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Title: Ten Болталка facts about Edward Cullen
Pairing: Edward/Bella, all other canon Cullen pairings implied
Rating: PG13
Summary: Ten things about Edward.
A/N: Again, this goes beyond the format, but I see no way of cutting it down, so it's staying as is *g*

1) Edward’s first thought, upon awakening from death, is that he’s gone to hell, deep down into the fiery pit where pain is everlasting and the damned quench their thirst in rivers that overflow with blood. He’s felt its eternal fires burning him from the inside out, flaring in his ruby eyes even after the pain has faded and left him feeling...
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I found those reason online, i didn't come up with none of them but when i read this post i thought i was great and SO TRUE! I am an Edward Cullen Lover, if Ты like him too i think you're gonna enjoy this! Please feel free to add your reason "Why Women Любовь Edward Cullen" if Ты have some!

Reasons why women Любовь Edward Cullen

*A normal guy would say: I Любовь Ты baby
Edward Cullen would say: Ты are my life now

*As Ты leave the house a normal guy would say: Bye See ya!
Edward Cullen would say: Hurry back to me

*While you've gone far away, a normal guy would say: I miss Ты
Edward Cullen would say: It's like you've taken half myself with Ты

*If Ты died, a normal guy would find another
Edward Cullen would kill himself because "life without Ты isn't worth living"
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Thank Ты all who have read ch.1 of my fanfic and thank Ты for your comments.I promised Ты the Далее chapter,so here it is.Please enjoy

Ch.2: These Violent Delights

As I made my way toward Bella,I didn't see what the big deal of turning 18 was.I would never be eighteen.I shake my head at the little smile playing at her lips."Happy Birthday,"I say to her when I finally reach her.She looks at me and says,"Don't remind me".I am incredulous that she thinks turning eighteen is like a death sentence или the end of the world.Rosalie would trade places with her in a heartbeat,as would the rest of my...
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