Эдвард и Белла Looking for any twilight Фаны who want to co own a twilight site with me!

beccahalocullen posted on May 04, 2009 at 02:06PM
Hey all,
I've been debating to do a twilight site for a few months now and i'm onto the site design and i wanted to find any fans who wanted to be part of it - co owners or do a job for the site. the only thing is if u wanna be a co owner u need to have some experience in designing a website because i can't always get a web design right or inspiration and that would be helping me out. the site also needs to be updated frequently and we need to have some unique ideas for the site. so if this is you then please reply or message me on my profile here. Also if anyone can do graphics would help out too.

Becca x

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Больше года CourtneyeCullen said…
Yeah a wud luv to help co own your twilight website with you x
Больше года beccahalocullen said…
cool ok then. when i sort some things out i will message u what could be done.