Edd wakes up from his постель, кровати from his CD player, playing the song It’s A New Day.

Edd (smiling happily): I feel just like that song сказал(-а) and that is it feels good to be alive.

Edd jumps out of bed, got dressed Пение the song he heard when he got up, and ran to Eddy’s house.

Edd: Wake up Eddy! It’s a beautiful day.

Eddy pushes Edd away and gets out of постель, кровати mumbling to himself for not being able to sleep in.

Eddy: Fine fine! I’m up already! Geez!Why are Ты so cheerful today?

Edd: I feel something extraordinary is about to happen. I don’t know how to explain it either.

Eddy: Whatever! Let’s go get Ed.

The two Друзья run off toward Ed’s house, until they see a familiar face. The girl looked like Double D except she had dark brown hair, small brown eyes, she wore a turquoise dress with pinks Цветы on it, and her hat was lavender instead of black.

Girl: Niho fellows. I am Achika Casanori I came all the way from Япония for vacation to explore the fascinating sites of America and its urban people. Who are Ты two boys?

Edd turned bright crimson red from blushing as he looked at the new neighbor to the cul-de-sac.

Eddy (glares at Edd): Double D is Ты going to say hello to our new sucker…I mean new friend?

Eddy waves his hand in front of Edd’s red face and then finally smacks him out of it.

Edd (walks up to Achika shyly): Uh…umm…hi A-a-achika. I-I’m Edd. I-Its nice to meet your a q-quittance.

Achika looks Edd over and greets him with a bow.

Achika: It is also nice to meet you’re a quittance too, Edd-san. Would Ты care to introduce me to your small friend?

Eddy (looks at Achika in anger): DON’T CALL ME SMALL!!!

Achika backs off after Eddy screams at her and feels nervous.

Achika: My my, he sure is a loud one isn’t he?

Edd: He has always been a loud guy.

Edd pushes Eddy out of the way and stands Далее to Achika.

Edd: Have good subjects in school?

Achika: I have a few. I like science, art, and languages. I loathe math and I get bad grades on it.

Edd blushes again and crosses his fingers.

Edd: Would you…umm…like me to help Ты with Ты homework?

Achika smiles warmly at Edd.

Achika: That would be most helpful Edd-san.

Edd: Please…call me Double D.

Achika and Edd run off leaving a rather angry Eddy behind.

Eddy: Fine! Go and be with that girl! I can think up my own ideas!

Eddy runs off toward Ed’s house and ever since Achika came into the picture, they’ve been having trouble.


The Далее day…

Kevin: Hey! Dorks! Where has Double D Dork been lately?

Eddy decided to not answer the Вопрос since it made him feel uncomfortable.

Ed: He’s at Achika’s house Kevin.

Eddy still angry grabbed a nearby soda can and shoved it into Ed’s mouth.

Eddy: Shut up Ed!

Kevin (shrugs): Oh well! See Ты later dorks!

Ed swallows the soda can.

Ed: Dorks?

Eddy: What the heck has Double D and that new girl have been up to? Come on Ed, we’re going to do some spying.

The two Eds run off toward Achika’s house, where they find Edd and his new friend doing some surfing on the computer. As the two approach the window, they put they’re right ear on the glass.

Edd: These web pages of yours Achika are absolutely fascinating.

Achika: Did Ты like my art and stories Double D-san?

Edd: Ты have a very creative mind Achika.

The two Друзья laugh happily as they continue looking at sites on the Internet.


It was 10:00am and Eddy decided to not bother to get out of постель, кровати today, till suddenly Edd dashed into the door with a very pale face.

Edd: Eddy, come quick its Achika!

Eddy: Later Double D.

Edd (grabs Eddy and shakes him): This is serious Eddy! She has a concussion!

Eddy jumped out of постель, кровати and the two Друзья ran off to call the ambulance. The скорая помощь came in 10 секунды flat. As they slowly lifted her up on to the stretch bed, the doctor began to ask questions.

Doctor: Mr. Edward Stevens, how did this happen to her exactly?

Edd: She and I were running down a холм, хилл to get to Eddy’s domicile when she tripped on a rock, tumbled down the холм, хилл and hit her head against a tree.

Eddy felt awful about what happened so he grabbed Ed and the three Друзья rode to the hospital.


A week later…

Achika slowly tries to get up, till she felt a nasty pain in her head. As she was about to rub her head, she discovered that her lavender sock-like hat was missing. She looked around and on the left side of her, was her hat some lovely white Gardenias and red Розы in a vase.

Achika: W-where am I?

A familiar voice begins to speak to her on the right side of the room.

Familiar voice: We rescued you.

Achika slowly turned around and saw all three of the good Друзья staring at her with smiles on their faces.

Eddy: How yeah doing Achika?

Ed: Eddy was worried about you.

Eddy smacks Ed.

Eddy (blushes with embarrassment): I thought I told Ты to shut up Ed!

Achika smiled warmly at Eddy.

Achika: Even though Ты have a loud mouth Eddy-san, Ты kind a sweet at heart.

Edd (smiles): The doctor сказал(-а) you’ll be able to leave tomorrow.

Achika (smiles): I’m very glad, especially because I have something important to tell Ты Double D-san.

The Nurse: I’m sorry boys, but visiting hours are over. So why don’t Ты boys go and let Ms. Casanori rest?

The three Eds nodded in acknowledgement and as soon as Eddy and Ed left the room, Edd gave a gentle Kiss on Achika’s lips,

Edd: Till we see each other again Achika-chan.

As soon as Edd left, Achika began to cry about having to tell Edd the truth, especially because she didn’t want to hurt his feelings.


The Далее день (again)…

Edd runs over to Achika’s house and when he entered her room she was lying on the постель, кровати crying.

Edd (sits Далее to her): What’s wrong Achika?

Why are Ты so sad?

Achika (continues to sob): Edd-san I have to tell Ты the truth.

In sympathy, Edd sets Achika on his lap and with his hand on her cheek.

Edd: Shhh…shhh. It’s okay. Go ahead and tell me the whole thing…

Achika told Edd about how she was really 18 ½ yrs. Old and that she didn’t mean to have Edd fall in Любовь with her.

Edd (frowns): …I see.

Achika: Please forgive me for not telling Ты sooner Double D-san. I knew that I had to, but I didn’t want to crush your сердце and make Ты upset…

Edd (continues to pet her cheek): It’s okay, Achika. I kind of knew that Ты looked a little older. But older или not, you’re a wonderful, kind, and very gifted girl.

Achika smiled that warm smile of hers and and hugged Edd.

Achika (giggling): If Ты continue to act this sweet and have a good сердце Double D-san, I have the feeling girls will flock from the 4 corners of the earth to see you.

Achika kisses Edd on the cheek.

Edd (blushing bright red): Aww…I don’t think I’ll be accomplish such a great feet…

Achika (continues to giggle): Ohhh…you’ll see in due time Double D-san.


The Далее day…

Achika runs over to Eddy’s house.

Achika: Eddy-san, I have a presents for Ты and your other friends.

Eddy (grumbles as he gets up): Can it wait till later?

Achika pulls Eddy out of постель, кровати and stands him Далее to Edd.

Eddy: So? What’s with us getting up so early?

Achika smiled and gave the three Друзья a black satin box.

Achika: I want Ты all to open the boxes at the same time after I count to three.

Achika walks back.

Achika: 1,2, and 3!

The three boys opened the boxes and in them were24kt Золото necklaces and on the amulet, it said, "Best Друзья forever."

And after that day, it became just that…

>>> The End <<<