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posted by ivoryphills
We sit in a compact circle, a group of five of the saddest bunch ever known to man, with blades of many varieties gripped in our hands as if these were our lifelines. I glanced at the people around the circle, all here to Присоединиться the Cutting Chain, and all here for differing reasons.
Lillith, whose grandmother, the only Источник of familial Любовь since her immediate family could give two cents worth the shit about her, died a couple days ago. Emerret, a boy mocked constantly for his homosexuality at school, and recieving worse at home. Shanika, an Ivory Coast born-and-raised young woman brought...
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posted by alex1201
NOV. 23 1987
(Chapter 2)

I'm running. I can't breath. I'm scared. What's going to happen to me? I dont wanna go. Why did I do it. But wait wouldn't it be counted as self defense? He made me do it. But it felt so good. Watching him fall felt so good. Watching him die felt so good to witness. I made it to a phone. I dialed 911. It rang. Suddleny it answered.

"hello" the voice said.

"Hello, umm I did something that was bad, that I shouldn't have done."

'What did u do miss-ummmm miss.....?"

"Ummm...I can't say who iam."

"Fine dear what happened?"

"I killed someone. He's still there. Lying there."

"is the...
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posted by xxemogirl101xx
Everyday around quarter past three,
Ты burst into the bathroom searching for me,
I get hidden by your mother while Ты are away,
hidden, unused for most of the day,
I feel your anger as your hand grips me tight,
I'm the one & only thing that helps Ты sleep at night,
I live to put scars upon your wrist,
I leave my mark I'm proud of this,
I watch as the beautiful red blood pattern drips,
and runs off the ends of your fingertips,
what possesses humans to act like this,
to scream, cry & cut their wrists,
but for now my job is clear
the reason that I was brought here
to relieve the pain
to sit by the window and watch the rain,
up until around quarter past three
when Ты burst into the bathroom searching for me...
posted by Icestorm727
I know what Ты are thinking. "Omg. She doesn't know what Эмо is!" I know what Эмо is. I think Эмо boys are hot. Sometimes I go emo. I secretly write Эмо Поэзия in my room. I write dark, bloody Манга Книги in my room. I have a massacre like bloody mind. I torture enemy's in my mind and through pictures. I hate sunny days and i Любовь rainy cloudy days. I am a night person too. Would Ты call me emo? When Ты are done Чтение this I want Ты to Комментарий telling me your answer. Thanks. Also. b4 I 4get. Are Ты emo? add that to your comment. I am 15 years old.
Thunder crashes,
mam cries,
dad shouts,
brother moans,
sister hides,
dog barks,
cat meows,
paremedics are coming and they'll always be coming cos i wont stop cutting my wrists.

Doctors patronize,
nurses tut,
people criticize,
kids stare,
police investigate,
teachers nag,
Друзья worry,
social workers came, they've came to take me away cos I didn't stop cutting my wrists.

I hoped Ты like this poem even though it doesn't rhyme.
It still needs loving just like Ты and I.
posted by adavila
so mexican emos are under attack by punks in Some places in Mexico. Some people have gather to get emos out of their cities. For example, the punks in Queretaro, Mexico tried to get all the emos that lived there out. The police got involve there were rocks flying around and it was very creepy. Also in Mexico city there was another encounter between punks and emos. The police couldn´t stop these to groups but suddenly another type of group like monks came with drums and other instruments Пение peace songs and this got everyone calm. The relationship between these two groups is very tense. Also almost everyone here in Mexico hates emos.
 movement anti-emo
movement anti-emo
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“Honey, time to get up and get ready for your first день of high school!” my mom сказал(-а) eagerly waiting down the staircase. I yawn and look in the mirror. I looked terrible my eyeliner was smeared and my hair was knotted badly from teasing it and not brushing it before I went to sleep last night.
“Whatever” I сказал(-а) to myself as I tried to make it look better, but all that happened was flat and wavy bangs I knew I had to fix this problem. I quickly got into the shower, straightened my hair, teased it, brushed my teeth and washed it out with coke. Then, I threw on my black ripped skinny...
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