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 Amy Adams was awesome
Amy Adams was awesome
Hi guys me again and im going to do my questionnaire on Enchanted. Вопросы will be shown on вверх and Ответы are down below article. Enjoy!!

Q1 Favourite character in the movie and why?

Q2 Favourite couple in this movie and why

Q3 Favourite villain in the movie

Q4Favourite scene and why? (any three или more)

Q5Favourite entrance from any of the characthers

Q6Favourite songs in this film and why?

Q7Funniest moment in the movie?

Q8Favourite ending?

Q9Favourite Giselle & Robert kiss

Q10Romantic moment in the movie and explain why?

Q11Favourite intro from the characters?

Q12 Favourite sidekick?

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 The Chemistry
The Chemistry
Ok so your probably sick and tried of me talking about this movie but here is why I Любовь this movie.

#1 It’s a parody of most of the Дисней princess movies

Although I find Фильмы like this stupid but Зачарованная was so cleverly done kicking off in old school Анимация and then turning it into a spoof of every princess movie from Золушка to Snow White only Зачарованная turns both of them into an enjoyable flick.

#2 Magical

OMG the ballroom scene and the beginning of the movie had me mesmerized. I loved the opening of this movie as it was like a tribute to Snow White’s book. The charcther’s are...
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Robert really wasn't trying to avoid answering Giselle's Вопросы he was really just hungry, really. This is what he kept telling himself as he and Giselle walked the few blocks to Ray's ужин and Deli. The walk over had been very uncomfortable for Robert she just kept looking at him in a way that seemed to say that she was still expecting him to answer all of her inquiries. He was glad when they finally made it inside and began talking about Еда instead. Giselle didn't know what to order so she allowed Robert to order for her, he got them both a pastrami with Swiss on the house хлеб with...
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 Dreams do come true
Dreams do come true
Here are Цитаты that Giselle says in the film:

* Oh these will be perfect thank you......(To birds)

* Oh Pip I had such a wonderful dream ......we were holding hands and dancing..........(to Pip)

* Oh blue how did Ты know and they sparkle just like his.(To the other bird).

* Oh Pip I know his out there somewhere(To Pip)

* And to think in just a few moments that Edward and I ......that he and me that we

* Oh thank Ты but I really should be going Ты see Im.........

* Oh but all my wishes are about to come true

* Yes I am and they both lived happily ever AHHHHHHHHHHHHH

* What is this(when she sees a...
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 In cartoon form with Idina Menzel
In cartoon form with Idina Menzel
Birth Name
James Paul Marsden

Bello Jimmy
J. P.

6' (1.83 m)

Mini Biography
James Paul Marsden, или better known as just James Marsden, was born on September 18, 1973, in Stillwater, Oklahoma, USA. His father, a distinguished Professor of Animal Sciences & Industry at Kansas State университет and his mother, a nutritionist, divorced when he was just nine years old. James grew up with his four other siblings, sisters, Jennifer and Elizabeth, and brothers, Jeff and Robert.

During his teen years, he attended Putnam City North High School which was located in Oklahoma City. After graduating...
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