Spurred by sales of his album and the massive presence during the stages of his Ahi EC is passu Tour, Emma Marrone has become, in Последнее months, one of emerging best loved Иконка of skilful. All they want to emulate its look gritty and gently rock.

In Universal shop, section dedicated to the artists ' brand promoted by record label, Ты can buy the official t-shirt of young singer salentina only 19.90. Available in two versions, black and white (with etched his name and in the back, the tattoo Oltre that gave the Название to his cd) is a gadget definetely for all Фаны of Emma. If Ты like, Ты can post your фото with the t-shirt in our фото section Facebook Профиль and make us sharers in the enormous passion for your Idol. After find фото Gallery.