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Katherine threw her arm in the air and called for a taxi. As one stopped she dialed a number.
“My dear Katerina, please tell me Ты have fixed the problem” Klaus сказал(-а) slowly.
“I haven’t” Katherine started while she got in the cab.
“Well, how unfortunate” Klaus said.
“But I know what’s wrong with Elena” Katherine quickly continued. “Tell me where Ты are, then I can Показать you”
Klaus gave her directions and Katherine passed them to the driver.
Fifteen минуты later the driver parked the car in front of an abandoned hotel. Katherine got out and the cab drove away.
As soon...
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Damon was lying on the autopsy table, bare naked. A man in a white пальто was standing over him, holding a scalpel in his hand.
Jeremy was standing at the reception of the police office, impatiently waiting for the sheriff to Показать up. After a few минуты a door went open and Liz came inside. “Jeremy, hi, can I help you?”
“There was an accident tonight” Jeremy quickly started without an introduction. “What happened to the body?”
The coroner placed the scalpel Далее to Damon’s clavicle.
Liz arrayed her paperwork, taking her time to answer. “I don’t see why I should share that kind...
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Katherine was lying on вверх of the sheets. She was sweating all over her body and was having flashbacks from when she first met Stefan. She got out of постель, кровати and raised her hand. Smiling at an imaginary Stefan she slowly spun around.
A hard knock on the door and she came back to reality. The door opened and the doctor came in, holding a piece of paper in his hand.
“Miss Gilbert, why are Ты out of bed?” he asked frowning.
Katherine stared at him, which kind of creeped him out. He looked at the paper and inhaled deeply. “I’m afraid I have bad news” he started. Then he looked up again. “Eh,...
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“I’m lying if I say I never wanted to hurt him, because I did. That was all I could think of” Bonnie started. “I wanted to punish him for all the things he’d done. I wanted to make him suffer like he made others suffer”
“What did he do? And why couldn’t Ты hand him over to the police?” Keith asked curious.
Bonnie pulled the sheets. These were the Вопросы she wasn’t sure how to answer. If she answered the first one, she’d put Damon in a bad daylight and that wasn’t the way to forgiveness. If she answered the second, she’d expose him.
“He did some bad things” she...
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Jeremy turned his computer off when his phone rang.
“Hi, Elena. Did Ты get the results? It’s not something bad, is it?”
“Jeremy, I need your help” Elena сказал(-а) quickly. “I’m not in the hospital anymore”
“What? Why not? Where are you?” Jeremy asked confused.
“I don’t have time to answer that” Elena сказал(-а) nervous. “You have to do something for me”
“Okay, what?” Jeremy asked.
“I need Ты to go to the cops and ask them what they’ve done with Damon” Elena said.
“What? Elena, I don’t get it” Jeremy said.
“He’s had an accident” Elena explained quickly....
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Katherine looked at Klaus trying not to look too guilty. If Klaus knew she was trying to boycott him, she’d be dead.
“You’re here, finally” Klaus said.
“You summoned me” Katherine said. “Why?”
“I wanted Ты to see it with your own eyes” Klaus said. He conjured a flask filled with blood. “This is Jason” Klaus said, throwing his arm over an unfamiliar man. “Jason is a werewolf”
“And you’re about to change that?” Katherine guessed.
“Yeah, but there’s a little problem” Klaus сказал(-а) sinister. He bit his arm and forced the blood on Jason. Then he snapped his neck....
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Damon and Derek entered the Boarding House. Damon took Derek’s arm and raced to the basement. He walked to the freezer and opened it.
“Wow! Ты have quite a supply here” Derek сказал(-а) admirable.
“Help yourself” Damon сказал(-а) and Derek took a bag of blood. Then they heard a bang.
“What’s that?” Derek asked agitated.
“I have no idea” Damon сказал(-а) frowning. He looked at Derek. “You stay here”
Derek nodded fiercely and Damon ran towards the noise. “Elena?!” he shouted.
“I’m in here!” Elena replied. Damon entered his bedroom. Elena was sitting on the ground surrounded by wooden...
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“So this is where people go these days to be social” Rebekah сказал(-а) looking around in the Grill.
“Well, it’s definitely the most Популярное establishment in town” Stefan replied.
“Don’t Ты mean the only establishment?” Rebekah сказал(-а) disdainful. Stefan emptied his glass. “You want another shot?” he asked.
“Sure, keep them coming” Rebekah smiled. She emptied her glass, as well as the секунда and the third. “How long does it take for Ты to get drunk?”
“Why?” Stefan asked. “You have plans for me?”
A smirk appeared on Rebekah’s face. “Well, if Ты come with me, I...
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Derek scribbled up. “You really have some serious issues, man” he сказал(-а) after his nose had healed.
“Yeah, I’m sorry” Damon said, not very sincere. “But Ты wanted me to teach you”
Derek sought support against the wall. “I think I’m going to need some blood” he сказал(-а) looking meaningful at Damon. Damon rolled his eyes. “Fine, then. Come with me” He saw how Derek’s face cleared up. “You’re not staying over” he сказал(-а) sharp.
“No, of course not” Derek said, shaking his head. “I’ll just have some blood and then I’ll be off”
“Good” Damon said, pleased that...
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Elena, Caroline and some other people were standing by their lockers, getting ready to go home.
“How come Bonnie didn’t show?” Elena asked, Актёрское искусство careless. Caroline focused on her Книги she was putting in her locker and avoided Elena’s stare. “I think she’s not ready for it yet” she сказал(-а) uneasy.
“She’s not ready for it yet? Okay, that’s…completely understandable, дана the things she’s been through” Elena replied sarcastic.
Caroline averted her head and looked at her best friend with a sad expression. “She’s not ready to face Ты guys. She’s not ready to see...
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“You sure no one’s going to bust us here?” Derek asked a little concerned. They were standing in the gym.
“Positive” Damon said, with his eyes on a paper. “According to this paper there are no gym classes for the Далее couple of hours, so I think we’re good”
Derek nodded. “Okay” he said, still not sounding very reassured.
“Look, I don’t want to do this, so shut up and stop whining” Damon сказал(-а) short. Derek looked at him a little upset. “Sorry. I’m a little peevish. I wasn’t expecting to see Ты ever again and it definitely wasn’t on my Рождество list”
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Alaric was teaching the senior class, when the door went open and Ronnie walked in. Ignoring Alaric’s angry face she headed to Caroline. She placed her hands on the таблица and pierced her glance in Caroline’s eyes.
“Where is he?”
“Where is who?” Caroline asked.
“You know who I’m talking about” Ronnie сказал(-а) pissed. “Where is Tyler?”
“I’m sorry, miss, but this is a class room, so maybe Ты can discuss this later, preferably in another time and place” Alaric said. But Ronnie ignored him.
“We were having dinner, we talked. I go to the bathroom and Далее thing I know he’s...
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“It’s alright, Ты can take your time” the doctor said. She stared at the young woman who was sitting opposite of her and hadn’t сказал(-а) a word since she walked in.
“I need help” Bonnie eventually сказал(-а) with a small voice. The doctor nodded. “That’s why you’re here. Acknowledging you’re powerless is the first step and you’ve taken it”
“I’ve done horrible things” Bonnie сказал(-а) staring at the desk. “And my victims will carry the scars forever”
“That’s how things look like right now” the doctor said. “In time it could change. They can learn to live with it, as...
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The Далее morning
Elena had just left for school and Damon was cleaning the table, when he heard strange noises.
“Show yourself” he сказал(-а) annoyed. What was it with people thinking they could just walk in here like they owned this place? He did. And Stefan and Elena did. Anyone else should learn how to knock.
The weird noises stopped and an old familiar appeared.
“No, not Ты again” Damon groaned. “Whatever you’re selling, I’m not buying it”
“I need your help” Derek сказал(-а) nervous.
“Why is that?” Damon сказал(-а) sarcastic.
Derek conjured his cell phone and showed Damon the last few...
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Rachel stroke her fingers through her hair. “Oh my God. What have I done?” she mumbled agitated. “Think, Rachel, think” She looked around. Then she grabbed Gabe’s feet and dragged him to the farthest corner.
She ran to the stairs and went to the кухня where she searched the drawers for matches. In her panic she forgot she had been living here for about twenty years and the matches lay in the секунда drawer Далее to the cupboard underneath the sink ever since. She pulled it open and grabbed the matches. Then she opened the fridge and took out a bottle of Malt Whisky. She ran back downstairs to the body. She opened the bottle of Malt and poured its content over the body. Then she stroke a match and let it fall down and watch how Gabe went up into flames.
As she watched him burn a sudden agony fulfilled her body and she dropped the bottle. She fell down on her knees and felt her body contracting and convulsing while she screamed.
Tyler stared at Ronnie over his glass. She had been telling all about herself. It was quite a lot. Her parents both lived in Charlottesville. She had a brother named Jack, but he was out of the picture. She was interested in Сверхъестественное stuff and had heard Mystic Falls was full of it. And now she stared at Tyler with an expecting look.
“I want to know еще about this town ”
Tyler frowned. “There’s really nothing to tell” he сказал(-а) avoiding.
“Yeah, right” Ronnie сказал(-а) in disbelief. She searched her handbag and took out a newspaper and held it in front of Tyler.
“Police finds bodies...
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Elena parked her car in front of the Boarding House and got out of it when Bonnie walked out of the house. Elena quickly walked to her with fierce steps. “What are Ты doing here?” she snapped upset.
“Elena, please, just hear me out” Bonnie begged. She reached out her hands, but Elena pushed them away.
“Did Ты talk to him?” she asked mad. Bonnie nodded. “But he wouldn’t listen to me. He wanted me to leave” “Why would that be?” Elena сказал(-а) sarcastic. She pushed Bonnie aside and ignoring her tears she ran inside.
“Damon?!” she shouted.
Damon was sitting on his knees, collecting...
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Ronnie opened the door to let in whoever was knocking. “Seriously, flowers? Can Ты say cheesy?”
Tyler put the Цветы in Ronnie’s hands. “This is me saying I’m sorry”
“And it took Ты seven days to get those words over your lips?” Ronnie asked sarcastic.
“No, I just hoped you’d be еще forgiving by now” Tyler answered. “Can I come in?” Ronnie looked around as if she wanted to check if he’d come alone. “How did Ты find me?”
“Eh, Caroline’s mom is the sheriff of Mystic Falls. It was pretty easy” Tyler confessed.
“Oh, I see” Ronnie sighed. “Well, I suppose...
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The door of the Boarding House went open, but Damon didn’t bother to go see who it was. He was washing up all glasses he had used to drink. He heard footsteps, soft, it was a female. But again he didn’t bother. He didn’t expect Elena to come back.
The glass in his hand shattered into little pieces. He felt how Bonnie came closer to him and she lay her hand on his shoulder. He shivered, but didn’t turn around.
“There’s glass in your hand” Bonnie noted. “Let me help you” She wanted to take his hand to pick out the fragments, but Damon pulled his hand away. “Okay,...
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Bonnie was sitting on Caroline’s bed, looking at pictures of her, Caroline and Elena. “Those were good times” she sighed. She looked up. “You think I can ever get it back again?” she asked. Caroline was sitting at her desk. “I really don’t know, Bonnie. Maybe in time” she сказал(-а) not very convincing.
“I can try to say I’m sorry” Bonnie tried. “I can go to Elena and apologize” Caroline shook her head. “Not a good idea. Elena is not in the mood to see you”
“Oh, well, then maybe I can try Damon?” Bonnie said. “If he’s the reason Ты guys found me, there must be...
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