amusing, isn’t it?

EDDERELLA: (sweetly) Yes, I agree your highness.

Edderella looked her in her in eyes. Just then as they were about to Kiss the clock started striking midnight. Edderella froze for a moment as he remembered the Fairy Godfather words. He clumsily ran for the door, the Princess follow behind him.

PRINCESS SABRINA: (holding her dress against the wind) Please wait, don’t go away. I don’t know your name!

EDDERELLA: (the wind knocked off his hat) OH NO!

He has to leave it behind. He then covered his head with his shirt, hopping he will not turn to himself yet.

EDDERELLA: (to the driver as he got in the limousine. His voice sounded despair.) Oh hurry, please, it’s about to strike twelve.

As the limousine speed away, The Princess sadly picked Edderella’s hat from the floor.

PRINCESS SABRINA: (holding the hat closed to her aching heart.) Why did Ты have to go?

Just about as Edderella almost reached his home, everything turned to normal, except the hat in the Princess hand.

The Далее day, as Edderella prepared breakfast he over heard his stepbrothers talking about the ball and the Princess. The bandages covered their wounds; the Maiden had caught up to them. Suddenly there was a knock at the door. Edderella opened the door. He was surprise to see the Princess with a замок Carrier and her Guards.

EDDERELLA: (surprised look) Hello.

STEPBROTHER EDDY: (knocking Edderella on to the floor) Your highness!

STEPBROTHER ED: What brings Ты to our humble house, your highness?

замок CARRIER (ROBERT): (present the hat on a small pillow) Her royal highness is here to check everyone in the house who will try this hat.

GUARD 1 (TRAVIS): (with authovuty) Make a line before your highness and kneel as she placed the hat on your head.

PRINCESS SABRINA: (reaching for the hat) Ты may start now.

When the Princess placed the hat on Stepbrother Ed’s head and it covered his eyes.

STEPBROTHER ED: Hey, where did everybody go?!!

PRINCESS SABRINA: It is quite obvious sir, that the hat doesn’t fit you. It’s too big for you.

STEPBROTHER EDDY: Yeah, Ты heard her!

Stepbrother Eddy knocked his brother out of the way with his elbow and grabbed the hat.

STEPBROTHER EDDY: Princess, this is your lucky day, Ты are looking at the prince that was dancing with you!

He tries to pull down the hat on his head.

STEPBROTHER EDDY: (trying to fit the hat) Wait for it, what for it, it I think the hat is coming down.

But his head was too big and it didn’t fit him either.

GUARD 2 (MELISSA): Sir, stop that hat doesn’t you. You’re going to break the hat. Your head is too big and flat.

PRINCESS SABRINA: (pointing at Edderella with her finger) What about Ты the one in rags?

EDDERELLA: (nervously with a hand on his chest) Me? Uh, uh, well--- I’ll be honor your highness. (pleadingly) But one thing your highness, I ask Ты and your count. Would Ты please all close your eyes? I don’t want to Показать my embarrassing hairdo.


She orders everyone to do it also. Slowly, Edderella took off his ragged hat and placed the gray shinny hat on his head, while everyone had their eyes closed. There was brilliance in the room and as Edderella put on the hat his appearance change back into the prince. She couldn’t believe it, but the handsome prince was kneeling in front of her.


PRINCESS SABRINA: (gently gave her hand to Edderella so he could get up) Rise up my prince.

EDDERELLA: Thank you, your highness.

They both hugged and kissed.


Suddenly, Edd heard a voice that wakes him up from his dream.

EDD: What! Who was that!

Edd turned around and found Ed n Eddy staring at him.

EDDY: (pointing his finger at Edd angrily) I thought I told Ты to clean the whole house for the hotel scam we’re doing tomorrow.

EDD: (waiting patiently for an answer) I’m sorry. I fell asleep. What are Ты and Ed doing here? I thought Ты tow were at Kevin’s party. What are Ты doing here early?

EDDY: (sarcastecly) Kev got busted by his folks.

ED: Yeah and we all have to return home.

EDD: What about Sabrina?

Just as Eddy was about to answer, Sabrina walked through the door.

SABRINA: (walking and straight at them) Oh! So there Ты all are?

EDDY: (surprise to seeing her) Sabrina, what are Ты doing here?

EDD: (scratching his head) I thought Ты went back home.

SABRINA: (with her arms closed) I was going Главная with me parents, but I decided to stop by to check on Double D.

EDD: Ты must forgive me for not attending the party Sabrina. I was forced by my Друзья to stay here and clean up this house.

SABRINA: I understand, but since Ты missed the party I am hoping Ты would go to the carnival with my folks and me.

EDD: (with a sad expression) I Любовь to, but I am not finish cleaning the house.

SABRINA: (putting her hands on her hipps as she looked at Eddy straight in the face) Well is Eddy’s house he should clean it all by himself.

EDDY: (swalling heard and talking the метла away from Double D’s hand) Well, I guess I will have to do it.

EDD: Oh well I guess we must be on our way. (offer his arm to his girlfriend and headed to the door, and into Sabrina’s parents’ car)

The car speed up and drove away from site.

Meanwhile inside the car, Edd reclaimed his head on the сиденье, место, сиденья and started to continue with his Edderella dream.

The church bells were ringing as Edderella and the Princess got into the limousine after getting married.

As the Driver drives, Edderella and Princess Sabrina were looking at each other in a loving way. Princess Sabrina started to hug Edderella, while he starts it to smile goopy and sweating.

"The End"