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posted by joejonasfan001
The tardis had just materialised in an old ancient castle. Amy poked her head out of the door looked around a bit and then stepped out

"We've gone all medevil"

Just then the doctor poked his head out of the door

"So we have. Which is really weird because i planned on going somewhere else"


"Well let just say that it wasn't meant to be here but since we are here...."

"Please tell me were not going to have a look around"

"Let's go and have a look around"

Amy couldn't help but smile at the doctor's childlike wonder. She hated him sometimes but that didn't matter. They set of to have a look around...
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1) The Doctor kept asking Amy if she was ok and he was so curious about Amy, and why wouldn’t Amy tell Rory at all, even if she though she wasn’t pregnant?!

2) Amy found a фото of herself holding a baby. Yes this is Amy’s baby cause in the фото Ты see her looking exhausted and she’s wearing one of those apron/cover thingies. Which makes Ты wonder if the little girl is her and Rory’s child….

3) River сказал(-а) that the little girl in the spacesuit is human but incredibly strong, maybe a mix of two species? *hint* *hint*

4) About what Amy сказал(-а) through the device, which Rory and the Doctor...
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posted by joejonasfan001
As amy looked down at her newborn baby she couldn't help but smile. It had been a long 9 months and she was surprised that the doctor hadn't been annoyed with her because her hormones were out of control. She was always switching moods one минута she was happy the Далее she was angry but the doctor was still there for her. She was always hungry. The one thing she craved the most was рыба fingers and custard she had no idea that it tasted so good. But there was no denying that the baby was exactly like the father

"Hey" сказал(-а) the doctor coming through the door.


"How are you?"

"I'm good"

As the...
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posted by ladychazabc
1. they're all about the eye sex

2. when he strips...she watches

3. they have amazing chemistry

4. he told her fiance about him and amy lip locking

5. when she kissed him he didn't pull away

6. she stands by him all the way

7. at the end of the день they have feelings for each other

8. he saved her life

9. they care for each other

10. we are still hoping for her to ditch rory for the doctor....

11. She has dreams about him....

12. he knows she loves him

13. she fell in Любовь with him

14. he fell in Любовь with her (when she was grown up)

15. the doctor knows where her сердце lies

16. rory can even tell that amy loves the doctor

17. because they are so funny together

18.she used to dress rory up like the doctor

19.he came back

20. because amelia pond never forgot her fairytale
How many people close to Ты (or not) have Ты seen die right there in front of you? In your arms, или maybe the just drop in front of Ты as Ты scream their name. It’s happened to me too many times before. It hurts, so, so much, when the people Ты Любовь just... disappear. Ты cry, but Ты know that tears won’t bring them back. So many people have died because of me. Too many. I don’t kill them, but they still die because of me.

“Oh, Doctor. I always told Ты I’d be someone Ты could trust. I ended up gaining it. Just like I predicted. Ты always think everyone around Ты is so little,...
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posted by ladychazabc
They were in Amy's bedroom they were bored and tired from all that running from the vampire рыба aliens, they were lying on her bed, fully clothed. Amy was sleeping, her head resting on the Doctors warm chest and his arm around her neck, swirling a strand of ginger hair around his finger. He lay there staring at her, studying her face. Those freckles, that sexy ginger hair and those amazing lips he'd been Поцелуи the whole night. They've been Поцелуи each other for about 2 months now behind Rory's back. And the thing is, they don't even feel guilt one bit. They know they're supposed to feel...
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posted by joejonasfan001

Amy Pond and Gwen Cooper have so much in parallel it’s unbelievable, it’s only just now twigged!

> Amy’s from Scotland, Gwen’s from Wales (albeit, the Показать is set there)
> Also, Amy’s Scottishness and Gwen’s Welshness get brought up quite a bit.
> Amy and Gwen both had a Wedding involving an Alien. (It was also a big plot-thing)
> Amy and Gwen are both BAMFS.
> Amy and Gwen both don’t take their husband’s name when married.
> Amy and Gwen both have a secret thing for the Doctor//Jack, though still Любовь their respective partners.
> Amy and Gwen...
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This a spur of the moment fanfic. I have absolutely no idea how it's going to play out. Enjoy!

"So, the whole wide universe. Where next, Doctor?" Amy asked.
"Honeymoon." the Doctor answered. That words alone broke his heart.
"Yours and Rory's honeymoon. Best make it special, so, here we go!" As reluctantly as he could hide, he pushed the lever down, and the TARDIS rocked.

“We're always running!” The Doctor complained.
“But the running's the best bit!” Amy whined.
“I'm with him!” Rory groaned, holding his stomach
The Doctor sighed and the three they ran back to the...
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This may или may not *giggle* answer your Вопрос about who's the daddy. I think the Doctor assumed that Rory was asking if the Doctor was the father in the last chapter. Enjoy!

Martha was unable to Подтвердить who the father was. Rory did go up to the Doctor and сказал(-а) softly, “Look, if Ты did it while I was, Ты know, dead, then it's fine.”
“I am NOT the father.” The Doctor сказал(-а) firmly. What he didn't mention was the other way Amy could've gotten pregnant. But since he wasn't quite sure, the Doctor confined Amy to the TARDIS.
“Why?” she'd whined. “I managed to run just fine in that...
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posted by ladychazabc
When i woke up it was morning, или at least i thought it was. I rolled over to find mascara stains all over my white pillow. I suddenly remembered myself crying myself to sleep last night. I looked up to the side where Rory sleeps, he wasn't there. Where was he? He was probably talking to the Doctor. The Doctor, how could i face him since last night. In fact how can i face any of them since last night? I knew i had to face them some time. So i wen't for a shower, got dressed and i made my way down the coridor.

As i walked quietly down the coridoor, i heard Rory and the Doctor talking about something....
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posted by scarxtardis
“Uh...” Rory says. “Oh. Uh, Rory!” Doctor’s hair is messy, and his buttons and all undone and his вверх half off. My юбка is long gone, too. I pull my jumper on. “AMY!” Rory has cracked. He’s shaking, his hands in fists at his sides. Tears are sliding down his face, which is scarlet in colour. Doctor winces. “Rory, it’s not what it looks like...” I start. “It was exactly what it looks like, Amy! I’ve always blamed him. But how can I?” He gestures to Doctor, who is leaning against the wall, his face in his hands. He pulls his hands away. “No! Don’t blame her!”...
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So here is part two for ya'all. It's shorter than the last one but whatever. And I'm also thinking about making this fic longer than three parts. Enjoy! Warning: There is a tiny bit of Слэш in this so if Ты don't like it blame Sophie!

“Amy how am I supposed to know what’s wrong with him. I’m a nurse, a human nurse. Not an alien medical expert!” Rory сказал(-а) in a hushed tone as he spoke to Amy who had brought the doctor to the infirmary before coming to find him for his help. Help he wasn’t sure he could give.
“I know that Rory but look at him! Come on just examine him или something...
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The pain is unbearable, the burning ripping through my body. The scream is so loud, so shrill, I barely realize it’s mine. I shriek and writhe, as the agonizing огонь licks my body with its hot breath. I hear Doctors voice, yelling and raised in worry, smoothing my hair, Поцелуи my forehead, telling me everything will be ok. I want to say to him I know I'll be ok, but how can I know for sure? How can I answer without screaming? He thinks I can’t hear him, but I can, I can. The endless огонь rips up my back, making me shriek even more. Then everything goes black.
It’s still black, I can’t...
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The Doctor, Amy and Rory were in the TARDIS. Rory and Amy lay on their постель, кровати on their wedding night. Rory was sleeping whilst Amy just stared at him crying. Amy wished she never got married to Rory in the first place. She wished she would have remembered the Doctor before she got married. She left Rory in his постель, кровати and walked down the corridor where she met the Doctor, the person she was looking for.....

"Shouldn't Ты be sleeping Pond" he asked quietly

"I wanted to tell Ты something" she said

"What is it?"

Amy looked to the floor as if she was in shame...

"Come on Amy Ты can tell me anything"

"I never wanted to get married"


"I wished that i would have remembered Ты before i made a mistake"

"Why is it a mistake Amy?"

"I don't Любовь him Doctor, not like i Любовь you"

Then a door opened.....it was Rory
 Amy regrets getting married....
Amy regrets getting married....
posted by nickjonasfan001
"DOCTOR!! Ты bring him back или i'm gonna kick your backside!."
"Amy, listen to me. The Doctor will be fine. He'll find a way out of this. I know he will."
River went up to Amy and gave her a hug. Amy started to cry into River's shoulder. She just wanted her husband back.
"River, i just want him back, безопасно, сейф in my arms. What happens if he doesn't come back? What happens if we are stuck here? What if one of us is next?." River took Amy out of the hug,sat her down on the bench in the cell and started to re-scan. Amy looked down at her wedding ring and couldn't help but smile.
"River, how long have...
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posted by nickjonasfan001
"Doctor? Doctor, wake up. Please." The Doctor woke to find himself back in the cell with Amy and River.
"Amy? Where am I?." He pulled himself up of the ground.
"Oh Doctor." Amy gave the tightest hug he ever had in his life. "I'm never gonna let anyone take Ты away from me. Ever."
"Amy... I.. Can't.."
"Sorry." They gazed into each others eyes and placed their foreheads against each others.
"Doctor, did they do anything to you?."
"I remember being led into a room, they placed me into a machine and i felt pain going through my body. It was the worst thing i've ever felt in my life. I thought it was...
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posted by ladychazabc
He placed both of his hands on the side of my face and kissed me over and over again. I felt weak at the knees, i felt nervous Поцелуи him. I know i've done it before, but it just feels so right this time. His lips left mine so he could say something to me, his hands slid off of my face and i stood beside him waiting for him to say something....

"You should probably be getting back to постель, кровати Pond" he whispered

"I don't want to..." i said

"Why not?" he asked


He was waiting for an answer he's always so impatient.....

"Yes? (!)" he asked

"Because Rory's snoring...again" i said

"Oh tell me about...
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posted by ladychazabc
I lay asleep in my постель, кровати that night, with Rory my new husband that i only married a couple of days ago. I opened my eyes and lay on my side, Rory was breathing deepy which really irritated me at times. I decided to go back to sleep, surely i could cope another ful night without thinking about him, not Rory...but the Doctor. My raggedy doctor. I still couldn't believe what i've done though. I got married...and i wouldn't hae if i knew who the Doctor was at the time. Why did that idiot woman River come with her stupid diary after my wedding? I don't want to be married, it feels as if i've betrayed...
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I’m sitting in the Tardis, my face in my hands. I’m hurtling through space. Alone. It’s so quiet without her, her funny little Комментарии to everything I say, the way her face lighted up with excitement every time I took her to somewhere new. The memory of her face grimacing in pain sneaks its way into my brain, the rain pelting on our faces, crying into her shoulder. I shake the thought away and jump up to the console, and pull down the lever. Not ever, in my eleventh life, have I been this miserable. I decide to track Rory down. I перфоратор, удар, пунш his name into the console to track him down.
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posted by nickjonasfan001
Sequel to "I Remember". Set after the reception

The Doctor carried Amy 'Bridal Style' into the TARDIS. Both still laughing at the fact that when they were about to cut the cake, Amy dunked The Doctor's head into it.

"Your face Doctor! Was priceless!."
"And delicious!." He placed amy down on the sofa Далее to the console while he pullled some levers and tried to decide where to take Amy on their honeymoon.

"Where do Ты want to go on our honeymoon?."
"Anywhere as long as your with me." The Doctor smiled at her and sat on the sofa Далее to her. He couldn't believe how lucky he was. He had just married...
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